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Chapter 4 Begins: Raoh Must Die! The Legend Turns to Terror!!
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Kenshiro, Bat and Lin enter a village under the control of Boogal.
Original broadcast date: August 7th 1986

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Kenshiro, Bat and Lin enter a village, but find out that the water supply is being abused by Boogal, a minion of Ken-Oh who gave him this place to control. Boogal hates being dirty and bathes frequently, to the point where he has more than eight baths per day. Some villagers attempt to hill him, but are killed by Boogal's Tenkai Muo Ken (Rotating World Void King Fist). Later on, villagers line up to receive their pitiful water rations, only for Boogal to come along and say they will get less from now on, just so he can have more water for his baths. The villager elder begs for him to stop this, but is almost drowned by Boogal.

Kenshiro soon confronts Boogal and kills most of his troops. Boogal decides to challenge him personally and uses a flying kick technique called Tenkai Sessho Ken (Rotating World Killing Fist), but this fails. Boogal then hides underground, as one of the villagers explains that the reason Boogal takes baths so often is because it gets rid of his body odor -making him impossible to sense and letting him strike out without the opponent being able to locate him in time. But Boogal has underestimated Hokuto Shinken and as he tries to tear Ken into two by crashing out of the ground beneath him, Ken leaps up and kicks him in the face.

Boogal can no longer control his body, and ends up falling into his own bath and exploding. Whilst the villagers are glad to have got their water supply back, one of them says they will never be safe for as long as Ken-Oh is still alive. Elsewhere, at a large fortress, two people are looking at the stars. They say that it is finally time for them to start making their moves, for the last General of the Nanto Roku Seiken.

In the manga...

-This episode is mostly filler, with only the scene right at the end happening in the manga, and even then, the manga has the two characters talking silhouetted. And it doesn't happen until later on -around this point the manga and anime get quite different in the way they tell the story.


-Chapter 3 episodes used the same intro as chapter 2, which was lame. To make up for this, chapter 4 has a completely new intro, featuring the song "Silent Survivor" by Kodomo Band (they did the songs "Heart of Madness" and "Purple Eyes" for the 1986 movie). Do Survive!

-The credits sequence has also been changed, featuring the song "Dry Your Tears", also by Kodomo Band.

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