With another outbreak reported, Hellsing forces are sent out to deal with it. Seras is about to join her squad when her new Commander, Steadler, tells her to wait. He says that he doesn't think she belongs in a "human" field unit. But he then says that even though she's a monster, does she ever feel the need for a man in her bed? Seras ignores him. Meanwhile, Integra finds out from Fargason that their new Commander has reported in. Fargason says the new Commander is from the SAS, and then heads off to move out with the squad.

Walter then shows Integra a video that's been doing the rounds on the internet. It's a snuff film, and there is a market for these things online. However this video worryingly shows the uniform of Gareth, one of Hellsing's soldiers who was recently killed.

Walter says that he presumes the video was filmed at the Coventry incident, which happened 3 weeks a go. It was posted on a small internet bulletin board 24 hours a go, but has quickly been distributed across the world wide web. Some papers and a news station have already tried to publish articles about it, but Walter is going to have their media management department kill the story. Integra tells him to make sure he does, as she doesn't want Hellsing's existence to ever be revealed to the innocent masses. Meanwhile, the Hellsing squad arrives at the target building, and Fargason tells everyone that they are to follow Steadler's orders.

Alucard appears before Integra and Walter, saying that there's something so human about finding delight in the deaths of their fellow men. He then tells Walter that whilst his current gun, the Casull, is effective at killing cheap vampires, he wants something bigger. Walter says he has something in mind, so Alucard walks off. Integra calls him but he says he can't help her, as he belongs to a world where all is death. Her world of choices was not meant for him to interfere with. Integra says that her world is his world. He says good evening to her.

Back with the squad, Seras finds a man about to turn into a ghoul, so she shoots him as an act of mercy. The team move through the building and encounter more ghouls, but what they don't know is that they're being filmed doing it. The recording is being shown on the net, and this fact quickly gets picked up by Walter and Integra. Integra calls Fargason and tells him to sort it out.

Integra heads towards the squad herself, and watches as the recording makes it onto a news report. She thinks that this is a nightmare, but then finds out from Walter that the news station has been ordered to cease its broadcast. Meanwhile Seras takes out another ghoul that drops down out of a hole above her.

She reports to Steadler that the targets seem to be entrenched on the third floor, but she's surprised when he tells her that he's already getting it dealt with. Seras then hears gunfire above, meaning somehow Steadler already knew where the targets were and had already sent some troops up. Fargason then tells her to move towards the bottom floor to catch a rat. Integra arrives and tells Fargason he's made a mess, which he apologizes for. He tells her that the cleaning up process has already started. Seras gets to the basement and finds the human target she was looking for. He doesn't put up a fight and simply starts crying when he realizes he's been caught.

The man gets taken outside, where he is arrested. Seras exits the building and asks Steadler how he knew the targets were on the third floor, and why he didn't tell the squad this before they went in. He tells her she's very hot-blooded for something that isn't human. How'd she like to suck his blood, or does she want something else? Seras manages to keep herself in control, as Steadler walks away.

Later on, Walter tells Integra that the man who was taken into custody is known only by his online alias of "Flesh". Flesh seems to be quite well-known on the internet, and despite roughing him up during his interrogation, he hasn't revealed anything about himself, or if he's with an organization. His own policy was that he watches what he wants, and shows others what they want to watch. Back at the news station, Kim isn't too pleased that the transmission got cut whilst she was live on air. But her boss tells her she was meant to be doing a report on snuff films, not doing stuff about vampires. Kim doesn't say anything, but she knows what she saw a few weeks a go.

Sometime later, Seras decides to go back to the crime scene. She enters the building and goes to the third floor, where she sees the large hole in part of the floor. As she takes a look at this, she happens to see something next to the bed: a small camera.

She isn't alone for long though as 2 police officers walk in, and 1 of them tells her that he didn't know Hellsing has an investigations division. He says that her organization deals with infiltration, whilst they deal with the investigations. They should stick to what they're good at. Seras points out the camera, saying that the rat must have already known where the vampire was, but her words get shot down, and she gets asked to leave. Seras heads back outside, and thinks again about how Steadler knew the targets were on the third floor. She then hears Alucard's voice in her head, who tells her that the answer is right in front of her, and she has all the evidence she needs.

Kim decides to report on snuff films again, but gets a little too much into it. She decides to attend the recording of one, and watches as things are set up. She thinks there's nothing wrong with watching someone die, and if people are against watching people kill each other, she wonders what they'll make of something inhuman killing people. Elsewhere, Seras has decided to follow Steadler, and finds herself waiting in a bar.

She doesn't have to wait for long for Kim to show up, and the two of them leave. Seras follows them, as the snuff film recording starts. A vampire has a victim ready, but before he can do anything with him, Alucard appears. The recording gets interrupted as Alucard asks what's so amusing about a vampire exposing his filthy face to the world.

The victim attempts to flee, but the vampire throws him into a wall and kills him. Alucard says the vampire has gone and killed his co-star. The vampire thinks he talks too much, but Alucard says he can only pity him. He's a tyrant reduced to a puppet, who only exists to give humans a good show. The vampire pulls out a gun and shoots, but his bullets do nothing to Alucard, who pulls out his own gun and puts a bullet into the vampire's head, killing him.

Alucard's shot break some glass, revealing some people who were watching -including Steadler and Kim. Steadler reveals that Alucard is the Hellsing organization's vampire. Alucard asks why they were watching this but then says he'll just never understand humans, and then points his gun at them. Kim asks him not to shoot, as Seras appears and tells her master that these people need to be judged and punished by man's law. Steadler says that's right, but then Seras says on second thoughts she wouldn't mind shooting him.

Before she can do that, Fargason appears, telling her he'll take care of things now, and that's she has done a good job. He arrests Steadler, who complains that whilst he's risked his life for this country, the organization he works for gets treated like it doesn't exist. Fargason just tells him that he thinks he seriously misjudged his character. As they leave, Integra stands before Kim. Kim says she can't believe what she's just seen, and says she has an obligation to show this to the world. Integra asks her if she feels any guilt for watching it. Kim says she doesn't, and she wasn't the one who recorded this, it was that computer freak, Flesh.

Alucard asks what they should do with her, and Integra says that she should be taken to the London police, where she she'd go to trial. But she doesn't think man's law is sufficient punishment for her crimes. Alucard is glad to hear this as it must means her punishment is up to him. He grabs her and says he's been hungry for so very long, but she'll help him change that. He proceeds to suck her blood right in front of Seras and Integra. Integra waits for a few moments before turning around and walking out, whilst Seras continues to watch, shocked.

Later on, Seras returns to her room, but having seen her master drink blood, it seems to have finally made her want to do so. She takes the medical blood she's been supplied with, pours it into a bowl, and starts to drink it.


This is the first episode to not be based on any stories from the manga.

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