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These Fists are for Other People!
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The story of how Raoh took Cassandra prison is explained.
Original broadcast date: October 23rd 2008

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2) DVD differences
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Sakuya is grilled by Souga, as neither he, Raoh or Reina are sure who's side she is really on. Gion then runs in, saying they are having trouble executing a prisoner at Cassandra, a large prison which belongs to Raoh. Raoh personally goes to Cassandra, where he meets the prisoner in question, Uighur. Uighur was originally brought to the place to help train some of Ken-Oh's troops. When these troops were weak, Uighur killed them. Uighur tells Raoh that he wants to become a legend, and won't die before then. Raoh says that those who haven't offended him aren't guilty of any crimes and tells his men to loosen Uighur's chains. Uighur is freed, but rather than go berserk he listens to Raoh, who has an offer for him: become the prison warden of Cassandra. Create a legend of terror at this prison that everyone will fear. Gion protests, as he is the prison warden, but not anymore. Raoh tells him he has to follow Uighur now. Uighur accepts and becomes the new warden, much to Gion's dismay.

As Raoh and the others leave, Reina explains to Sakuya that this was the place where the bond between herself, her brother and Raoh began. She tells a story of how they came to Cassandra for the first time, finding out that it was owned by Amon. They find out from Amon's brother that Amon is insane, having locked himself away in a tower and created many deadly traps. Raoh and the others head inside the tower, destroying or avoiding the traps, and come face to face with Amon. Amon has aged and believes his son, Zenos, will take over for him, but he is told that Zenos died years a go, killed by the traps his father had created. Amon goes insane, activating a final trap that takes his own life. Raoh and the others try to escape, but Souga has to sacrifice one of his legs to save everyone.

Raoh and Reina escape from the tower with only minor injuries, whilst Souga is taken to a nearby village for medical treatment. The old man has gathered together the last few members of Amon's army, and says that Cassandra belongs to Raoh now and that it could become a city again. But Raoh has a different plan for it. There are too many bad people like Amon around in this age, so Cassandra can become the biggest prison in the world. This city can be the first warning on his road of conquest. Reina's story ends as she and the others continue to ride away from Cassandra. Sakuya thinks about her story and now knows how Souga sacrificed his leg instantly to help Raoh. He now has a mechanical prosthetic leg. She wonders if this bond between the three is truly unbreakable.

DVD differences

-This episode contains the usual facial edits, and a couple of violent shots were uncensored. Click here for a full list.


-In the broadcast version of the episode, there is a hole in the wall Raoh punches before he actually hits it -this was fixed for the DVD release.

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