At the Decepticon HQ, Megatron gives the Stunticons some orders -they are to secure the three components he needs. Starscream calls him a fool -he can't trust the Stunticons with such an important mission. Megatron tells him to be quiet, as the Stunticon's unique transformation powers make them the perfect choice. Motormaster says they're ready to roll, so they head out.

They land on a beach, and Motormaster tells them this is where they split up. Drag Strip and Dead End are to swipe component #1, whilst Breakdown and Wildrider are to grab component #2. He says he'll be getting the last component himself, and tells them to transform and hit the road.

At the Autobot HQ, Ironhide wants souping up as Ratchet gives him a tune up -he wants to give the Stunticons a run down. Ratchet tells him he's just fine as he is. Wheeljack says Teletraan I is picking up Decepticon energy emissions, which are moving at high speed and ground level. Optimus Prime asks him to try and get a better fix on them. Meanwhile, Wildrider and Breakdown arrive at their destination: the Republic Optics Company. They blast down a wall.

They grab a technician who was inside the building, and tells him they've come for the new laser lenses. The technician points to where they are, so they take what they want and then drive away.

Drag Strip and Dead End head to an army base, where an experimental generator is being moved. But the two Stunticons crash their way in, as Dead End tells the soldier boys they'll just be here long enough to pick up a little souvenir. He grabs the generator, then he and Dead End leave the base.

At the city museum, two security officers are looking at the world's biggest and most perfect ruby. Motormaster crashes his way in and says they can keep all of the other junk, as he just wants one little trinket. He picks up the ruby and heads out.

Back at the Autobot HQ, Wheeljack tells everyone that Teletraan I has pinpointed all five Stunticons. Prime leads a team of Autobots out of the HQ, who split into two groups. Wildrider and Breakdown are on their way back...

...when they come across Inferno, Grapple and Hoist. Wildrider drives by them, but Inferno says a near miss deserves a couple of near-missiles, and starts firing. Grapple sees that Breakdown is leaking oil everywhere, so he shoots at the liquid...

...which catches up to Breakdown and sets him on fire. As Inferno puts him out, Hoist tells Wildrider he's ready for him this time, and opens fire.

He causes Wildrider to crash and flip over. Meanwhile, Drag Strip and Dead End are heading back to the rendezvous point when they are attacked by Warpath and Tracks.

Warpath says he'll make that hot rod even hotter, and does so by shooting at Drag Strip. He causes Drag Strip to crash, as Tracks goes after Dead End.

Tracks transforms to his jet car mode, and Dead End thinks a flying car is so droll. Tracks gets ahead of him, transforms, and uses his black beam gun to blind him. He ends up going out of control and gets his hood punched in by Warpath.

Motormaster sees Optimus Prime, and calls him the old king of the road. When he's finished with him, he'll be king of the junkyard! Spike asks if Optimus is really going to play chicken with Motormaster, but Bumblebee tells him Prime has no choice, as Motormaster has got to be stopped. The two trucks pick up speed and ram into each other.

As the smoke clears, Optimus emerges as the winner, whilst Motormaster has been wrecked. Spike tells Prime he stuffed that loudmouth once and for all, as Prime transforms and says he hopes so -because he'd hate to go through that again.

He tells Blaster to contact the others, and Hoist reports that Breakdown and Wildrider are in custody. Warpath then reports that they've got Dead End and Drag Strip. Prime says to block all radio waves between all Stunticons and any other Decepticons, which is something Blaster does. The Autobots take the Stunticons back to their HQ.

Breakdown says the Autobots are gawking at them, which he finds mortifrying. Dead End tells him the word he needs is mortifying, but he shares the same sentiments. Motormaster tells Dead End he's in no mood for his big words, but Ironhide says for him, this is a dead end. The Stunticons are placed into cells, which are protected by energon bars that even they can't break out of. Prime wonders about the components the Stunticons stole.

Hound has searched the Stunticon's memory banks, but the only thing he found was a map of a meteorite crater. Wheeljack says the components could be part of some new Decepticon secret weapon. Prime wishes there was a way they could get to the crater undetected, and then sabotage the weapon.

Spike has Teletraan I display the news, which shows the optics technician being interviewed. He tells the reporters he thought the driverless cars were Autobots. Spike thinks it's wild how Stunticons were mistaken for Autobots, but Prime says it has given him an idea. Sometime later, Sideswipe and Jazz head into a chamber...

...where they are covered in camouflage paint. Ratchet hits Windcharger with a special ray, as some of the Autobots are changed to resemble the Stunticons. Sideswipe is Breakdown, Jazz is Dead End, Windcharger is Wildrider and Mirage is Drag Strip.

Finally, Optimus Prime is Motormaster. Wheeljack hands Prime the ruby, as Prime says they're ready. He reminds the Autobots the success of this mission depends on absolute secrecy, so under no circumstances are the other Autobots to follow them, or break radio silence. He then orders the "Stunticons" to roll for it. They pass by the real Stunticons and head out towards the crater. As they get near it, they see Laserbeak flying above them.

