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Rival Siblings!
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Will Toki join forces with Raoh?
Original broadcast date: October 30th 2008

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Souga has found where Raoh's brother, Toki, is living. Souga thinks he is dangerous due to his Hokuto Shinken mastery, and the fact that many people are calling him a "savior" due to him healing many sick people. Raoh is not impressed with Toki's actions and Souga wonders if he intends to kill him, but Reina convinces Raoh to let her go to Toki and try to convince him to join with their forces. Reina heads to the village and finds Toki, but cannot convince him to join them. Sakuya then also appears, trying to make Toki leave this place and get away from Raoh, as the two of them could never work together. Toki refuses, saying he is waiting here for Kenshiro. Sakuya has some archers suddenly appear and take aim at Toki.

Raoh suddenly appears and tells Sakuya's archers to back off. He talks with his brother and asks if he will join them, but he still refuses, saying that Raoh's methods -using fear to rule over people -will not work. This leads to the two almost fighting, but Toki does not want to fight his brother and he does not take a stance. Raoh decides not to kill Toki and instead orders for him to be locked up in Cassandra prison. Toki is taken away, whilst everyone else returns to Raoh's castle.

At Cassandra, Toki meets Uighur. Showing no respect to him, Toki asks to be taken to his cell. Uighur tries a couple of techniques on him -Taizan Ryu Senjo Ben (Taishan Style Thousand streak whip) and Moko Hakyoku Do (Mongolian Champion Way) -but these prove to be ineffective. Uighur has Toki put in a cell. Sakuya later appears before Toki and apologises for the shallowness she displayed earlier. She just didn't want him and Raoh to fight, as the two would almost certainly injure each other and maybe even kill each other. Sakuya then mentions that if the Holy Emperor appeared before an injured Roah...Toki interrupts her. Does she know this "Emperor"? She says that she does, but as Toki tries to get more information out of her, she leaves. Toki thinks about his brother, and wonders when they started going in different directions.

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