Optimus Prime lives again. He asks how long has he been gone for, and Sky Lynx says too long -and they are all in grave danger. Optimus asks him to explain everything that's happened.

Sky Lynx says it all started when Optimus was rescued by Jessica Morgan and Dr. Swofford. He was taken back to their ship, where he was protected when the star went nova.

But their ship was covered with solar spores. Swofford brought him back to his lab on Earth, where he and his partner discovered that the spores induced hate. They sought to infect his lifeless body with the virus, and when that failed...

...they used him to lure the Autobots to their lab. There they were infected, and it became Autobot versus Autobot, and then Decepticon versus Decepticon. Even the Quintessons weren't safe from the madness, as he says he rescued one to try and revive him.

That was the last instruction Rodimus gave him, as now he has been infected as well. Optimus is surprised a Quintesson rescued him, but the Quintesson says he had no choice -the entire galaxy is threatened. Optimus then asks if any of the other Autobots have avoided contamination, and Sky Lynx says not many, and those who have were injured battling Superion -they could be damaged beyond repair. Only Kup, Wheelie, Blurr, Steeljaw and Bumblebee are left.

Optimus says they must find them and get them into the repair bay, and asks the Quintesson for help. The Quintesson works on the Autobots, and repairs them all. As they get up, Optimus tells them he sees they're no worse for where than he was.

The Autobots can't believe that Optimus Prime is back, and Kup thinks he must be dreaming. Optimus says he's back, and now, so are they. Bumblebee says he's better than ever, just look at this paint job! He's gone beyond being just plain old Bumblebee, he's a gold bug! Optimus laughs and says that he is, so from now on, that's exactly who he'll be: Goldbug.

Kup can't begin to say how great it is to have Optimus back, and Optimus tells him it's great to be back. Blurr is up for going to cream some Decepticons, but Goldbug tells him to chill out, as first they need a plan. Goldbug asks Optimus what the plan is, but he doesn't have one. Without the Matrix of Leadership, he no longer possesses the accumulated wisdom of their ancient leaders. But if he can regain the Matrix, perhaps an answer can be found.

Kup says this Matrix is in Rodimus Prime -if he tries to take it, he'll be infected. Optimus says their must be a way to get the Matrix, and Jessica says she believes she has the answer. Optimus says she must be Jessica, and he's heard he owes her his life. She tells him she did what she had to do, and is just happy to have him here. She explains about the metal that she, her father and Dr. Swofford had been working on was impervious to heat and radiation. Optimus thinks that if he coated himself with that metal, it might protect him from infection and allow him to reclaim the Matrix. Jessica says the problem is that the Decepticons raided her father's lab, and stole all the metal they had.

Kup says that's no problem -they'll just take it back! The other Autobots are all up for it, but Jessica says they must take her with them. Optimus doesn't want to as it's too dangerous, but when she reminds him that she rescued him from an exploding sun, Optimus relents and tells her welcome aboard. Kup says they even have an exo-suit that'll fit her.

"Autobots, transform and roll out!"

On Chaar, Galvatron is under attack from the Decepticons, all of whom have been infected by the hate plague. He calls them all fools and says he's their leader, but sees it's no use, they're all crazed. He asks if he has any friends left, as Cyclonus and Scourge refer to him as something the cat dragged in. As they laugh at their leader and continue firing at him, the Autobots arrive and fire on them.

Galvatron sees that the Autobots are trying to save him, and wonders what madness is this? Optimus calls out to Galvatron, but Galvatron asks how it's possible he lives. Optimus says he has no time to explain that now, as they must team together to save themselves. Galvatron isn't sure about going up against those lunatics, but realizes he has no choice. He decides to combine forces with the Autobots... for now.

Kup asks Optimus if they can trust him, and Optimus says they can't, but what choice have they got? Cyclonus orders for the Decepticons to retreat, but Galvatron says they'll be back as soon as they recharge. He tells the Autobots to follow him.

As they enter a cave, Galvatron suddenly transforms and blasts the cave entrance, causing it to collapse. He tells them they'll be safe here for a while, but then asks why they are on Chaar. Optimus says that he is in possession of a precious metal, which holds the key to the cure for this horrible plague. Without it, they'll all be destroyed.

Galvatron sees that they need the metal, and says he'll take them to it, but warns them that it won't be an easy trek. He leads them through several caves, until they come across a large web.

