Ten no Haoh Episode 13
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I Walk the Path of the Heavens!
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Raoh battles Souther, will either of them survive?
Original broadcast date: December 25th 2008

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Souther has changed his mind about backing down, and fights with Raoh. But Raoh realises that his Hokuto Shinken techniques are not working -whilst he can hit Souther, the pressure points he is hitting on him have no effect! Souther hits Raoh with his Kyokusei Juuji Ken (Command Star Cross Fist) technique, making even Raoh stumble. Yuda gets up and tries to kill Raoh with another secret technique: Tenketsu Bakuha (Pressure Point Blast) but this fails when Souga and Ryuuga appear back at the castle, and put Yuda in his place.

Souther and Raoh continue to pummel each other, with Souther looking stronger -he is wearing down Raoh, and whilst Raoh continues to hit Souther, he cannot seem to truly damage him. As they go to strike each other again, Sakuya suddenly gets in their way, sacrificing her own life to stop them. Souther says she was foolish, but Sakuya tells him to laugh if he wants. She does not see any point in the two of them fighting. She tells Souther that he cannot rule without learning to love. And Raoh cannot rule without learning sorrow. Sakuya thanks Reina, but then dies in her arms.

Souther laughs, saying that the supposed greatest strategist in the world has just sacrificed herself for love. He has never seen such foolishness before. Souther decides to call a truce. Raoh asks him why he should trust a man who betrayed him once already. Souther says he respects Raoh's strength and as long as he remains this strong, he will not betray him again. He will not join with him, but he will follow his lead. Raoh agrees and allows Souther to take Yuda with him. As Souther and his army leaves, Souther tells Yuda that Raoh is trying to rule with fear, so he won't last long. He only wants to work with Raoh until he has no use for him, and that won't be far away. Back at Raoh's castle, Souga and Reina have constructed a grave for Sakuya. Reina thinks about how she will one day cross that river which separates her from Raoh. That will be the way she honors Sakuya. But for now she will fight, until Raoh achieves his rule.

Later on, Souga receives some important news: Cassandra has fallen! Uighur has been killed and Toki has been released. He is hesitant to say who did it, but Raoh works it out and starts laughing -it must have been Kenshiro. He tells Souga and Reina it is alright, and for them to have faith, as the heavens are with him. Raoh sets out on his horse, as he has a new opponent to face: Kenshiro. And as the sun rises...

" Kenshiro!"


The End.

DVD differences

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-During the opening recap, the broadcast version of this episode shows Habaki spilling red blood when killed by Raoh. In the broadcast version of the third episode, Habaki had white blood come out of his body.


-Why does Souther surrender? He has no real reason to. Plus why didn't he use his secret technique, Tenshou Juuji Ho (Heaven Soaring Cross Phoenix)? He could have quite easily have killed Raoh with it, as Raoh had no clue what Souther's secret was.

-Where is Ryuuga during the meeting? He's been there for all of the other meetings.

-As nice as the final scene is, it means that Raoh has gone straight to Kenshiro -he hasn't had to fight Rei! Or Toki, or Mamiya, for that matter.

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