Seras finds herself alone in a dark room. She's not alone for lone though as Paul appears, holding a woman in his arms. He says nothing, but the woman tells him to hurry and bite her throat. She wants him to drink her blood.

He complies and starts draining her, causing the room to fill with blood. Seras gets distraught as Chris tells her that she is the same as him. Seras screams no, but it was all just a nightmare, and she's in her room.

She gets up and heads to the upper levels of the Hellsing HQ. She happens to see her master, but doesn't bother him when she sees that he's with Integra.

Sometime later, Walter reports to Integra that a girl's dormitory has been attacked in Cambridge. Some victims had their blood drained, but others were horribly mutilated and killed. They don't have an official report yet, but from what witnesses have said, there were around 60 men involved in the attack. This means that the SAS unit they'd encountered at Baobhan castle have been turned into freaks.

Walter says that due to Integra's health, a roundtable conference has been called in Westminster without her. Integra believes it isn't necessary, as it seems their Queen has a plan. Walter then sees a car pull up outside and goes down to let in two men. Seras sees them outside, but then walks away. As she walks, she sees the man from her nightmare, who is standing next to some bushes.

As she gets closer he vanishes. Fargason then walks up, telling her that she is being reassigned from the first action unit. She will now be assigned to information retrieval. Seras asks why, and he tells her they're in the process of replacing almost their entire membership with new recruits. Her presence effects the morale of the new members. Seras says she understands and starts to leave, but Fargason tells her that even if she's in a different unit, she's still an office of Hellsing -show some pride.

Elsewhere in London, news reports come in regarding how the Royal family was the intended target of the recent bombing in Trafalgar Square. The Queen's Maundy ceremony, which was set for tomorrow, has been cancelled. Back at Hellsing HQ, the two men Walter let in earlier leave, having given Integra a Royal order. Integra goes to see Alucard. As she approaches, he tells her that humans are so easily manipulated. He then asks her if she's ever thought about asking him to drink her blood.

Has she ever thought about mixing her blood with his, so she can become more than she is? Integra tells him he should just read her thought, and he says he has, but he wants to hear it from her. Integra pauses but then winces in pain, having still not fully recovered from her injury. Alucard says she's strong for a human, but the next enemy they will be confronting is unlike any other. Integra cuts him off, saying she's received orders from the Queen. This is the first time she's received such an honor since she became the head of the family. Alucard says she can remember her father having the same ceremony, but the timing is bad, this is too much for her now. But Integra insists she must attend. Alucard says his contract hasn't changed, he belongs to her and her family.

The next day, more news reports are broadcast. This time it's about how the Queen has left the palace under heavy security. The Maundy ceremony is going to take place as planned, but will now be performed at the Tower of London, despite the terrorist threat. Back at Hellsing HQ, Walter reluctantly helps Integra get ready, even though he thinks she should be resting. However she says after consulting with the Queen, she agreed that it would be appropriate to hold the ceremony here instead. Walter is a bit surprised to find out that the Queen is on her way right now!

Meanwhile, Seras has decided to go and visit Helena. She knocks on the door and says she's not here on business, she just needs to talk to someone. But there isn't a response. She then senses something is wrong and kicks the door down, but there doesn't appear to be anyone in the house, and Helena's chair is empty.

Back at Hellsing HQ, Fargason finds Integra and tells her an agent has reported that freaks are staging an attack at the Tower of London. Integra is pleased, as they've taken the bait. She tells Fargason to go and wipe them out, the Secret Service can deal with things at Hellsing HQ. Their enemy is a trained unit of SAS, so he should use all available personal to deal with them. As Fargason heads off to lead the counter attack, Seras hears footsteps heading towards her... Incognito reveals himself to her. He tells her that her blood is of Alucard's, but still, she is powerless. He moves further towards her, showing that his mouth is bloodied, and he has consumed Helena. He then tells Seras he'll chew the meat from her bones.

Seras fires several shots which hit him in the head, but don't faze him. He pulls out his grenade launcher and asks Seras if she now regrets not drinking blood and becoming stronger. Seras says never, so Incognito asks her if she wishes she'd stayed mortal -does she regret letting Alucard's filthy blood into her body? He then takes aim with his grenade launcher.

Before he can fire both he and Seras sense something, and Helena's spirit appears. It almost immediately breaks away into nothing, causing Incognito to fire a shot that only knocks over one of the candles. But he then looks down to see something is growing out of his body.

Back at Hellsing HQ, the Maundy ceremony has begun. Integra walks towards a throne and kneels before it, waiting for the Queen to arrive. Alucard waits around from a distance, but then senses what is going on with Seras.

Incognito pulls out a knife and slashes through what's growing out of him, causing Helena's head and arm to fall to the floor. He laughs and then walks away, saying that total destruction is the only thing he lives for. After taking a few steps, he disappears into the darkness.

Seras goes up to Helena's remains. Helena weakly speaks, telling her not to cry. When supposedly immortal creatures' bodies and souls are torn asunder, then their essences are freed, and allowed to wander the heavens. She tells her to be a loyal and worthy companion to her master, Alucard, and destroy the creature from the dark continent. Incognito is like Alucard, in the way that they are both kept my human masters, and his actions are serving human desires. But now she has to hurry, as her comrades are walking into a most clever trap. She tells her to leave now, as her body will soon be gone.

The knocked over candle burns through some of the books, and soon her entire house is set on fire. Seras takes one last look at it before running off.

News reports state that armed police are now forcing their way into the Tower of London. Fargason and the rest of the Hellsing forces arrive, and he tells Chris to make sure his men know to target the enemy's heads and chests. Chris never expected to have to fight the SAS. As they move in, Seras desperately tries to contact anyone, explaining it's a trap, but nobody answers.

There is a large explosion at the Tower of London, and news reports now state they can hear the sounds of heavy gunfire inside, although they don't know what's going on. Walter receives a call from the Roundtable conference, demanding to know what's going on, as they're supposed to work secretly. He wants to know what the situation is, and is shocked when he's told his organization have been labeled as traitors who are staging an attack on her Majesty. Meanwhile, Alucard creates a pentagram over his master. He tells her that her Queen will not be coming.

She asks what he's doing, but he just says she'll have to keep herself out of trouble for a while, whilst he goes out to have a bit of fun. As he vanishes, Walter arrives to tell her what's happened. Back at the Tower of London, the fighting is getting worse -and the news reports now tell everyone that the enemy are private soldiers in the employ of the Hellsing organization.


The anime was airing between 2001 and 2002, whilst the manga, despite having starting publishing in 1997, wouldn't finish until 2008. So to wrap things up, the remaining anime episodes tell a different story which isn't featured at all in the manga.

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