At the Tower of London, the Hellsing forces fight against Incognito's SAS freaks, but are getting overwhelmed. Fargason tries to give out orders but gets no response. He then sees that the British army have arrived.

Back at Hellsing HQ, Walter explains that the British army can't overlook a armed military unit attacking a national monument when the Queen's flag is raised. Nor can they acknowledge a demonically possessed cult, or a state sponsored demon hunting organization who employ vampires. Therefore the army has been ordered to rescue the Queen at any cost. Integra doesn't understand, they all know the Queen isn't there. Walter says the order to attack came from the Roundtable conference. Integra realizes that someone on the Roundtable is a traitor. Meanwhile, Seras arrives outside the tower.

Inside, Chris and some other Hellsing soldiers engage the enemy. They kill some but then get overwhelmed, and only Chris is left. However, backup arrives in the best possible form as Alucard appears. Chris tells him after losing so many men, they'd better be victorious.

Integra goes to her office and calls the Roundtable conference, but things don't go well. She slams the phone down and says not only do they dare to attack her men at the Tower of London, they're also trying to ron her family of it's honor. She tells Walter to get her Fargason, but he can't answer the phone. Several British army troops have confronted him.

Back inside, Alucard is easily slaughtering any resistance he comes across. Outside, Fargason says that he won't let the Hellsing Organization's mission to be impeded, even if they are British soldiers. He tells them to stand down.

But seconds later he gets shot in the head and then the heart by a sniper, killing him instantly. Seras rushes up to him, but it's too late for her to do anything. She licks some blood off of him and then heads into one of the Hellsing vehicles nearby.

A few seconds later she comes back out, having gotten changed and arming herself with her Harkonnen cannon. She tells everyone that in the name of God, impure souls of the living dead shall be banished to eternal damnation. The soldiers prepare to stop her, but she turns around and fires a warning shot at the building the sniper was in. As they back off, she runs inside.

At the Hellsing HQ, the police have surrounded the place and start moving in. Walter says he'll protect Integra at the cost of his own life. Integra tells him they'll never surrender, but they won't resist, either. Her forces aren't all lost yet, and there is still hope. Back at the tower, Seras battles and kills the remaining enemies, who are feeding on the fallen Hellsing soldiers.

Elsewhere Alucard kills off a few more SAS freaks and tells the police girl to enjoy this, what does not kill you makes you strong. Chris then calls out to him, and reveals he's been fatally wounded. He tells Alucard that he wants to die as a human.

Alucard shoot Chris in the head and then screams out to Incognito. He asks how much longer he has to play with his pathetic golems. An inhuman light shines from the tower, and Alucard heads inside. Seras is making her way towards her master, but is then pinned down by another of Incognito's minions. Paul finally gets to meet her in-person, and says she's just like him: a servant. She says that she is a true undead, Alucard gave his blood to her. Paul says that until she drinks blood of her own freewill, she's just a servant to her master, which is not much better than being a ghoul. She's no longer human, so why doesn't she try to discover her new identity -maybe with him?

Seras tells him to get off and then headbuts him, before kicking him back. Back at the Hellsing HQ, two representatives of the Queen have arrived in Integra's office. They've brought a message from the Queen, and state that these are times that test the heart. The Royal family shall not forget the contributions of the Hellsing organization over this century. She must stand strong through this fierce night, and take solace that at sunrise her Judas shall be punished. They then leave, and Integra can only think about the message she was just given. It seems they've been abandoned.

Alucard arrives in a room and finds Incognito. He wants to begin, and Incognito just states his opponent's name. Alucard releases his control art restriction to level 2: keep his power restriction unlocked until the target is eternally silenced. Back outside, Paul has the upper hand in his fight against Seras, and is able to attack rapidly.

She's been scratches up and he tells her she looks very beautiful like that. He then reveals he can transform, and changes into a demon. He says that she's so his type, and she's even more beautiful when she's angry. Seras thinks his new look is an improvement. He tells her she can't admit how she feels until she's been beaten, but that's alright, he likes it that way. Seras discreetly takes out an incendiary round.

Back at the Hellsing HQ, Integra and Walter are on the roof in a helicopter. Walter apologizes for being slow, as it has been a while since he flew one of these. They take off and head towards the Tower of London. Back at the tower, Alucard's fight against Incognito has begun. He's taking hits, but only his clothes are getting ripped up...

...whilst Incognito is getting it worse, although he can regenerate his wounds. He encourages Alucard to keep shooting, and Alucard is just happy he finally has an opponent who is worthy of his power. However he just doesn't like the look in Incognito's eye. He warps forward, and places his gun right into Incognito's face.

Back outside, Seras tosses her backpack aside and runs forward, telling her opponent to go to hell before shoving an incendiary round down his throat. Before he gets there she tells him to beg for forgiveness for the men he's killed. The round goes off, obliterating him.

Meanwhile, Alucard has defeated Incognito. Before he finishes him off, Alucard tells him to reveal who his human master is. Incognito says nothing and instead just starts to laugh, as the entire room is basked in a demonic light.

Alucard says he just doesn't know when to quit, but Incognito says he's run out of his man-made bullets blessed by his puny God. A pink light suddenly slices through Alucard's body twice...

...and once again through his wrist, almost severing his hand. Seras runs in and Alucard sees her... she offers him some more ammo. But he tells her to run away, now...just as Incognito sends a projectile directly towards her!

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