He claims the path is clear and tells them to hurry, but as they walk across the web, a huge spider appears. Galvatron says it looks like he was wrong, and reminds the Autobots that they can't fly. As the spider walks towards the Autobots...

...parts of the web shatter. Kup falls but is saved by Blurr, but the spider grabs Goldbug.

Optimus and Blaster shoot at it, causing it to drop Goldbug and plummet to its doom.

Optimus saves Goldbug, and as everyone makes it across, Jessica tells Galvatron he set them up. Galvatron tells her not to be absurd -he was ready to help, but he knew they didn't need him. He tells them to come along, and whilst Kup wants to beat him up, Optimus tells him to forget it -it's the mission that's important now. As the group continues, Galvatron wants to know why they need the metal -how will it be used?

Optimus says he's explained it to him, but Galvatron tells him he only said it was important -he didn't say why. Optimus says that's because he knows Galvatron too well. As they continue, they suddenly get attacked by energy leeches, which suck the energon out of the Autobots. Optimus tells Galvatron to destroy them, so he blasts groups of the leeches to bits...

...and also lightly blasts a few Autobots as well. But then they hear more laser fire behind them, and see that the infected Decepticons have caught up with them.

Most of the Autobots are infected with the hate plague, so Galvatron shoots down part of the ceiling to block the infected Transformers off. Only he, Optimus, Jessica and Sky Lynx are left, but they make it to the place where the metal has been stored.

Galvatron demands to know what the cure is and how metal is used to make it. When Optimus says he learn soon enough, Galvatron grabs him and demands to know now, or he'll never get what he needs. Jessica finds the metal, and says there is enough here to make Optimus impervious. When Galvatron hears that, he realizes Optimus' plan is to coat himself with it. But now he doesn't need him any more -so much for his resurrection!

Jessica jumps in and tells Galvatron that Optimus is trying to save them all, and thanks to this distraction, Optimus is able to punch Galvatron's cannon off his arm. Sky Lynx picks it up and tells him that now, they'll put him to work. Galvatron is forced to load up Optimus' trailer with the metal.

As this is going on, nobody notices Cyclonus sneak into the room. He infects Jessica, and when Galvatron sees this, he kicks Sky Lynx and takes his cannon back. Cyclonus tells Galvatron that he should join them... he should join them now!

Galvatron responds by calling him a worthless piece of slag, and then shoots him. But as he does this, Jessica touches his leg, which infects him with the hate plague. The Autobots quickly withdraw, and return to Earth.

They arrive at Autobot City, and use the metal to coat Optimus. Sky Lynx says to hurry up, but the Quintesson says not to rush him -they must cover every square inch, or it'll be useless. With the process complete, Optimus has Sky Lynx take him out, as they search for Rodimus Prime. Rodimus is at a junkyard, where he's being chased by some of the Throttlebots.

He gets the Throttlebots to crash, and transforms as he laughs and says nobody messes with him -who's next? Optimus tells him they need to talk, and his appearance shocks Rodimus -he thought he was dead! Optimus says the preservation of their very existence is at stake. Madness has infected the entire galaxy -the Autobots, the Decepticons, the humans... they threaten to wipe each other out of existence! They've got to fight the madness, and Rodimus must help him.

Rodimus asks about helping the universe, and Optimus tells him to listen to what he's saying. Rodimus says alright, but Sky Lynx tells Optimus to look out -Rodimus is crazed! Rodimus pulls out a gun and shoots at Optimus.

Optimus avoids getting hit and says he doesn't want to hurt him. Rodimus says don't worry -he won't! He retreats and goes inside a factory, but Optimus follows him. Optimus says Rodimus is wasting precious time, as many lives are in danger.

Rodimus tells him the only one who's in danger is him. Optimus activates a machine and says there's no other way. With Rodimus distracted, Optimus uses the chance to grapple with him.

Rodimus manages to knock Optimus back and climbs up. He decides Optimus needs a bath, and opens up a cover to a large smelting pot. Optimus tells him no more games -innocent lives are at stake. Rodimus tells him that no one is innocent!

He shoots at Optimus, causing him to fall, but Sky Lynx saves him. But as Sky Lynx flies over, Rodimus jumps up an infects him. Optimus realizes Sky Lynx has been infected, and jumps out.

Sky Lynx crashes through the ceiling, which causes Rodimus to fall off. When Rodimus recovers, he goes searching for Optimus, not realizing he has transformed and placed himself on a conveyer belt. As he passes by, Optimus transforms and grabs him.

