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Ten no Haoh Episode 1
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The world has been devastated by a nuclear war. From the wasteland, a single man appears!
Original Japanese broadcast date: October 2nd, 2008

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A nuclear war has put the Earth into chaos. The survivors are now put into two groups: the strong and the weak. The strong prey on the weak, and all the weak can do is pray for a savior. Raoh arrives in a town, as he intends to rule the world and bring peace to these troubled times. He is confronted by a gang, but he quickly slaughters their leader and then most of the members, letting one man live so he can tell others of him. Raoh then meets Soga, his strategist. Soga and his sister Reina have found a castle which would be an ideal place for them to live. Soga and Reina later enter this castle, which belongs to a martial artist called Goram. Soga pretends to be a musician, whilst Reina dances for Goram. Goram likes them, especially Reina, and says they can stay here.

However he really wants to see more of Reina, and is about to strip her when a man runs in saying someone is causing trouble outside. This man is Raoh, who enters this castle and confronts Goram. Their is a brief battle between the two, but Goram's fighting style is useless against what Raoh has mastered: Hokuto shinken (North Star divine fist). Raoh uses a secret technique of his style, Hokuto goushou ha (North Star iron palm wave) to defeat Goram.

Raoh now has the castle, and he and Soga convince Goram's followers to side with Raoh, and tell them that Raoh is to be known as "Ken-Oh" (Fist King) from now on. Just before he dies, Goram warns Raoh that he will never defeat the Holy Emperor. Soga does not know who that is, but Raoh tells him that it doesn't matter -he'll be dealt with in the same way anyone else who goes against him will be -he will be defeated. Outside the castle, a woman has been watching. She says that she'll stand witness to Raoh's fate, and then she vanishes.


-The intro features the song "Nageki no Endless", sung by Jealkb. The song is used in all 13 episodes, although the intro sequence is altered from this episode and onwards.

-When the series was originally broadcast on television, certain shots were censored to cover up some of the more graphic violence. The DVD version of the series was uncensored, but there were a lot of other changes made to certain shots, sometimes changing background details or altering characters. Click here for more details about the changes made to the first episode. No changes were made to the violence shown in this episode.

-The credits sequence features the song "Namida no Kawa", sung by minamuse. The credits sequence is used for all but the final episode.


-There ought to be a colossal crashing sound effect for the building Raoh takes down when he kills the gang leader, but no noise is ever heard.

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