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Toki! Are You an Angel or a Devil!!
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Kenshiro meets and fights with more of Toki's forces.
Original broadcast date: July 4th 1985

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2) In the manga...
3) Errors


Lin is found by Yuu, a boy who is part of a merchant group. Meanwhile, a man is taken to Toki who was a former boxer, and should make a good test subject for him. The man reveals he let himself be captured so he could kill Toki, but he actually ends up losing to him in battle. Toki tries to hit a pressure point to increase the power of his punches, only for it to go wrong and kill the man.

Meanwhile, Kenshiro is having a drink in a bar when some of Toki's troops move in, lead by Habu. He offers people the chance to win a month's supply of food if they can defeat Gyuki in an arm wrestling contest. Nobody wants to try it, but Ken eventually accepts the challenge. Ken defeats Gyuki, so Habu fights him instead. However, Ken hits a pressure point on Habu which makes him unable to open his hands, meaning he can not let go of his staff weapon. Ken carries Habu outside, forcing him to show the way to Toki's place. As he gets outside, Kenshiro finds another unit of Toki's army waiting for him, led by a man called Goum.

Kenshiro kills all of them and sets off to where Toki is. Meanwhile, Toki finds out that Kenshiro is on his way here. He believes that Kenshiro has grown slightly stronger over the years, but he knows he will still be able to use him as a test subject and eventually complete his plan of giving Hokuto Shinken a new start -and making it the devil's own martial art!

In the manga...

-The character of Goum was never in the manga. The scene near the end where he and his men attack Kenshiro was only in the anime.

-In the manga, Habu shows Toki the boxer, rather than Goum.

-Between the boxer being defeated and then experimented on, there is a flashback scene with Kenshiro and Toki. This scene was used in the previous episode of the anime.

-There is a challenger who tries to defeat Gyuki before Kenshiro in the manga, who does not appear in the anime. He has his hand destroyed by one of the saws. Habu doesn't reveal the saws straight away in the manga either.

-Yuu and his family are in the manga, however, they are not introduced until later (see the next episode for more details). They do not find Lin, because Lin does not run off trying to find Ken in the manga.


-One shot of the bar owner has his animation cell misaligned with the background, making him look like he is stuck in the bar, rather than being behind it.

-When Bat gets into his car, he has red eyes.

-One of the guys who stabs Goum has blue hair instead of blonde hair in one shot.

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