Enrico Stivaletti stands over his lover, Mick, He tells Mick that he knows this hurts, but this way they'll be together forever. Both of them are becoming vampires.

Some other people burst into the room, and see what is happening. Says that all he wanted was to be with Mick forever.

In England, a train arrives and an attendant is surprised to see a man of the church appear. He's Father Alexander Anderson -who tells her to go with God.

Enrico has died -and has been taken to England, where doctors study him. They know that he's been dead for 3 days, but his bodily functions only stopped 12 hours a go. Next door, Integra and the police lieutenant are watching. The lieutenant says was the son of an Italian family. Integra says she would have thought the family would have told their son that gentlemen don't drink other people's blood. Meanwhile the doctors cut open Enrico and find what they were looking for: a microchip. However, the chip isn't functioning.

Integra says that these chips are becoming a problem. The lieutenant wonders if these chips are something to do with a bigger, unseen plan, but Integra says it doesn't change Hellsing's mission: search and destroy. She then finds out that the lieutenant has already begun investigating the boy's associates, so she leaves. The doctors then finish up. One doctor tells another to stitch back up, but is asked why, as usually they cremate the bodies of N.H.B.s (Non human beings). In this case though a representative from Rome will be coming to pick the body up.

Meanwhile Seras returns to her room, feeling tired. She sees some medical blood on her table and attempts to drink it, but finds she still doesn't want to do that and ends up flushing it all away.

Alucard then telepathically speaks to her, asking her what she thinks she's doing. How many times does he have to tell her -if she doesn't drink blood, she'll become weaker and weaker. She's supposed to have strength beyond any human, but just look at her now. Seras says she understands, but then she can hear him in her head -it's not right, and she feels that she's becoming something inhuman. Alucard stops talking to her and goes to Integra. She asks him what he thinks about humans creating vampires with these chips. He thinks they're cheap imitations. Integra wants to know what the difference is between "real" vampires like Alucard and these microchipped humans, but then says she knows that he's nothing like them. She then gets a call that some people are here to see her, so Alucard leaves.

Somehow, even with the chip removed from him, Enrico has come back to life -and after getting up, he kills several guards and finds himself some weapons. More police arrive to try and stop him, but he's become a vampire and kills them easily.

Seras is looking at a picture of her time in D-11 when she gets a call. Integra goes to meet Ferguson, but isn't happy -she's found out from her visitors that the Vatican's special form, the Iscariot Organization, has made a move. She's also found out about what's happened with Enrico. Ferguson says that he has a squad ready, so Integra tells them to move out.

Seras is part of this squad, which quickly leaves the HQ. Integra tells Walter to have Alucard also go there, but he thinks that he won't be needed, as there is only one vampire. Integra angrily says she won't repeat herself, so Walter goes off to inform Alucard. As he goes, Integra says that this is a protestant country, she won't allow the Vatican to run rampant in it. Back at the hospital, Enrico is still murdering the police, whilst shouting out for Mick, asking him where he is.

The Hellsing squad arrives and enters the building. Captain Gareth tells Seras to hold her position here with him, whilst the rest of the squad go in. The squad heads in, but Gareth loses contact with them. Using her enhanced vision, Seras can see that the target is approaching them, along with a small horde of ghouls, who've killed Gareth's squad.

Seras says she can hear that the target keeps calling for someone called Mick. Gareth tells her that Mick's body has already been cremated. Seras then hears Alucard's voice in her head once more, who tells her that when she fires, she should shoot at the heart or head. Alucard is outside, and tells Seras that those men didn't become ghouls, and once they've been tainted, there's no way for them to ever be normal again. The best she has to offer them is a quick death, so she shouldn't hesitate. Seras starts firing.

She shoots down the ghouls with one shot each, but then Enrico appears. He's still screaming Mick's name, but Seras knows that his lover is no longer in this world. She is about to pull the trigger, but then Gareth suddenly slumps to the ground, dead, with a bayonet stuck into his back!

Seras can't believe this is happening and turns around, only to get a bayonet thrown through her neck. Father Anderson has appeared, and says that even with her little human friends, she's still a corrupted inhuman monster. Whilst Enrico Stivaletti's soul is lost, his mortal remains will at last find peace...

