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Wailing Resounds Through the Darkness!
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Ryuuga and Souga sort out their differences. Later on, Ryuuga and Reina meet Juuza.
Original broadcast date: November 20th 2008

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Ryuuga defeats Souga, but does not kill him. Ryuuga says that he doesn't belong to Hokuto or Nanto, but he has chosen to serve Raoh of Hokuto Shinken. He believes Raoh will become the fierce God he has been searching for, the one who will restore order to the world. Souga wises up to the fact that he can trust Ryuuga, and the two head with their army to battle Igoru. Meanwhile, Raoh and his army find Raizu. Raoh charges towards Raizu and kills him. Elsewhere, Ryuuga kills Igoru by decapitating him.

Having become more ruthless, Souga has a surprise for Raoh and the others when they all return to the castle: he has had the skulls of their defeated enemies turned into goblets. Reina begins to worry about her brother, but then a report comes in about a martial artists called "King" who has been taking over many towns and villages, including ones belonging to Ken-Oh. Ryuuga says he can crush King and will go to his main city, Southern Cross. Reina decides to go with him, and the two enter the city and find a bar. Some of King's troops try and attack them, but are quickly slaughtered.

Juuza, Ryuuga's half-brother, happens to be in this bar. He had come here to fight King, who is actually Shin, a master of Nanto Koshu Ken. This is the man who took their sister, Yuria, away from Kenshiro. But something happened: Yuria has died. Juuza has found out that she killed herself, due to not wanting to be with Shin and his cruel methods. Juuza doesn't want to believe him, and intends to fight Shin himself, but Juuza reminds him that they both agreed to leave Yuria in Kenshiro's care. Juuza has also found out that Kenshiro is already on his way here, so they should let him avenge Yuria by defeating Shin. Juuza just wants to wait here and find out the result from their destined battle. Ryuuga and Reina leave and return to their castle, where they inform Raoh of Yuria's fate. Raoh says that it doesn't matter, Kenshiro and Shin can settle the score between themselves, neither of them are a threat to him.

Raoh gets up and leaves, but Reina follows and then watches him from behind a rock. Sakuya appears and asks her if she can be like Raoh, and cross rivers. Reina says she can become a fierce demon like the others, but Sakuya says she was talking about a different river. A river with the one she loves waiting on the other side, fully aware that he is overcome with grief after losing the woman he loved. Reina says she can cross that river. Raoh is filled with grief after losing the woman he once loved. But for the sake of his rule, he must move on.

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