Sakuya has been allowed into Ken-Oh's castle, but she has a lot of questions to answer from Souga. Reina still believes she is up to something and has a hidden agenda.

Gion suddenly runs in screaming, with terrible news. He is the prison warden of Cassandra, but something has gone wrong. There is a prisoner he has sentenced to death 5 times, but the prisoner won't die! They've tried to have him poisoned, tried to cut his head off, nothing works. Right now they are trying to set him on fire, but it looks like he is going to survive that. Gion asks Ken-Oh to personally go to Cassandra and kill this prisoner himself. Raoh accepts.

At Cassandra, the prisoner is a man called Uighur, who was originally brought to the place to help train some of Ken-Oh's troops. When these troops were weak, Uighur killed them. He got the death sentence for that, something which he isn't happy about and as several people try to restrain him, he breaks loose and starts to kill everyone in his way. His rampage comes to a stop when Ken-Oh appears.

Gion points out that this man is the one he's tried to have killed 5 times. When Uighur realises Ken-Oh has arrived, he asks if he's going to try and kill him and throws one of his chains round his fist. The two pull each end of the chain, whilst Uighur says that he wants to become a legend -he won't die before then. Raoh seems to be impressed with this attitude and then suddenly the chain breaks from the tension.

Raoh says that those who haven't offended him aren't guilty of any crimes, and tells his men to loosen Uighur's chains. Uighur is freed, but rather than go berserk he listens to Raoh, who has an offer for him: become the prison warden of Cassandra. Create a legend of terror at this prison that everyone will fear. Gion protests, as he is the prison warden, but not anymore. Raoh tells him he has to follow Uighur now. Uighur accepts and becomes the new warden.

Ken-Oh and his allies then leave, which Gion isn't very happy about. Surprisingly Uighur doesn't try to crush the guy who sentenced him to death five times, but tells him that he wants a helmet. A good looking helmet, like the one Raoh has.

As Raoh and company leave, Reina comments on how this place was where it all began and that the bond between them started. Sakuya questions what she means by the latter, but Reina tells her she will never understand. Souga tells her to be quiet, but Reina changes her mind and says now is a good a time as any to explain to Sakuya how the three of them met in this land. A few months back, Raoh was already on the land he wanted to conquer when Souga and Reina arrived from the Land of Shura. Souga found a place for Raoh to start his conquest.

The place was Cassandra, known then as the "invincible city". When the three approached, they intended to go inside it, but an old man was at the gates, calling them fools. He believes they had come here after hearing that their was a lot of treasure inside the city. He warns them that the man who had this place constructed, Amon, had it so the city was full of dangerous traps. Nobody has even been able to conquer this city because of how dangerous it is, and the old man has seen armies of thousands invade it and die.

He says that eventually, Amon hid himself in a castle and that his own people began to fall victim to his elaborate traps. Believing him to be insane and uncaring, everyone left him and the city of Cassandra was abandoned. Raoh doesn't care about that though and the old man warns that if they open this door, all of the traps will activate. If they enter, they will never leave. Raoh finds this information useful and surprises the old man by punching the wall, destroying part of it and creating a large enough gap for him to fit through.

The old man asks them to bring Amon back with them. Raoh tells him that that will depend on if he doesn't try to kill them first, so the old man asks them to give Amon a message from him. Soon Raoh, Reina and Souga are walking through the deserted city and come across the main tower where Amon is meant to be. Raoh opens up the door...

...and a huge hammer is released. He stops and destroys it with just one of his fingers. This hasn't gone unnoticed though as Amon has been alerted to the fact that someone has entered his tower. Raoh and his friends continue on, making short work of the traps.

Amon sees the progress they are making, but due to his age he doesn't realise that they are in the same room as him until they are literally right next to him. When they see him, they can tell from his face that he is the brother of the old man they met outside. Raoh introduces himself and states his plan of world conquest, something Amon laughs at. He wants to kill Raoh and reveals that he is a master of a fighting style: Taikyoku Ryu Ken! (Taiji Dragon Fist)


(Taiji Dragon Fist Secret Technique: Flying Dragon Illusion Dance)

Raoh easily stops this attack and blasts it back at Amon, knocking him into his throne and destroying it. Raoh tells Amon that his age has made his style far too weak to hurt him, and that his reign ended long a go. Amon refuses to lose his city and pulls down a lever, which makes an alarm go off. The entire room then starts to shake. He tells them that even if it means ending his own life, he will never allow them to win. He'll leave everything to his son, Zenos...

...Souga yells out that Zenos is dead! Amon is surprised, but they tell him the message the old man gave them. The message was that Zenos died in one of the traps Amon had created. Amon doesn't believe them and threatens to send his entire army against them, but Souga informs him that his army was disbanded long a go. The only one left on his side is his own brother, who used to be a General in his army, but now waits outside the city doors.

Amon finally believes them and as he thinks about what he has done, several explosions rock the tower and part of the roof collapses, killing him instantly. Raoh thinks Amon was a stupid old man, but they then see another one of his traps: a large slab of concrete is lowering behind them, which will trap them in here. Raoh starts to run towards it, but Reina can tell he won't make it in time.

Souga, being incredibly agile, runs and gets past Raoh. He stops the slab, but has to put his right leg between it and the ground to stop it, badly injuring it in the process. He says it isn't a problem though as he wanted to help Raoh with his ambition, so losing a leg for it is nothing.

Raoh lifts the slab up and Reina pulls her brother out, just as another rock falls and smashes Raoh over the head. He tells Reina to get Souga out of here and escape, but she refuses, saying that if they're going to die, they can all die together. They exist for him. She had wanted to help him, but it looks like she wasn't any help at all.

Raoh says that is correct, but she will be after today. Saying that they can't die at a place like this, Raoh thrusts his arms up just as the tower falls down. The old man looks on and is surprised to see Raoh, Reina and Souga all appear out of the dust.

Raoh tells him the fate of his brother and that he had realized what he had done just before he died. The old man says there is a village nearby that Souga can be taken to for treatment, so he is carried there by some villagers. The old man has gathered together the last few members of Amon's army, and says that Cassandra belongs to Raoh now and that it could become a city again. But Raoh has a different plan for it.

There are too many bad people like Amon around in this age, so Cassandra can become the biggest prison in the world. This city can be the first warning on his road of conquest.

Reina's story ends as she and the others continue to ride away from Cassandra. Sakuya thinks about her story and now knows how Souga sacrificed his leg instantly to help Raoh. He now has a mechanical prosthetic leg. She wonders if this bond between the three is truly unbreakable.


Raoh and his brother, Toki...would they fight on the same side? Next time on Ten no Haoh: "Rival Siblings!"

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