...at the hands of his most sacred blade. Anderson walks past Seras, and confronts Enrico. He says he'll put another soul to rest, and says that he is a instrument of God, the messenger of the divine punishment of heaven. Enrico runs towards Anderson, but before he can get too close, Alucard appears from behind and stabs through him.

This attack kills Enrico for good, as Alucard tells Anderson that he shouldn't have come here. He then tells Seras not to move, as her body is weak. Anderson realizes that the man who's appeared must be the Hellsing family's pet abomination, Alucard. Alucard knows that Anderson is from the Iscatiot Organization. Anderson tells them that Iscariot was around cleansing the world of sacrilegious monsters such as him centuries before the Hellsing family ever existed. He then goes into a stance and releases many blessed pages.

These pages tick to the walls, creating a barrier. Alucard says he's defiled this place, but Anderson says he's purified it, so filthy creatures can't use their cheap, black magic. Their mission is to punish any heretic who would deny the word of God. They will crush his unholy body, and salt the Earth with its dust. Amen. Alucard pulls out his gun, and tells Anderson it's time someone put him in his place -he's only a human.

Anderson charges, and manages to pierce through Alucard with one of his bayonets. But Alucard remains standing and has his gun pointed at Anderson's head. He says he knows that the blade he's used was blessed, and whilst this bullet was made for killing vampires, it'll do for sending him to hell. Alucard fires and kills Anderson, shooting him in the head. He then removes the blade from himself and goes to Seras, telling her that even they have to be careful when dealing with blessed blades, as that sort of weapon can be a real problem.

He goes to help Seras up when they both realize too late that Anderson isn't dead -he's right behind Alucard! He stabs Alucard with many bayonets, as Alucard sees that the Father is what is known as a "regenerator". Anderson says he takes an eye for an eye, and this technology is God's divine gift, created to let him fight demons like him.

Alucard says that he's less than human, and is just a defect. Sending him back to meet his maker would be an act of mercy. Whilst he finds his regeneration powers impressive, he believes that if he puts enough bullets into his head, he'll stay down for good. Alucard tells him to start begging, but Anderson says he's just a coward who hides behind man-made weapons. Before the fight can resume, Integra appears, and tells Anderson that that's enough. He says she can't command someone who's a true servant of God.

She tells him that now Enrico Stivaletti has been silenced, his mission in her country has come to an end. Anderson says his business is killing vampires, but Integra tells him that he's exceeded his authority and will suffer the consequences of his actions today. She has new orders for him from the Archbishop: he's to return to the Vatican immediately. Anderson reads the orders and then leaves, but tells Integra he'll look forward to the next time they meet.

Integra rips one of the pages off the wall and tells Alucard that the Hellsing family has no use for a vampire who gets pummeled by a regenerator. Nor do they need a half-starved vampire who can't even protect her own commander. She then leaves them and goes outside, where she sees that Anderson is about to leave via car. Back inside, Alucard removes the blades from himself and then goes to Seras.

He tells her that she must drink his blood. If she does, only then will she be free of her servitude to him. She'll also truly become a vampire. He will no longer be her master, but she will become a master of the undead. She will drink blood and walk the night of her own will. He then calls her by her real name and tells her to drink. It looks like Seras is going to do it...

...but she then stops herself. Alucard gets up and disappears, telling the police girl that this is her choice. Seras says she isn't ready, right now...


For the most part, this episode doesn't follow anything from the manga, up until the very end. The scene where Alucard and Anderson clash, only to be stopped by Integra, does happen in the manga. However there are a couple of major differences. Firstly, in the manga, Anderson decapitates Alucard, "killing" him, although he revives later. Also, when Integra attempts to stop Anderson in the manga, she's with two of her own guards. Anderson promptly kills the guards and then attacks Integra, who defends herself with a sword. The anime changed this by having Alucard and Anderson at a stalemate, and Anderson leaves peacefully when Integra shows him the new order from the Archbishop. The episode shares the same name as the manga's corresponding chapter.

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