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Ten no Haoh Episode 7
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Raoh steps up his campaign for conquest, and meets a new ally.
Original broadcast date: November 13th, 2008

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Disgusted with his own weakness, Raoh has become like a demon. He starts visiting various martial artists, taking their secret techniques and hitting pressure points on them that give them only 3 days to live. In those three days, they will experience the fear of the Fist King. This fear is something he wants to spread to make himself a legendary figure. One night, Raoh returns to his castle when he is met by Ryuga, the star of Sirius and a master of Taizan tenrou ken (Taishan celestial wolf fist). After testing his ability, Raoh says he can join his forces and become his right hand man. Later on, Raoh introduces Ryuga to part of his army.

Reina visits Sakuya and asks her about Ryuga. Sakuya tells her about how Ryuga is a lone wolf, and does not know why he has chosen to follow Raoh. She also tells Reina that Ryuga has a half-brother called Juza. The next morning, one of Raoh's soldiers has found out about the two armies and reports it to the Fist King and his generals. Igor the Lion King leads one army, whilst Raizu the Thunder Emperor leads the other. Raoh says he and Reina will deal with Raizu, and tells Ryuga to fight the other one. Soga goes with Ryuga, and watches as Ryuga uses his Taishan celestial wolf fist... easily slaughter a group of Igor's soldiers. The survivors surrender, but Ryuga says it is unforgivable they went against the Fist King, and decapitates one of them. Soga pulls him aside, saying that they have surrendered and it is meaningless to kill them. Ryuga tells him that he is weak, and won't be able to bring peace to this land with an attitude like that. Soga doesn't like his comments, and the two start to fight each other!


-This episode is the first one to use a slightly different intro, which all future episodes will use. Click here to see the differences. The first few words of the song were also changed. The credits sequence remains unchanged.

-There were a few changes made to this episode when it was released on DVD, click here for a list.

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