An undercover MI-5 agent makes his way through a club, and is told to go and speak with the owner, Luke Valentine. He finds Luke and presents him with a card. Luke knows what the card is for and asks him why he wants to become a vampire. He can give him unlimited power. But they get a lot of riff-raff in here, trying to break into their scene and become vampires so they can escape their sad little lives. He then pulls a gun out and tells him that the card is just bait. Anyone who brings him one of those cards is a maggot, and an enemy of the Valentine brothers. The agent says it isn't like that, and Britz told him about this. Luke tells him to continue talking.

At the Hellsing HQ, Walter presents Alucard with the new weapon he'd asked for: the Jackal. The weapon is a 13mm anti-freak combat pistol, with six round magazines. No human would be able to handle this gun. The bullets it uses are custom made explosive rounds, with pure silver casings that have been macadmium processed. Seras walks in and asks if Alucard could kill even Anderson with this gun -Alucard thinks he can. Walter then says he has a new weapon for Seras.

He presents her with the Harkonnen -a massive anti-freak cannon. It uses two different types of ammunition: depleted uranium shells and explosive armor piercing incendiary shells. Seras doesn't think she'll be able to handle it, but Alucard tells her it's perfect for her. This gives Seras a confidence boost, although she still thinks the length of it is a serious issue.

Back at the club, the undercover agent is enjoying the company of some female vampires. Luke tells his brother, Jan, that he thought this guy was encroaching on their turf, but he picked the bait up at Britz's place. Jan thinks that if Britz has betrayed them, they should just kill him. Luke tells him not to be stupid, as the police arrested Britz last week. He also doesn't think an ordinary cop would come here with that card, risking his life so nonchalantly. They didn't find a wire on him or anything they could trace him with, but they did find a cross. Luke knows this cross represents a special operations group, who specialize in vampires and ghouls. Luke decides to pay them a visit, but before they can do that, they'll need some soldiers first.

Sometime later, the undercover agent is found dead, floating in the Thames with the card in his mouth and a Union Jack flag impaled into him. News of his death soon gets to Hellsing HQ, and Integra says that forces all over England have begun assessing what sort of action is to be taken. She decides to have a round table conference immediately. As she decides this, Luke and Jan and putting their own plan together. They've attack some army base, and Jan puts out a fake distress call, specifically stating that they're under attack by vampires.

Luke fires a shot from his gun, and says they need to leave. Jan tells the female vampires to step it up. Having supplied themselves with ghouls from the people they've killed, and plenty of guns and ammo, the Valentine brothers leave. The fake distress call is picked up by Hellsing HQ, and Integra tells Fargason not to hold back on this one. He and a squad move out.

Integra goes back inside, and she hears Alucard. He asks her if he should go with them, but she tells him that she wants the human troops to handle this first, he'll just have to let them deal with it. He thinks it's funny how humans always tangle themselves up in needless rules. But he really wants to test out his new gun. She tells him these freaks could be a new type, with human cunning that he couldn't understand. At the base, the Hellsing squad arrives and kick down the door. They find a single vampire, and shoot her to death. The squad then enters, and Seras can smell blood. But then she realizes she can smell something else!

She tells everyone to get out, just before a bomb goes off and everything goes up in a big explosion. The Hellsing troops have made it out alright, and Fargason reports about what's happened.

Seras hands in a bullet she found as evidence, before the squad packs-up and heads back home. The next morning, the members of the "Round Table" arrive at Hellsing HQ. Integra is looking at a portrait of her father when Walter walks in, informing her that her guests have arrived.

Integra enters the conference room, where everyone is seated. Sir Irons says he's read her report, about how the vampires Hellsing has encountered recently have been man-made via the use of microchips. She says her organization is expected to fight the vampires and other unearthly creatures, but not to find out or investigate who has been making and distributing these chips. She knows that MI-5's agent has been discovered and killed. Another member, Sir Penwood, tells her that her organization has been a little too showy lately, and whilst non-human creatures have been around since ancient times, they've managed to keep them quiet and contained, until now.

Integra tells him that the enemies they've faced are armed with powerful weapons, and it's his job to keep things under wraps, not hers. He says there are limits to how much information can be suppressed, which leads Integra to say that the round table members aren't powerful enough to handle the situation. Penwood thinks her father would never have spoken like that, but she says her father was her father. Meanwhile, outside the gates of the Hellsing mansion, Luke and Jan arrive. Luke tells his brother he has no excuse to screw this up. Jan says that'll never happen, and this will be a cake-walk. He then backs off... Luke gets to talk to a security guard. He says he's part of a tour that's going around famous English mansions and castles, and the people on his tour bus are just dying to go inside. The guard has no idea what he's going on about, and starts to call HQ to report, but Luke quickly kills him. He then tells his brother to start the tour.

Jan does this by smashing the bus through the gate, and then the brothers attack. They start blowing up cars, whilst their army of ghouls deploy from the bus.

They soon enter the mansion, and Jan says that as long as he can keep killing and drinking, everything's fine. Integra and the others have heard the explosions, and she tries to find out what's going on, only to hear reports of ghouls attacking in several different locations. The ghouls kill many Hellsing troops.

Fargason is giving orders to the remaining soldiers, telling them to protect the third floor of the mansion, as that's where the conference is. Jan and a ghoul then break into the control room. Jan wonders what to do with him, as old people's blood tastes like shit. But it won't be fun if he only shoots him. Integra's voice is then heard on the speaker, asking Fargason what is going on. She then hears a gun shot.

To be continued...


This episode, along with the next one, adapt part of the manga's Dead Zone storyline. The anime adds new introductory scenes for Luke and Jan, whilst in the manga, they are first introduced when they arrive outside Hellsing HQ. The scene where Alucard and Seras are given new weapons goes on for longer in the manga, which includes a scene where Seras has her bed replaced with a coffin and she and Walter discuss why she won't drink blood. The anime's end scene with Jan confronting Fargason also doesn't happen in the manga, as Fargason is an anime exclusive character.

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