Integra is being seen to by several doctors, and is in intensive care. All Alucard and Seras can do is watch. Alucard tells Seras she must pay close attention -watch how Integra fairs in battle. Integra tore through her own throat, shedding her own blood to fight for her own life. Giving in is what kills people, when you refuse to surrender your heart, only then do you transcend your humanity. The strength of their mater is that she never gives up, even in the face of death.

Elsewhere, Walter is having a telephone conversation with Sir Irons. He says that Baobhan castle has been destroyed, but the 66 members of the SAS who were sent in have not been heard from. Back in the operating room, Alucard says no more, and whilst Seras tries to think of something to say, she can't and walks out. As Integra's operation continues, she dreams about her past...

Integra sees her father, Arthur Hellsing, so they can start today's lesson. Integra sites down as her father asks her which creature is the most feared. She says the vampire, which he says is correct. He then asks her what makes the vampire so fearsome? Once the sun has risen, they can only find rest in a small, dark coffin. But even then, vampires are considered nearly unbeatable. Why is that?

Integra says it's because the feed on human blood, create ghouls, and increase their brood without limit. Arthur says the creature is terrifying, but not totally unbeatable. Integra says they won't die unless you stab them with a wooden stake. Arthur says she shouldn't be fooled by such old stories, they can't be defeated with such simple tricks. Vampires have power that let them tear through men like they are rags, and are cunning and smart. That is the vampire.

Does she understand? The task appointed to their family is to protect the Queen, Great Britain and the Church if England from these creatures. They've inherited this honor from the noble knights and secret sects that have preceded them, and glad accept this sacred office. Integra says she understands.

However Arthur suddenly falls down. Time passes and Arthur is on his deathbed. He tells Integra that she, and she alone, will lead the family once his time has come. He asks for his brother, Richard, to guide her, which he says he will.

Arthur says he had so much more to tell his daughter, if only he had more time. But he then coughs up some blood and says the blood of the Hellsing family flows through her. She must remember to be glorious. These are his final words.

Not long after this, Integra is on the run. She hides in a vent shaft, and manages to get to a vent over the room her Uncle Richard is in. But he is discussing how he has been waiting 20 years for his brother to die, and he doesn't want the Hellsing organization to be stolen from him by that brat. He wants to know why his men haven't found Integra yet -Walter is due to return from South Africa tomorrow, if he comes back it'll make things even more difficult. He wants to put an end to this tonight. The only rooms they've yet to search are the sublevels, which include things like a dungeon. Richard can't think of any better place for dirty vermin to hide, and tells his men to move out. They are to kill Integra on sight.

Integra can't believe what she's just heard -it's only been 3 days since her father died, does Richard have any human soul left in him? She then remembers something her father once told her -if she is in a situation where all hope is lost, she should make her way to the forgotten underground prison. There, in one of the cells, lies her protection. The Hellsing family's greatest achievement. Integra quickly moves through the vent shafts and drops down into the sublevels. She comes across a door with a symbol created in blood on it.

She touches the door handle, but the moment she does, she experiences a vision of a man in red tearing through Hellsing soldiers. Regardless, she decides to open the door.

However before she can, Richard and his men arrive. Richard tells her she's given them quite the chase, but for the future of his country, church, Queen and his sacred family, she must die. Integra asks what kind of man he is -her father entrusted the Hellsing family to her because he feared Richard would be reduced to this. Richard fires, but deliberately aims so the bullet only grazes her cheek, and the bullet goes into the door. He asks if she really thinks he won't shoot her just because she's a little girl.

Richard places the gun against her forehead, just as she grabs the door handle again. She experiences another vision, and a voice calls to her, saying he knows she doesn't want to die tonight. With no choice left, Integra opens the door and falls into the darkness below.

Back in the present, the doctors finish Integra's operation and stitch up her wound. All they can do now is wait and see. Elsewhere, Seras goes to see Walter, who apologizes for his actions the night before. Seras says there's no need for that, as she's alright. She asks him what he's doing and he explains that he's setting up Integra's afternoon tea. Whilst she's still in surgery, he believes Integra is like General Patton. It was said that Patton would stand along, braving the worst of blizzards just to watch his soldiers on the march. Patton's army was said to have had nearly unnatural stamina. A commander with a strong spirit can make a soldier's heart burn like fire.

Back in the past, Richard fires as Integra falls, hitting her in her arm. She survives as Richard and his men go down after her, but they then all pause when they see there is something inside this room. It seems to be a corpse.

Richard isn't too bothered about it though and says it can act as an escort to take her to her father. He's about to finish her off when they all hear something. They look at corpse and are surprised to see that it's come to life! Richard has no idea what is going on as his brother never mentioned this to him. The revived corpse licks up Integra's spilt blood.

To her horror, Integra realizes that this thing that's meant to protect her is a vampire. Richard tells his men to just shoot him and send him back to hell, but before any of them can fire, one of them has his head torn off.

The man takes great delight in drinking blood from the half of head he's just swiped, and then quickly kills the rest of Richard's men. Before Richard can take a shot, the man attacks him. His severed arm lands in front of Integra, gun still in hand.

Integra quickly picks up the gun and points it at the man, who says she is the one who disturbed his rest. He tells her that her sweet blood was the first he's tasted in over 20 silent years. Integra fires, but her any damage her shots do is instantly healed. The man moves in closer and says those souls who suffer their righteousness will know their internal inheritance.

Integra calls him a vile demon and says who she is: the Lord and Master of the Hellsing family: Integra Wingates Hellsing. She's die before allowing a vampire to order her. She points the gun at his head, even though he tells her it's useless against him. She tells him to shut up -she will never give up, and would die before doing so. That's her duty and pride as the leader of the Hellsing organization.

The man laughs and says she makes his blood boil. She really is her father's daughter. He kneels before her and asks that she forgives his impudence. He asks for his master to give him his orders. Behind them, Richard has survived and manages to pick up another gun. He can't believe this is happening, but still believes he is the leader of Hellsing.

He fires a shot at Integra, only for the man to block it with his arm. He tells Richard his blood rots, and he is not the master of this house. Integra points her gun at her Uncle and asks for the man's name. He says his name is Alucard, that is the name his last master used.

Integra wakes up from her dream and recognizes the doctor standing with her. He tells her that she's going to be just fine. She looks around the room and sees a door close nearby.

Elsewhere, Incognito sits in a cave. He channels his dark energy and releases it, causing a great explosion. Out of the waters pop many crystals, each one containing a body of an SAS member, the ones missing from Baobhan castle.

He shoots out the crystals, releasing the SAS troops, which are now his minions. They all bow before their master, who screams Alucard's name.


Much of this episode -such as the scenes with Integra being operated on, and the scenes with Incognito -do not happen in the managa. However, the flashback scenes showing Integra's past do happen early on in the manga, as shown in the Master of Monster chapter. There are some differences, such as the anime having Alucard test Integra by confronting her and her pointing a gun at him, but for the most part, it's pretty much the same thing.

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