Hokuto no Ken Episode 36
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There Is No Looking Back! Only Hating Evil, And Striking Toki Down!!
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Kenshiro finds out that he is not fighting the real Toki after all.
Original broadcast date: July 18th 1985

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Kenshiro manages to hit Toki and pierce his hands. Toki no longer seems to be able to contend with Kenshiro, but he uses Yuu's mother as a human shield as he jumps up with her. He lands right before Ken, who catches the woman, but can't stop Toki from hitting pressure points on his back which stop him from moving. Toki proceeds to batter Kenshiro.

Rei, Mamiya and Bat then arrive, having fought off Toki's forces outside. Rei recognized one of the troops as Nevada, a Nanto Seiken practitioner like himself, who used to always mess around with a guy called Amiba. Rei reveals to Ken that the guy he is fighting is actually Amiba, not Toki. Amiba sees that his lies have been found out, but he is still determined to kill Kenshiro and live on as Toki. Kenshiro has the power to block the effects of the pressure points Amiba hit on him, and gets back up. Amiba uses the Yoh Soh Sankaku Kyaku (Hawk Talon Triangle Kick) but this fails as Ken hits him. Amiba reveals the reason he impersonated Toki was because the real Toki once hit him in the village of miracles.

Kenshiro uses a secret move of Hokuto Shinken to defeat Amiba and make him walk backwards. With his own hands blown off, he cannot press his own pressure points to stop himself and he falls off the building. Just before he explodes, he yells out the name "Ken-Oh" (Fist King). Rei says that he has heard of the name and he is meant to be a man of great power who is trying to rule the world, but nobody seems to know his true identity. But they do not have time to worry about this as they need to find where the real Toki is, as Ken is sure that he is waiting somewhere for him to arrive.

In the manga...

-Nevada is never named in the manga, and it isn't stated if he knew who Rei was.

-The scene where Rei, Mamiya and Bat battle Amiba's forces is exclusive to the anime.

-Lin, Bat and Mamiya are not present during the battle between Ken and Amiba.

-Rei just appears out of nowhere in the manga, with no explanation on how he found where Ken was. I'm actually glad they added some new scenes explaining it in the anime.

-Rei also has a slightly different outfit when he appears before Ken and Amiba in the manga -he gets this in the anime eventually, but not for a while yet.


-There is a rumor that when the original manga was being published, Amiba really was meant to be Toki, but then something happened. Buronson (the writer of the manga) and Tetsuo Hara (the artist) had a three year contract to make Hokuto no Ken, but due to how popular it was, they agreed to a new five year contract. This meant that they needed to extend the story, so Buronson decided to quickly change what he was presently working on. So the Toki Ken was fighting became Amiba, whilst the real Toki was still alive. I don't have a source for this, unfortunately.


-When Ken is about to use his secret technique, there is a close up shot of his face, but his blue jacket is back on.

-In the flashback scene, there is one shot of Amiba with white hair instead of blonde.

-In the last group shot of Ken and friends, Rei's outfit has green sleeves, when it shouldn't have.

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