Laserbeak doesn't fire at them, and whilst Prime says they may have fooled him, the real trick will be to fool Megatron. They get to the top of the crater, and look down to see some of the Constructicons working on a weapon, whilst Megatron, Starscream and Soundwave are nearby. Laserbeak returns to Soundwave, who reports to Megatron that the Stunticons have arrived. Megatron says it took them long enough...

...and fires a single blasts into the sky. Mirage wonders if they are under attack, but Sideswipe thinks it's a signal to come down, so they move out. Windcharger says he doesn't like being a Stunticon, but Jazz tells him to zip his lip. As they head down, Starscream finds it strange how safely the Stunticons are driving today, but Megatron says it's so they don't damage their stolen cargo.

The Stunticons arrive at the bottom and as Megatron asks if Motormaster has brought all the components, Prime tells him he'd never let him down. As Megatron takes the ruby, Starscream asks Motormaster if there is something wrong with his vocalizer, as he sounds strained. Prime tells him it was because he has been shouting too much... he guesses. Megatron asks about the other components, and Prime says they got them all.

Back at the Autobot HQ, the real Motormaster says they need to warn Megatron about those phony Stunticons. Dead End asks how, as they can't use their radios. Drag Strip says that these energon cells also keep them stuck the way they are. Breakdown comes up with a plan: he vibrates hard enough to short out the energon bars on his cell, which he manages to do. He then crashes through them.

He transforms and shoots up Grapple, Inferno and Hoist, before telling his team that everybody is out on bad behavior. He shoots their energon bars, allowing them to crash through them.

The Stunticons transform and unite into Menasor, who quickly wrecks any Autobots he finds. Finding the HQ too small, he says he wants out, and bashes down a wall. He gets outside and then flies off towards the crater.

At the crater, Megatron says the stolen components are in place, and the weapon is but minutes from completion. Back at the Autobot HQ, Bumblebee and Spike wonder what all that noise was about, then see the hole in the wall. They see the battered Autobots, who start to get up. Ironhide asks if anybody got the number of that clanking disaster.

Back at the crater, Megatron says the weapon is complete, and tells the Constructicons that they are dismissed. As they fly away, Starscream comments that perhaps he shouldn't have dismissed them just yet. Megatron tells him that, as always, he's missed the obvious -the weapon is complete, and the Autobots are totally unaware of its very existence. Prime asks Megatron what the weapon is going to do. Megatron asks if he's forgotten already.

Prime comes up with an excuse, saying his memory banks got jumbled up due to too many head-on collisions. Megatron says the weapon utilizes the ruby's light, which is focused through the perfect lenses, creating the most destructive ray of all. He intends to use the ray on the Autobot's HQ -perhaps when it's gone, someone will put up a memorial parking lot!

Just then, the real Stunticons arrive. Menasor tells Megatron that he is Menasor, and the other Stunticons behind him are Autobots. Prime tells Menasor that he's the imposter, which confuses him. Megatron says there is one absolute test, and tells the Stunticons to merge into Menasor.

Prime's team had thankfully prepared for this, and are able to transforms into a fake Menasor. The Decepticons think this is impossible, but the real Menasor says this can't be, as he is the real one. He gets into a fight with the fake Menasor, but gets sent flying back be a punch. Windcharger tells the others they'll be ok, so long as his magnetic field holds. Mirage is also doing his part by projecting a fake Menasor face.

Soundwave says the real Menasor has special powers, and Menasor says he has powers to destroy. He lifts his arms up and fires a couple of powerful laser blasts, which hit the fake Menasor and knock him down.

Megatron says the weapon is ready, and operates it. He says he'll test it on the imposter, who will be whoever loses the fight. The real Menasor pulls out a sword, and hits the fake Menasor with it. This causes the Autobots to fall apart... their cover is finally blown. As they start firing at Menasor, Megatron takes aim and fires the weapon...

...causing some powerful explosions that the Autobots only just avoid. But there is a problem, as the weapon is shaking. Soundwave says the weapon appears unstable, and suggests abandoning it. Megatron tells him suggestion noted -and ignored!

He fires again, blowing away a few Autobots, but then the weapon completely malfunctions and explodes.

Prime says that now Megatron knows the danger of such a weapon, he doubts he'll build another. Megatron orders Menasor to destroy the Autobots, as there are only five of them, but then the rest of the Autobots arrive and head down into the crater.

Menasor says there are too many, and leaves. Starscream tells Megatron that if he plans on fighting alone, good luck, as he and Soundwave transform and also leave. Megatron has nothing else to say, and follows the other Decepticons.

Spike says it doesn't look like they needed their help, but Prime tells them he wouldn't say that. It's revealed that Ironhide had made some alterations to the ruby, which caused the weapon to explode. Prime says the Decepticons were so busy trying to expose them, that they never thought to examine the ruby. With the day saved, Prime orders the Autobots to roll out.

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