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Kings understand Kings!
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Raoh faces the Black King.
Original broadcast date: October 9th 2008

1) Synopsis
2) DVD differences


Raoh, Souga and Reina have turned Goram's men into soldiers for their own army. They go out and attack nearby villages, taking over them in the name of Ken-Oh. Their army and territory expands, but then one part of the army is defeated. The survivors who return to the castle explain that they had chased down an army of Lord Gion, and had defeated it. They went after the survivors, but lost track of them in a canyon. Suddenly some horses charged and wiped out Ken-Oh's force. The surviving soldiers also mention that they heard something from one of the enemy soldiers they captured. The canyon is where nobody goes and is known as "Kokuoh-Go's canyon".

Raoh decides to investigate this canyon, with Souga and Reina going with him. They soon find Kokuoh-Go (Black King), who is a large horse. Raoh tries to reason with this horse, and after being kicked once, the Kings eventually understand each other. Kokuoh-Go becomes Raoh's horse, and the other horses in the canyon join up with Ken-Oh.

Gion's tactic has failed, and when he learns of this, he instantly surrenders as his army is so small. Raoh allows him to live, as his idiocy let him meet Kokuoh-Go. He allows Gion to join his army. As Raoh and the rest of his forces return to their castle, the mysterious woman has seen everything. She pulls down her hood and says that next time, she will have to personally see Raoh's true ability.

DVD differences

-This episode was the first one to have some censoring done to it for the broadcast version. There are two shots effected. The DVD version is not censored. There are also some other minor differences between the broadcast and DVD versions. Click here for a full list.

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