The forces of Hellsing head to a Baobhan castle. They start to move in, as Integra's helicopter lands nearby. Fargason contacts her via radio and says he wish they hadmore intelligence on this place, but she says it can't be helped, and tells them to confirm what's going on any eliminate any freaks. Walter then contacts her and says this castle is the property of a Japanese firm, but is currently up for auction. She thinks this is an ideal place for a fake vampire to be created.

Outside, Seras runs towards the castle with the rest of her unit, although she thinks running with her cannon is a bother. Integra's helicopter lands and she steps out, unaware that she is being watched by someone.

The Hellsing troops move into the castle, but don't come across any resistance. They do find a dead guy slumped down some stairs, over the image of a cross. Seras looks at the top of the stairs and can see there's somebody there, but the figure walks away and disapears.

She thinks something's wrong. Captain Chris Pickman approaches her and asks what she means, but he then receives a radio communication instructing for all Hellsing forces to pull out. Back outside, a new group of soldiers have arrived at the castle. They're part of the SAS, and the Captain instructs Integra to withdraw. She says that this tainted castle needs to be purified by the Hellsing organisation. He tells her the situation has changed, as they've discovered the IRA has been using this castle for weapons depot, and some of the most wanted terrorists in the country are hiding inside. They know all about Hellsing's equipment and strategies, and they aren't the only ones trying to protect this country.

As he walks off, Integra says she'll file a complaint and tells Fargason to withdraw. Inside the castle, everyone starts to pull out, although Seras remains looking at the top of the stairs. She then starts to leave as well, but suddenly hears Alucard's voice. He talks to her telepathically, saying her intuition is getting sharper. He says the battle they are joining now is unlike any she has seen before -she must prepare herself. She thinks he's enjoying all of this, which he says he is, before laughing.

Later that night, Integra returns to the Hellsing HQ, where Walter tells her that Laura has arrived. Integra seems confused at this and looks up to see a woman waiting for her. Integra then recognises her, it's her younger sister. Laura says it's been too long.

They head into Integra's office, and Integra tells her she should have called ahead, although it's good to know she still lacks basic etiquette. Laura says the faimly in Avon are doing well, but doesn't she ever get lonely living here? Integra then seems to get a bad headache and says Laura can stay here tonight, she'll have Walter prepare a room for her. Elsewhere, Seras is about to go to bed when she senses something wrong above.

She goes back upstairs to investigate and briefly sees Laura slowly walking up some stairs. Before she can do anything else, Walter suddenly appears. She asks him about Laura, and he explains that she's Integra's sister. Seras finds this a bit strage since they look nothing alike, although she guesses her family does have a complex history. Walter suddenly feels a pain in his chest and says he'll take his leave. Seras still thinks something isn't right.

Back at the castle, the SAS Captain is wondering how his forces are taking so long to clear out such a small castle. However he then finds out that the guy he's with has been turned into a ghoul, along with the rest of his forces. Sometime later, one of the SAS troops wakes up and finds himself on a table.

Incognito talks to him, asking him his name. He says his name is Paul Wilson. Iconito then asks him if he wants to live. Paul replies that he does. Incognito then asks him if he wants to live forever. Paul isn't sure about that, so Incognito asks him if he really wants to stay in the form of a man -broken and imperfect. Or would he want to become a perfected being? Paul says he has been training himself, which is why he joined the SAS, although it hasn't been working out. Incognito then asks him if he wants to live forever, which he says he does. With that, several small creates begin implanting freank chips into his body.

Back at the Hellsing HQ, Integra is having a strange nightmare. She sees herself a couple of times, but then she sees a baby in a church. It seems she can't wake up from it.

Meanwhile, Alucard has gone to confront Incognito. He has found where he is and says that whilst he doesn't know his name yet, he thinks they have a lot in common. It seems he has also put his pride aside and also bows before masters, and thinks he's pitiful for doing so. As this is going on, Laura has entered Integra's office and hugs her, waking her up. Laura begins to undress her, and she can't seem to move.

Seras has sensed something is wrong again and rushes towards Integra's office, only to find Walter waiting outside. He tells her not to dare disturb Integra, and then uses one of his wires to cut Seras' face. Inside the offce, Integra realises that Laura isn't her sister -she doesn't even have a sister! "Laura" is a Baobhan sith, and has used her powers to trick Integra and Walter.

Alucard hopes Incognito does have some power to back up his enouermous pretension. Incognito finally appears and introduces himself. Alucard thinks he's just a nobody, but he can live with that, since his own name is a bit of an enigma. They're both originals who are bound by humans, so he suggests they take their time and have some fun. He then pulls out the Jackal.

"Laura" is going to drain Integra's blood. Integra thinks her use of the name Laura is some kind of sick joke, as she's heard there was a girl called Laura who was taken by the Countess of Karnstein. She wants to know her real name, and guesses she is Carmilla. She wonders if she is here for revenge, due to Hellsing destroying her people. Laura says nothing but is clearly angry, and grabs a letter opener from the table.

Outside Seras shouts at Walter to wake up, but he won't move and she can't bring herself to shoot him. Back inside, Laura plunges the letter opener into Integra's stomach, saying her big sister has such a dirty mouth.

Meanwhile, Alucard asks what Incognito is waiting for, doesn't he carry any human weapons? Incognito pulls out a ArmsCor 40mm MGL grenade launcher, which is conntected to his arm via multiple chains. Alucard wonders what kind of projectiles it fires, so Incognito shows him: cartridges which are powered via socery from the dark continent. Alucard thinks this is perfect and wants to begin.

However Incognito smirks and says the two of them are different. The difference between them is that Alucard no longer has a master anymore. Alucard realises he's done something to Integra, but Incognito then fires a shot at him, scoring what seems to be a direct hit.

However Alucard takes no damage and says that next, he'll fill Incogntio's flesh with the Jackal's bullets. Back in the office, Laura says her sister's blood is delicous. Integra asks if she thinks she's torturing her, but she says she's just doing what she was told. And she was told not to turn her into a ghoul too quickly. But now it's time, and she'll bite into her neck and drink every last drop of her blood. Then she'll give her a small taste of her own blood, to turn her into a mindless ghoul. She bites down into Integra's neck.

However, Alucard then appears, saying he's had enough of her mockey. She immediately charges towards Alucard, leaping high into the air, but he pulls out the Jackal and fires a single shot.

The bullet hits her int he head and completely obliterates her. Her hypnosis over Walter is broken, and he and Seras charge into the office, where they see what's happened to "Laura". They also see Integra stood up, holding the letter opener to her wounded neck. She tells them all to stay back.

She plunges the letter opener into the wound and falls to the ground, stating that their is impure blood in her veins...


This episode, like episode four, is not based on anything from the manga.

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