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Four Linked Punches of Fury! Wait for Me in Hell, Jagi!!
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Kenshiro and Jagi have a battle to the death.
Original broadcast date: June 13th 1985

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Jagi takes Kenshiro up to the top of a heliport and tells him that he is no longer the man he once knew. A flashback scene shows Jagi getting very angry when it was announced Kenshiro had been chosen as the next successor to Hokuto Shinken, and he asked the two other men what their thoughts were. They said nothing, so Jagi ran back to where Kenshiro was and tried to make him go back and tell Ryuken he was not worthy of being the successor. A brief fight ensured, where Kenshiro permanently disfigured Jagi's face, but did not kill him.

Back in the present, a new battle between the two begins, but Jagi realises that Ken is not the man he once knew either, as he is no longer willing to show mercy to his opponents. Jagi has another plan though and sets the roof on fire, trying to burn Kenshiro whilst telling him that he was the one who convinced Shin to take Yuria away from him. This only makes Kenshiro more angry with him and he smashes the roof, making them both fall down a floor.

Jagi tries to attack Ken with a variety of moves, including Nanto Seiken strikes, but everything he does fails and Kenshiro devastates him. Jagi crashes through a pillar and before he can get up, part of his head explodes. Just before he dies, Jagi tells Ken that this is merely the beginning -the other two who trained in Hokuto Shinken with him are still alive! Ken watches Jagi explode, surprised at this revelation, as he was under the impression they were both dead.

In the manga...

-This episode pretty much follows the manga identically.


-It is never revealed how Jagi knew Nanto Seiken. More recent stories, such as the Toki Gaiden manga, suggest that Jagi was taught it by Amiba, a Nanto practitioner who was evil.


-When Ken hits the ground, his blue jacket is back on, even though he destroyed it a few seconds a go.

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