In Hong Kong, a group of Hellsing soldiers enter a factory, where a certain chip is being produced. Things quickly escalate and soon a large scale battle is under way.

Elsewhere, Integra and Fargason oversee some new candidates, who are conducting training exercises. Integra leaves but meets Walter, who tells her about what happened in Hong Kong. He also reveals that everything was destroyed, including any possible evidence. Integra says that once again their hand has been blocked. They then talk about the new candidates, and how they may not be trust worthy, but at the moment that doesn't matter, they need to be able to have a show of force. Walter tells her her see to it personally. Integra then gets in the car and drives away.

Meanwhile, Seras briefs the next lot of candidates, explaining that they'll only score points for getting head shots, nothing else will count. She then asks if there are any questions and one guy says they've heard about there being a vampire in this unit. This gets a few laughs out of everyone, but this quickly stops when Seras bends the barrel of his gun in an instant. She tells him that he'd better get it replaced quickly, or he'll miss his chance to test.

Back at Hellsing HQ, Integra and several others are having a meeting about the chip -dubbed the "freak chip". It's still unknown how it exactly works, but it's capable of turning humans into vampires once it has been implanted. Integra doesn't care about the findings, she reminds everyone her family has been hunting down and destroying these freaks. Now they face artificial freaks, but it doesn't matter to her, they're all the same. And after what happened in Hong Kong, it seems the enemy was willing to sacrifice their chip designer and their factory just to stop them. They're on the run now, so now Hellsing only has one command, and one mission: search and destroy.

Seras returns to her apartment and places a pie she purchased earlier on a plate. She looks at a photo of her deceased father, a former policeman, and tells him that she can't eat these things any more. She remembers how she had finally joined the police herself, but... just then there is a knock at the door. Whoever's there knocks repeatedly, and she asks who it is. The man on the other side says he's come a long way to see her.

She opens the door and finds someone she's met before, and lets him in. Whilst she had briefly met him, she has no idea who he is. He tells her his name is Harry Anders, an MI5 agent. Whilst they are quite different in their methods, they're both sworn to protect their Queen and country. Seras asks him to cut to the chase. He says that she's observant, just like her father. He'll tell her about how he knew her father later, but right now he needs to take her somewhere.

The two head to another building and get to the top of it via an elevator. As they walk out, Harry checks his gun, and Seras pulls hers out, but Harry laughs and says she won't be needing that. He was just checking his, since he's a human he's a bit vulnerable here. He knocks on the door and asks for Helena to let them in. He just wants to ask her a few questions, nothing more.

The door opens and the pair go inside. They find that the place is candlelit, and Helena is waiting for them. Whilst she has the appearance of a young girl, she's actually a vampire who's several hundred years old. Seras realizes what she is but Helena tells her that she clearly hasn't been a vampire for very long.

She also praises Harry for bringing Seras along for protection. He apologizes but says he didn't have much choice. She goes up to Seras, who asks her about how long she's been a vampire. She says she's been like this for a long time, forever and ever. She then tells Harry she is a private individual who poses no threat.

Harry explains that around 18 months a go, a new breed of vampire appeared, and they aren't like Helena, as these vampires have attack and killed his people. He then introduces Seras, saying she belongs to the Hellsing organization. Seras tries to explain that she only kills artificial vampires, but Helena snaps that does she know how many friends she's lost due to Hellsing's butchery?

Seras says she's sorry but Helena tells her it's not her apology to give. She then places her hand on her, and somehow reads her mind. She says she understands how the one who turned her into a vampire is kept by Hellsing. Harry then goes on about the new vampires, and how machines are used to create them, but Helena is getting fed up of it. She says she will talk about this subject, but only if they allow her to return to her solitude.

She returns to her chair and says that they're investigations are going nowhere due to the evidence being destroyed. Harry interrupts and says to get to the point. He wants information about her cabal, as whilst the vampires are artificially created, they're still honest-to-goodness vampires. His investigation has lead him to the conclusion that one of her kind is a traitor. Helena doesn't believe such a thing is true. She says there is no "cabal" and that her kind are all individuals.

She tells them that man's will along is not enough. To create, raw materials are needed. To make a forgery, they'd need an original to forge. She says that no English vampire is involved in this, and then says good evening to both of them. Harry and Seras leave.

During the journey back, Seras comments that Helena seems so lonely. Harry thanks her for coming with him and then drops her off at her apartment. He heads off as Seras heads inside, but she hears an explosion and quickly runs back out to see that Harry's car has been completely destroyed!

Back at Hellsing HQ, Integra enters a room, but realizes that something is wrong. Somehow she seems to have entered the training ground she was at earlier. But the next thing she knows, she suddenly tied to a pillar. She sees a strange looking man in the distance.

Some mercenaries burst in and point their weapons at her, but before they can fire the entire room and then building falls apart. Alucard's voice is then heard, saying he is releasing his control art restriction system to the second level. Integra falls away from the pillar as Alucard himself appears. She wants to know what the hell is going on. He asks her if she's ever wondered what it's like to be hunted and then starts to laugh.

She doesn't see the funny side and asks what he's talking about. He says for all of the time he's served her, he's been pitted against pretenders and frauds. But now, it's different. A real, strong enemy has arrived on their island. But he's excited, thinking that this is perfect -two genuine monsters battling each other -let him come!

Elsewhere, a vampire stands at the edge of a cliff. Alucard's new foe has arrived: Incognito!


You get a good close look at one of the freak chips in this episode. You can't fully see it, but there is a symbol that clearly looks like a Swastika on the chip. This is a reference to the manga's main bad guys: Millennium, who are vampire Nazis. However the anime doesn't feature them and instead introduces a new bad guy in this episode, who has nothing to do with the Nazis.

It appears that at one point that Millennium were set to appear in the anime -this early trailer for the series features them very briefly at around the 3 minute mark. But clearly plans changed and they aren't featured in any episode at all in the final product.

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