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Ten no Haoh Episode 6
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Raoh seeks out Ryurou, the South Star tactician.
Original broadcast date: November 6th, 2008

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Soga has found out about Kenshiro, and how people are referring to him as a "savior". Raoh says that, like Toki, the day will come where he will have to deal with him, but now isn't the time. The two then talk about how whilst they have a large army, they do not have many generals. Not wanting to promote Sakuya, Soga suggests Ryurou, a South Star master who led part of the South Star army to several victories. Meanwhile, Sakuya visits Toki. The two talk about Kenshiro, how Shin defeated him, and the two martial arts schools of the North Star divine fist and the South Star holy fist. When she leaves, Reina confronts her, not happy that she keeps visiting Toki in private. Sakuya mentions what has happened to Kenshiro, and whilst Reina warns Sakuya not to visit Toki again, she realizes she cannot really stop her from doing so.

The next morning, Raoh visits Ryurou on his wind farm. Ryurou tells him that he is no longer interested in fighting and that he wishes to stay here, in peace. He would only leave this place to join with someone who fights for the people, like Kenshiro. Raoh is insulted and cannot believe Ryurou would join with Kenshiro, but not himself. After refusing to change his ways, Raoh attacks Ryurou. However Ryurou, a master of Nanto ryuo ken (South Star flowing seagull fist), is surprisingly agile.

Ryurou manages to strike Raoh's forehead, but Raoh isn't harmed, and defeats Ryurou. Raoh figures out that Ryurou has been sick, and would die soon. With his last breath, Ryurou tells Raoh to side with Kenshiro and fight to help the people. He dies as the sun sets, whilst Raoh looks at his body for a few moments. He then turns around and heads back to his horse, saying he cannot grant that request. He'll step over anyone for the sake of the rule he believes in. He cannot waste time governing this land, as his ultimate goal is to conquer his homeland: the Land of Asura. Raoh mounts his horse and says he has learnt one thing from his battle: that he has been too weak. He then heads back towards his castle, unaware that someone else has been watching nearby.


-Compared to previous episodes, this one had few changes made to it between the broadcast and DVD versions. Click here for a list.

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