Hokuto no Ken Episode 33
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This is the Village of Miracles! A Fallen Angel Has Arrived!!
-From Rage Quitter 87's Fist of the North Star site

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Kenshiro begins his search for Toki, and learns of the Village of Miracles.
Original broadcast date: June 27th 1985


1) Synopsis
2) In the manga...
3) Notes
4) Errors


Kenshiro wants to find Toki, and enters a village where he sees two people fighting. One of the guys says he will die soon, and is just doing what he likes because of this. Kenshiro defeats him, and learns he came from a village known as the Village of Miracles. The place was full of sick people, until one day a man entered it and cured everyone with strange techniques. However, he then one day became a demon, using moves to kill others or turn them into his superhuman slaves. This man hit a pressure point on him that gave him just three days to live, and he then dies. Kenshiro believes it may be Toki, one of the men he trained with in Hokuto Shinken, but he cannot believe he would become a monster like that. Meanwhile, Lin is so worried about Kenshiro that she leaves Mamiya's village to try and find him. She leaves Pel behind, but the dog escapes and follows her.

Ken finds out from a store owner called Ellery that there have been reports of monster attacks in the mountains close by. Ken decides to go and check it out. Back in Mamiya's village, nobody can find Lin, so Rei, Mamiya and Bat go out to look for her, leaving Airi behind. Meanwhile, Kenshiro comes across three mutants and fights them.

He defeats them all, beating the last with the Hokuto Soryu Ha technique (North Star Twin Dragon Wave) and finds out that Toki was the man who did this to them. In another village, Toki finds out Kenshiro is coming and he has killed three of the beasts he created. Toki is pleased as he wants a strong person to experiment on, and Kenshiro will fill that requirement just nicely.

In the manga...

-Right after the scene where the large man's mouth explodes, there is a scene with Toki being told that Kenshiro has killed Jagi. This is not in the anime.

-The battle between Kenshiro and the three mutants was never in the manga.

-However, the battle between Kenshiro and the largest guy was in the first one shot manga. (Click here for more details on the early one shot mangas). The battle goes the same way in this, but Ken's opponent had a name: Goda.

-Lin leaving the village and Rei, Mamiya and Bat going out to find her was never in the manga either. I'll go into more detail on this in the next few episodes.


-There was a two week gap between this episode and the previous one during the original broadcast, usually Hokuto no Ken was broadcast once per week.


-When Kenshiro is walking towards the fight between the two large guys, some of the people around him are not colored properly, with them practically being shadows. And then at one point, there are three identical guys lined up wrong, so it looks like they are passing straight through him.

-The background of Ellery's store does not match up between day and night shots -just compare the background of this to this.

-One shot of Ken using the Hokuto Soryu Ha has his bandages and band on the wrong arms.

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