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Nanto Strikes Back! The Wind Army Protects the Last General!!
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Hyui of the Wind is sent on a mission, whilst Kenshiro enters a recruitment camp for Ken-Oh's forces.
Original broadcast date: August 14th 1986

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2) In the manga...
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Hyui of the Wind and Zion, his second in command, receive a message from a man called Rihaku, telling them to make their move. Some time later, Raoh finds out from a dying soldier that they were attacked by another army, and their leader was very strong. This leader was Hyui, who killed his enemies with a technique called Gosha Fuuretsu Ken (Five Chariot Wind Split Fist). Raoh wonders if people other than Kenshiro now oppose him.

Meanwhile, Kenshiro lets himself be taken to a recruitment camp for Ken-Oh's army, along with several other men. However, they are told that only one of them can join, and they'll have to kill each other. If they don't do that, they will have to fight Glen, a huge man who's only purpose in life is to fight, as that is what his master, David, taught him. Kenshiro ends up fighting Glen, and after initially struggling, he soon takes everything Glen can throw at him without problem.

Ken snaps one of Glen's wrists, and tells him he is now weak. Glen asks Ken to kill him now, as he can only fight. Ken explains to him that he does not have to do nothing but fight for all his life, and tells him to leave this place. Glen decides to change his ways, but before he can leave, he is shot and killed by David and his troops. This really angers Kenshiro, so Glen and his men run away, only to be sliced apart by Hyui, who arrives on the scene and introduces himself to Kenshiro.

In the manga...

-Most of this episode is filler. The character of Hyui appears in the manga, but has a completely different introduction compared to this, as I'll explain later.

-The whole scenario with the recruitment camp, along with David and Glen, was never in the manga.

-Zion was never in the manga.

-Kenshiro never meets Hyui in the manga.


-Glen is quite clearly based on the evil robot character from The Terminator, who was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

-What year was The Terminator originally released? 1984. What episode of Hokuto no Ken is this? The 84th one. (Although in Japan, The Terminator was released in May 1985, just a few months before this episode was broadcast.)


-Who built Hyui's castle? How does anyone get up to it? How does anyone get down from it?

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