Optimus says he asked him nicely, now he's telling him. If he's ever going to save him, he needs the Matrix. Rodimus tries to use a tool to cut him open, but Optimus says he's protected from heat. The two wrestle until they fall off the conveyer belt, and as they get up, Optimus punches Rodimus.

With Rodimus knocked down, Optimus apologizes to him and says this seems to be the only way. He takes the Matrix, and returns to Autobot City. He explains to the Quintesson that if any cure to the plague exists, only the ancient leaders within the Matrix could possibly know it. He says he must travel into the Matrix, and places it inside himself.

Optimus enters the Matrix, and sees Alpha Trion. Alpha Trion asks why has he returned, and he explains that he is here to find a cure for the spore plague. He asks Alpha Trion for help, but he knows of no cure. Optimus says he must journey further back, but Alpha Trion gives him a warning -if he travels too far, he may become lost, and will never find his way back. Optimus says if he doesn't try, they'll be nothing to return to.

Meanwhile, some infected Transformers arrive at Autobot City, but the Quintesson sees them. He realizes they're looking for Optimus Prime, and thinks they'll destroy them both if he doesn't stop them. He shuts the doors to Autobot City, crushing a couple of them who are in the way. But he tells Optimus to please hurry!

Inside the Matrix, a being known only as It says the plague Optimus speaks of has visited them once before. A wise man was able to contain the spores, and send them into the sun, but no one was able to destroy them -no one had the power to do that. The only way to fight such madness is with wisdom. Unfortunately, no one person now has the wisdom to contain the spores, much less destroy them, now that they have spread across the galaxy. But Optimus says perhaps there does exist a source of wisdom powerful enough to destroy the spores, and cure the entire world: the accumulated wisdom that resides within the Matrix.

The infected Transformers bash down one of Autobot City's walls, and enter the room where Optimus Prime is. The Quintesson begs them to stop, but Galvatron says never -this world is theirs, and Optimus Prime shall die again!

But then, Optimus' chest compartment opens up, revealing the Matrix, which shines brightly. The infected Transformers stand in amazement as Optimus gets up and tells the Matrix to light their darkest hour...

He opens up the Matrix, which unleashes its energy across the Earth, and the galaxy. The infected humans and Transformers are all cured of the hate plague.

The Matrix stops emitting energy, and it's all over. Later on, Gregory and Mark say how sorry they are. Gregory says they had no right to do what they did with the spores, and for what they thought and believe of Optimus... they deeply apologize.

As Galvatron walks over to Optimus, Hot Rod asks Kup if this means the fighting will continue, but Kup tells him it's hard to say. Galvatron tells Optimus that there will be no war today -he has earned his respect. Optimus shows Hot Rod the Matrix, and Hot Rod sees it no longer shines. Hot Rod says the wisdom of the ages is lost. Optimus says it's not lost, as they're all a little wiser now.

Hot Rod says the Matrix is empty, but Optimus tells him it's up to all of them to fill it again, with the wisdom they accumulate from this moment on. And with that, he tells the Autobots to transform and roll out!


-The Secret Files segment for this episode is about Ultra Magnus.

-SCRIPT DIFFERENCES: Click here for details.

-This episode's title card is unique, as the title appears by itself, then credits for the story and teleplay appear:

Usually, the title and writer credits appear on screen at the same time, but for this episode, they don't. Things go back to normal for future episodes.

-Usually the second parts of Transformers episodes start with a recap of what happened in part one, narrated by Victor Caroli. But for this one, Sky Lynx recaps what happened, and some of the recap footage contains completely new animation.

-Blaster suddenly appears in this episode. He wasn't in the first part, and he's not named by Sky Lynx when he lists off the damaged Autobots, but appears anyway. He has no lines of dialogue.

-Whilst Blaster isn't named, Wheelie is. Whilst Wheelie appeared briefly in the first part, he's completely absent in the second, other than Sky Lynx mentioning his name. As Sky Lynx also said some of the Autobots were possibly "damaged beyond repair", some fans like to think that Wheelie died.

-"It" isn't named in the episode itself, but that's the name in the script.

-Part of "The Touch", a song that played a couple of times in the Transformers movie, can be heard twice in this episode -once when Optimus opens the Matrix, and then at the very end when he tells the Autobots to roll out. Surprisingly, the word "hell" can be heard the first time it is played -you would have thought it would have been censored, but somehow it wasn't.

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