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Fudo in Peril! Hurry Ken, A Man Must Not Abandon His Friends!!
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Hiruka, one of Ken-Oh's troops, starts a plan to do away with Fudo.
Original broadcast date: November 13th 1986

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2) In the manga...
3) Errors


Raoh gets one of his Generals, Zack, to send his forces out to delay Kenshiro getting to the Nanto Capital. Fudo tells Ken to go on by himself, whilst he protects Bat and Lin and takes care of the enemy. As Ken runs off, Fudo devastates everyone who tries to fight him, and soon Zack realises that he is almost out of troops to send in. However, another of Ken-Oh's troops called Hiruka then appears, and says that he can deal with Fudo.

Hiruka knows that Fudo looks after orphaned children, and heads to his village. He kills the guards there with a move called Jako Tai (Biting Snake Sash), which is part of the Taizan Yo Ken (Taishan Bewitching Fist) style. He soon finds the kids and captures all but one of them, who manages to hide. Later on, this kid is trying to find help when some of Ken-Oh's troops find him, but Kenshiro then finds and defeats them. He finds out from the kid what has happened.

Hiruka sends a message to Fudo about what he has done, and when Fudo heads to where he was told to go, he finds a quick sand pit. Hiruka has two kids thrown into it, but Fudo jumps in and tries to save them. With Fudo now also stuck in the pit, he apolgises to his leader as it looks like this will be the end of him, but he must save the lives of these children as he does not want them to lose their bright futures.

In the manga...

-The scenes with Fudo fighting Ken-Oh's troops happen earlier in the manga.

-The scene with Hiruka meeting Zack was never in the manga.

-The scene where Hiruka goes to Fudo's village, kills the guards and captures the children was never shown in the manga, it is only mentioned by the kid who got away.

-In the manga, Fudo, Bat and Lin just happen to find the quick sand pit, then Hiruka and his troops appear. In the anime, Fudo is given a message about it first so he knows where to go.


-Zack is far too big in this episode, he's about three or four times taller than usual.

-The guy with the whip has a red mohawk instead of a yellow one when Ken stops his attack.

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