It is night time at Salim's castle, and Salim himself is enjoying the company of a woman called Isabella. Salim tells her he has been with many women, but none of them compare to her. She is good enough to become his Queen. Suddenly he starts to choke and clutches at his own throat, before falling onto the floor.

Isabella gets off the bed and says that she has poisoned him. Pulling out a knife, she says that he was getting in the way of her master. Salim desperately tries to stop her but the only thing he manages to do is grab her shoulder before he gets stabbed and killed.

The next morning, at Raoh's castle, Souga tells Raoh about a powerful force gathering to the south, but they also have another problem with another rival warlord. This warlord is known as Jadamo and there have been reports of his army heading this way. Souga already has a strategy ready to defeat him, and soon he heads out with Raoh, Sakuya, Ryuuga and part of the army to confront Jadamo. Reina, however, watches them leave. She has to guard the castle, but she also has her own plans.

Raoh and his army arrive where Jadamo is. Raoh sees that Jadamo has got himself quite a large army. Souga says that this army is slow to move and that if they are fast enough, they should be able to overwhelm them with ease. As the battle starts, Reina is going in the opposite direction. She thinks about how Yuria, the only woman Raoh loved, is dead, but she wants to continue to do her best for Raoh and has decided to check out this other force her brother mentioned. Two other troops are with her, who aren't that keen on doing this without telling Raoh, but Reina says she just wants to investigate this. It will make Raoh at ease if it isn't anything to worry about.

Meanwhile, Isabella returns to her castle and tells her superior, Dagar, that Salim is dead. Dagar tells her to come to him and she walks up to where he is, but he then grabs her and exposes a wound she received -two small scratches to her neck.

Isabella tries to explain Salim scratched her, and the wounds are small and will heal quickly, but Dagar isn't interested. He only wants beautiful perfection from the ladies here, and she no longer has this. He pushes her back down the stairs, where she falls between a group of men there. Dagar tells them they can do anything they want, and they are soon all over her.

Dagar ignores Isabella's screams as she is raped and sees that Komaku has returned. Komaku has some news: Reina, a member of Ken-Oh's army, is heading towards them. Dagar has heard how pretty she is, and he thinks that she would make a fine addition to the ladies here. He tells Komaku to go and meet her and then get her to this castle.

Reina enters the town and doesn't see anything suspicious, but then three men walk up to her. Komaku introduces himself, but Reina wants to know why they are trying to take over territory, including that which belongs to Ken-Oh. Komaku says it is a misunderstanding. Reina doesn't believe him and says she wants to meet his master. She warns him that she's pretty good with a sword. Komaku takes the hint and escorts her and the other two troops back to the castle.

Reina is led inside the castle, but Komaku suddenly leaps away from her as several archers pop out and open fire. Their shots avoid Reina but take out the two troops with her. One falls from his horse, whilst the other one manages to get away before the castle doors are shut.

Reina is left to fend for herself. She leaps off her horse and goes after Koamku, but as she jumps, Dagar appears. Shw swings one of her swords at him...

...but he breaks it via a Nanto Hiyoku Ken (South Star Conjoined Wing Fist) technique. Reina lands and sees what happened, but takes out her other sword and continues fighting with him.

Dagar seems to be stronger, but Reina isn't going to give up until Komaku tells her to stop. She turns around and sees that he has a blade to the fallen troop's neck. Reina reluctantly throws away her sword, so Komaku kills the man anyway.

Reina is restrained as Dagar welcomes her to his castle. Reina is gagged and then led into the castle's dungeon.

Dagar thinks Reina is just as pretty as he thought she would be and she is brave to come here practically by herself, for her man. She is then placed in a cell as Dagar says that, after he "educates" her, she will become his best assassin. As he lights up a cigar, he tells her he will make her kill Raoh. Reina is then left alone.

Back at the battle, Jadamo is in the thick of of the fighting and whilst he can smash Ken-Oh's troops, his actual army isn't doing so well and he realises it doesn't look like he can win. Raoh is simply watching the battle when the injured troop arrives back and falls from his horse. He just about manages to tell Souga that Reina is in danger, but before he can do anything, Raoh has already set off to the south.

