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Instead, I Shall Reject Love! For I Bear the Cursed Star of Death!!
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Mamiya tries to find out where Toki is.
Original broadcast date: July 25th 1985

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Having defeated Amiba, Ken and the others head back to Mamiya's village. Kenshiro explains that Toki was originally chosen to be the next successor to Hokuto Shinken, but then the nuclear war happened. When the bombs started to drop, Toki, Kenshiro and Yuria headed to a shelter, but due to a fault with the door, it had to be manually shut from the outside. Toki pushed Ken and Yuria into the shelter and then shut the door. Two weeks later, Ken opened the door and saw that Toki was still alive, but he was now suffering from radiation poisoning and would not live for much longer. Once he had recovered, he had to give up being the successor of Hokuto Shinken and instead decided to try and save as many people as he could before he died. He set off on his journey, and Kenshiro had not seem him since.

Mamiya decides to try and find out where Toki is now, and she learns that he is being held in a place called Cassandra. However, a gang have found out about her actions, and find her. They say they must kill anyone who tries to find out about Toki and attack her, only for Kenshiro and Rei to show up. They save Mamiya and kill several members of the gang.

Kenshiro hits a pressure point on the gang leader and tells him to go back to his master, and tell him this: Kenshiro is coming, and there is nobody stronger than him. Ken helps Mamiya up, but then tells her to go back -this is his own problem, he will deal with it. Rei tells Mamiya that as long as Yuria lives on in his heart, nobody can open it, not even her. Whilst she understands this, she still wants to help Ken and starts to follow him once again. Later on, the gang leader goes back to Warden Uighur, but he is killed by his whips. Uighur says that Kenshiro can come here -the cries of Cassandra's spirits will become his funeral song.

In the manga...

-The scene where Ken explains about what happened to Toki is in the manga, but it isn't shown until later.

-The flashback scene is also slightly different in the manga, as when Toki, Ken and Yuria reach the shelter, they find that there is only room for two more people. Toki immediately pushes Ken and Yuria inside and then shuts the door from the outside. In the anime, they added a part where Ken and Toki rescue some kids, then the absolutely ridiculous problem with the door not closing (what kind of IDIOT designs a shelter door that only has grips on the outside for manual shutting).

-And yes, there are grips for opening the door on either side in the manga. Why they decided to change the reason Toki had to stay outside in the anime is very mysterious.

-The scenes showing Mamiya traveling around and talking to different people were not in the manga.

-The story is slightly different at this point in the manga, as Mamiya was not originally present in the battle between Ken and Amiba. Rei tells Ken he told her he suspected Amiba to be impersonating Toki, so she went off to find clues on the real Toki's location whilst he went off to find Amiba himself.

-Ken and Rei only kill a couple of guys in the manga. All of the others punks run away immediately when they realise Kenshiro has arrived.

-The scene at the end with Uighur was never in the manga.


-Several of the punk death animations in this episode were re-used from previous ones.

-The cover art of the Discotek's second DVD set for the series features art from this episode. Most fans don't like it.


-During the flashback scene, when Ken walks towards Toki, his hair and part of his eyebrows go grey for one frame.

-When the leader's men run off, there is a shot of lots of multiples of the same two guys running away.

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