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Treacherous Quicksand! Will the Hand of Salvation Reach Fudo!!
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Kenshiro heads back to save Fudo.
Original broadcast date: November 20th 1986

1) Synopsis
2) In the manga...
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Rihaku's two men find Kenshiro and say they will take him to the Nanto Capital. But they find out from the kid who Ken saved that Hiruka has set a trap for Fudo, and Ken wants to help him first. They head back and find Fudo in the quick sand pit. Rihaku's men try and pull him out, but they are killed when they take several hits from Hiruka's archers.

Fudo throws up the two children and Ken catches them, even though some arrows hit his arm. He then pulls Fudo out of the pit by himself, as Hiruka and some of his troops move in to attack. They use their Taizan Yo Ken technique, but Kenshiro breaks free just as Hiruka, who had opened up his spike filled suit, is jumping at him. Hiruka ends up landing on a boulder, which Ken then throws at Hiruka's troops.

The troops die and Hiruka falls into the pit, and he also perishes soon after. With Fudo saved, Ken is ready to continue to the Nanto Capital. Up above, Juuza has watched the whole thing, and can see why Yuria chose Ken now. But he also has to make a move, and is ready to go back to Raoh.

In the manga...

-Some of the arrows fired at Rihaku's men hit them in their faces/heads in the manga. In the anime, this was toned down so they only hit their bodies.

-When Ken gets Fudo out of the pit, he rips part of his jacket in the manga, but does not in the anime.

-In the manga, Juuza leaves before Ken fights Hiruka. In the anime, he leaves after the fight.

-Hiruka fights Ken by himself in the manga. For the anime, they added several extra guys with him, who can all use Taizan Yo Ken.

-In the manga, before Ken throws the boulder, he slams it into the ground first so Hiruka gets crushed. This isn't in the anime.

-In the manga, one of the arrows goes straight through Hiruka's eye. This does not happen in the anime.

-The part where Hiruka dies in the pit was never in the manga, and only happens in the anime.


-The first few minutes of this episode have a quite long re-cap of what has happened so far in the fourth chapter.

-After the above recap, the scene showing the kids being thrown into the pit is shown again, but with different animation than what was used in the previous episode.

-The true new content of this episode doesn't start until over seven minutes in.


-Where are all the other kids Hiruka captured? He was shown kidnapping many of them, but only puts two into danger. The rest turn out to be OK though, as they appear in the next episode.

-When Ken breaks free, part of his blue jacket is colored like his skin.

-Hiruka's archers change colors between shots when Ken throws the boulder at them.

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