No Castle Can
Stand Against Me!

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Ten no Haoh Episode 3
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The mysterious woman, Sakuya, appears before Raoh. Can she be trusted?
Original broadcast date: October 16th, 2008

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The Fist King's forces are attempting to take a heavily fortified castle, owned by Gaoh. They are not able to break through, but then Sakuya appears. She says that she can take that castle for them within one night, if they let her try. All she needs is a sharp-shooter, and suggests Reina. Raoh decides to let her try. Sakuya later flees from Raoh's forces, pretending to be an escaping prisoner. She manages to get inside Gaoh's castle, and easily gets his trust due to her beauty.

Gaoh is soon in bed with her, believing her story of how Raoh sexually abused her and how he will protect her. Sakuya leads Gaoh around part of his castle, putting out the lights as she goes. She then drops the sheet covering herself and tells Gaoh to observe her body. Gaoh turns on a light, but as soon as he does, is killed when an arrow shot by Reina hits his head. With Gaoh dead, the Fist King's army launch their attack, and Reina is quickly over the walls.

Habaki, Gaoh's second in command, appears and fights with Reina. She is no match for him due to his master of Nanto shuga ken (South Star falcon fang fist), but then Raoh appears in the castle. Habaki tries a secret technique -senpu ga (whirlwind fang) -which cuts Raoh's face, but does not harm him. Raoh kills Habaki and the remaining enemy troops surrender. The castle has fallen to the Fist King, and Sakuya joins his forces. But is she really on their side?


-This episode was extensively edited, featuring the usual minor edits to character's faces along with changes made to some of the violence (such as Habaki's death featuring red blood). A brief shot of nudity was also made more revealing in the DVD version. Click here for a full list.


-Sakuya puts out a candle in Gaoh's room, but later on, Gaoh is seen using a light switch to turn on a light. This suggests parts of the castle do have electricity, which probably shouldn't be the case.
-Several troops are seen scaling the castle walls with Reina when Soga looks at them with his telescope. But all of the other troops never appear with Reina when she gets into the castle, and she's left to fend for herself.

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