Integra, Walter, Seras and some of the other staff have gone to the funeral service for those who lost their lives during the attack by the Valentine brothers. Integra looks at the graves, and then thinks to what Sir Irons told her. He gave her a gun and told her it was her responsibility as a commander to kill her men who had turned into ghouls.

Reconstruction of the Hellsing mansion has already begun. Walter tells Integra that of the 192 members of Hellsing's HQ, only 57 survived. 24 of those were survivors were wounded. 25 other members only survived due to them not being present at the time, having been sent on a mission in Ireland. 8 other men weren't in the HQ during the attack, and are ready for duty. Fargason had his lower jaw broken, and whilst it'll take 3 weeks to heal, he'll be fit for duty in 2 days. Meanwhile, Seras and the remaining Hellsing forces have already been sent out on a new mission, targeting a couple of vampires.

Seras kills one and reports in. She's told to meet up with the rest of the unit at Hyde Park. Back in Hellsing's HQ, Walter says that their information retrieval department is now totally committed to investigating the background of the Valentine brother's background and associates. MI-5 has been asked to assist in this research. Integra says she wants nothing overlooked, as she wants revenge.

Integra then picks up a letter, and sees from the marking that it's from the Vatican's section 13, the Iscariot organization. The letter asks Integra that, as the Autumn season starts, would she like to go to the national gallery? Some time later, the leader of the Iscariot organization, Bishop Enrico Maxwell, arrives at the gallery. He and his associate, Father Renaldo, go inside and meet Integra. Maxwell tries to shake hands whilst introducing himself, but Integra ignores him. She already knows who he is, and then asks what he wants.

He says he's here to offer his condolences to her and her organization. He isn't here to fight with her, and offers her some flowers. She slaps these out of his hand and tells him to shut up. His people have already committed a serious breach of their agreement. They sent Father Anderson to attack them, and he killed one of her best men. She wants him to get out of her country. Renaldo is about to make a move when Maxwell stops him.

He asks Integra what she's going to do to stop him. He says she's getting impudent because he's treating her with kindness. She should just shut up and pay attention. He has Renaldo then bring out a microchip, and explains that recently they've had a bug infestation in his Holy land, Rome. From their research, they've concluded that these bugs originate from England. Because of Hellsing's failure, this bug infestation goes unchecked. Their bug problem has entered into his territory. To him, Hellsing and the vampires are the same, and he has no regard for them. Just as long as it stays in England. But if they keep showing such little respect to Iscariot, he and his forces will have no problem in wiping them all off the face of the Earth. Does she, a squealing English sow, understand?

Alucard then appears, having heard that remark. He thinks Maxwell uses strong language, and that him and his people haven't changed over the last 2,000 years -they still act like the world is theirs. Meanwhile, the Hellsing squad has entered the London underground, where the other vampire was seen entering. This vampire has created many ghouls, and most of the Hellsing troops are having to fight them. Seras and a few other troops have gotten past them and are going after the vampire, but he's managed to get on a train and move away from them.

Word of this reaches Hellsing HQ, and Walter gets into contact with the underground services to close off several lines and also force the train the vampire is on to stop. He then receives a report -some ghouls have been found dead, but are not full of bullets -they've been hit by bayonets. Walter knows what this means and goes to contact Integra. Meanwhile, Alucard pulls out the Jackal and says that whilst it was a pleasure to meet Maxwell, now it's time to say goodbye. The fact that he called his master a sow means that he can't leave here alive.

On the vampire's train, the vampire suddenly gets killed when several bayonets are thrown into him. Father Alexander Anderson has arrived, and he makes his way towards the vampire's ghouls. Back in the gallery, Integra receives the news that Anderson is here. She can't believe Maxwell has had him come to England again, but he tells her that this is the end of her organization.

Integra leaves, as Maxwell tells Alucard that Anderson isn't just here to kill vampires, he's here to kill any Hellsing member he finds. Seras and her squad arrive at the vampire's train, but as they get inside and get ready, they see that the ghouls have already been slaughtered -with bayonets stabbed through them. Seras then knows who it is who did it.

Maxwell says that once Anderson dispatches everyone else, he'll go for Alucard next. Alucard decides to go to him instead. Inside the train, Seras and the others quickly find Anderson. Some of the troops start firing...

...but their bullets don't do anything, as Anderson kills several of them with his bayonets. He then throws one at Seras, but someone shoots it so it breaks, with half of it going through her gun. Alucard appears in the train, saying that they'll have a duel to the death.

Anderson says he'd been waiting for this, and throws several bayonets. Alucard avoids them and then fires the Jackal, seemingly hurting Anderson with each shot. Anderson retreats, and runs through the train.

Alucard goes after him, but then gets restrained by a lot of blessed pages. Anderson then runs back, armed with two bayonets. He says he has him now, and then uses his bayonets to cut through the train, slicing it in half. Far worse than that though is the fact that he managed to decapitate Alucard!

He throws the head at Seras, and then throws a bayonet into it for good measure. Seras catches her master's head, and fires at Anderson, but he doesn't care and gets ready to attack her. She jumps out of a window and starts to retreat. Anderson goes after her, but as he does, he doesn't notice that Alucard's body has changed form.

Anderson soon catches up with Seras, and she doesn't know what to do. Anderson then gets attacked by a lot of bats -which are what Alucard has changed himself into. Alucard's head than melts into a different form, shocking Seras.

This form meets up with the bats, and they all mesh together. Alucard appears back in his human form, and Anderson calls him a foul monster. Alucard says that he gets that a lot, but then what does that make Anderson? A man, a dog, or a monster? He starts shooting, and blows off both of Anderson's arms, as well as shattering his glasses.

As Anderson falls, he suddenly thinks back to a time when he was confronted by another vampire. He aimed a gun at him, but then considered using the gun on himself, instead.

Back in the present, Anderson makes one last attempt to kill Alucard, and picks a bayonet up with his teeth. As he charges, Alucard waits until the last moment before firing one shot, which destroys the bayonet. Anderson is right in his face, but he tells him that he's had enough fun with the Vatican's dog today. Will he try and bite him to death?

Anderson backs off and says that he can't win as he is now, but next time, Alucard will die. He then vanishes in a storm of blessed pages. Alucard waits and says that he, someone who isn't man or monster, will never be able to kill him. Only a man can truly hope to kill a monster. Back outside, Integra sees Maxwell and Renaldo walking towards her.

However Renaldo stops Maxwell and informs him of what's happened to Anderson. Integra walks past Maxwell and then stops, and tells him that Hellsing will never yield to anyone, and will grind any obstacles to dust. If he wants to live to see the morning, he should run home quickly like the Vatican pig he is. With Maxwell humiliated, Integra walks on and leaves him behind.


This episode adapts parts of the manga's Balance of Power storyline. The meeting between Integra and Maxwell really goes badly at first in the manga, resulting in Alucard and Anderson being summoned and almost fighting each other, although Seras manages to stop them. This episode also marks a major storyline shift between the manga and the anime. In the manga, Integra and Maxwell eventually talk about Millennium, who are the major bad guys -vampire Nazis who plan to invade Britain. However they aren't featured in the anime at all, and the new bad guy will be introduced in he next episode. The subway scenes in this episode are all anime only, although the part where Alucard gets his head cut off, only for him to revive later, does happen in the manga as well, in part of the Sword Dancer storyline.

There is a flashback scene of Anderson considering suicide, whilst an unknown vampire is looking at him. It's not known who this vampire is, how Anderson survived, and what happened to the vampire, and none of these things get mentioned again in the anime.

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