Meanwhile Reina has been taken out of her cell to watch something. Isabella, battered but still alive, is dragged into the room and tied down to a table. Dagar explains that he wants spotless beauty, so he won't harm Reina. Isabella will not be so fortunate as Komaku then starts to pluck her nails off, one by one.

At the battle, Jadamo proves to be a tough one and is easily killing lots of enemies, until Ryuuga steps up to challenge him. However, he has a secret technique and shatters his own armor, revealing that he can turn his body as hard as steel. He runs forward.


(Stern Iron Fist: Burst Steel Bullet)

Ryuuga side steps and uses a move of his own. As he heads past his opponent, he breaks off the spike on his head. He then turns around and says that steel is even easier to crush. Jadamo slowly gets back up and then quickly turns around...


(Stern Iron Fist Secret Technique: Fang Needle Bullet)

The needles Jadamo fires catch Ryuuga by surprise, and he is blinded by them. Before Jadamo can finish Ryuuga off, Sakuya appears. Jadamo goes to punch her, but before he can hit her something happens to him. By the time Ryuuga's vision has fully returned, he sees that Jadamo has been killed.

Ryuuga asks how she did it, but she says he really did all the work -she just did the finishing strike for him. As she tells the troops that Jadamo is dead, Ryuuga stares at her, knowing that there is more to her than she is letting on.

Meanwhile, Dagar is trying to make Reina swear an oath that she belongs to him. She starts to recite it when Isabella tells her to stop. Komaku starts to whip her repeatedly, so Reina finally says that she belongs to Dagar. Pleased with her words, Dagar says that all he needs to do now is mark her and after ripping off part of her top, he is about to press a red hot poker onto her arm when...

...she spits some blood into his eye. Whilst he is distracted, Reina grabs the poker and manages to keep a good enough grip on it to snatch it from Dagar's hands. She then threatens him with it whilst telling Komaku to free Isabella. Soon the two women are outside the dungeon and Reina tells Isabella to hold on, they are almost out of here.

The two run towards the main doors of the castle but as they get there, Isabella is shot in the back with an arrow, killing her almost instantly. It hasn't taken Dagar and Komaku long to escape and follow them. Reina tells them to kill her.

Dagar says it will be much more fun to humiliate her and have their way with her instead. However Ken-Oh then blasts the doors down. Everyone but Reina is scared of him.

Reina tries to apologise, but he slaps her and says that she is to never act by herself again. Raoh then says that Yuda took good care of her. Surprising even Dagar, Yuda appears.

Yuda is the real master of this place. He says that it seems one of his underlings did something behind his back whilst he wasn't around. With Dagar put in his place, Yuda asks Ken-Oh to forgive him. He has no intentions of going up against Ken-Oh, this was just Dagar being stupid. He has no intention of being Raoh's enemy.

Yuda says that he represents the You-sei no Otoko (star of beauty) -the only thing he wants is beautiful girls. Raoh tells him that he isn't even worth smashing apart. Yuda says that he will give Ken-Oh and his forces permission to pass through his territory, but Raoh once again gets the last word when he says they'll pass through here whenever they want to, not when Yuda says so. Yuda tells him that beyond his territory lies another warlord known as Mei-Oh and another one known as the Holy Emperor. Yuda says that Raoh knows the Holy Emperor well and asks if he would like to know what his real name is, but Raoh says he doesn't want to know -he'll find out his name if he is worth knowing.

Raoh then leaves and tells Reina that Yuda is a useless, worthless scoundrel who uses women to kill his enemies in bed, so someone like that could never be a threat to him. Yuda hears all of this and as he watches Raoh leave, he swears that he will kill him one day. Raoh and Reina return to where their army is, and he finds out that Jadamo has been defeated.

As the group heads back home, Reina looks at an ear ring that belonged to Isabella. She had just wanted to help Raoh, but things have gone badly wrong for her today. As the episode ends, the narrator says that Yuda mentioned Mei-Oh and the Holy Emperor -these two will surely stand in Raoh's way, but Raoh was not bothered by this. He will knock down anyone who tries to stop him.


Souga faces a dangerous enemy who is related to someone on their side. Next time on Ten no Haoh: "Fists Smashed in Hot Sand!"

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