Megatron and Soundwave are in Istanbul, where they terrify some of the residents as they demand to know where Abdul Ben-F'aisal is. Megatron wraps one guy up and asks where he is, but the guy tells him he is referring to the greatest sage of all in Istanbul, and he'll never reveal his whereabouts to hoodlums like Megatron. Megatron convinces him to change his mind by firing near him.

The guy gives the exact location of Abdul Ben-F'aisal, so Megatron and Soundwave head off. They arrive at the location, and Megatron enters by breaking through a couple of walls. They find Abdul, and Megatron gives him five seconds to tell him the location of... Abdul finishes his sentence by saying he wants the Pearl of Bahoudin. Megatron tells him if he knows so much, it would be unwise to refuse him.

Abdul tells him he's caused enough damage in Istanbul for one day. The legends say that the pearl is buried in the Galata Valley, near the Alibey River. Megatron tells him he has been wise to oblige him. Abdul warns him that once he's dug up the pearl, he may not find it so easy to put back. Megatron ignores him and leaves by punching down another wall.

The two Decepticons arrive at the valley, and Soundwave runs some energy readings. But he can't pick up anything, and says the pearl is buried deep, if it is here at all. He deploys Rumble, but Rumble tells them that this place is huge, and even with the Constructicons, they could dig for years without finding anything. Megatron says they need a professional archeologist.

Meanwhile, in France, the Europa 2000 race is about to start. A commentator states that a donor has offered twenty million dollars for charity if the world's finest drivers will race from Paris, France to Istanbul, Turkey. And the winner of the race will receive one million dollars. There is also a last minute addition: the Autobots will also be entering the race. Tracks says that the charities will get an extra million dollars if they win. However one of the human drivers, Auggie Cahnay, says he objects to the Autobots being here -they have computer brains, and are robots, not regulation cars.

Some of the race staff tell him to remember this is for charity, but Auggie says there is only one charity he cares about: himself -he wants the million bucks! As he storms off, Tracks asks who he is. Wheeljack explains that Auggie Cahnay is the top drive in the US, and is also the man Optimus Prime has sent them to protect. They look at his car, which Wheeljack says was a custom built machine, created by Symultech Industries. The technology they use is so advanced, Prime's afraid it might attract Megatron's attention.

Wheeljack runs a scan of the car, and finds that the engine is made out of some weird metal. The Autobots then transform, as Wheeljack, Tracks, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Smokescreen, Bluestreak and Bumblebee take their positions. The race begins, and everyone is underway.

Bumblebee keeps up with Wheeljack, but then Auggie barges past both of them. Bumblebee thinks someone ought to teach him some manners, but Wheeljack says it's early in the race, so someone just might before it's over. Meanwhile, the Decepticons have captured Professor Teranova, who is forced to search for the pearl. He tells them that if it's buried anywhere, it's here. He believes it has to be here as it's the only part of the valley that isn't solid rock. As he has done Megatron's bidding, he asks when he can go, but Megatron tells him it'll be when he feels like letting him go.

He then tells Scavenger to prepare to dig. Soundwave then flies in and says that the Autobots are participating in the Europa 2000. Megatron says it's of no concern to them, but Rumble says they could ruin everything. As they talk, they don't notice Teranova breaking free from his energy cuffs.

As he runs off, Megatron says the finish line for the race is a few miles away from here, so the Autobots would be right at their doorstep. He contacts the Stunticons, and tells them to make sure not a single Autobot crosses the finish line. As they move out, the race continues, and Auggie once again decides to barge past everyone.

Bumblebee has to drive up the side of a mountain to avoid being taken out, and transforms. He says he's getting sick of that guy's reckless driving, so Bluestreak pulls up and tells him to climb on. Bluestreak gets in front of Auggie and forces him to stop.

Bumblebee pulls him out of his car and asks if anyone ever told him about fair play. Auggie says he's going to win the million bucks, but Bluestreak tells him if he keeps driving like that, and he won't live long enough to win it! Not that would be any great tragedy, but some decent people might get hurt. Auggie says he has a race to win, and as Bumblebee lets go of him, he immediately gets back into his car, and zooms off. As the race continues, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker are still going...

...when most of the Stunticons surround them. Dead End takes the lead and transforms, before firing at them. They both get hit and are sent crashing off the road.

Wheeljack has almost made it to Istanbul, when Motormaster confronts him. After bashing him out of the way, Motormaster gets ahead of him and tries to block off the road, but Wheeljack manages to drive around him. However, Motormaster follows him and runs him over.

Smokescreen has used a shortcut and thinks he'll be the first Autobot to cross the finish line, but Wildrider flies in. He transforms and crashes into Smokescreen, sending him off the road, where Drag Strip is waiting to smash into him again. The Stunticons hide, as Bluestreak appears and sees Smokescreen. He wants to get him repaired, but then...

...the Stunticons attack. He manages to avoid being run over, and says sometimes the best way to fight, is to just hang on. He grabs Wildrider, who starts skidding around all over the place trying to get him off.

He drives through a forest and crashes on purpose, sending Bluestreak flying. Believing to have finished him off, Wildrider heads back, not knowing that Bluestreak has survived by holding onto the ledge above.

As Bluestreak climbs up, he comes across Professor Teranova, who asks for help. He explains about the Decepticons, and the Pearl of Bahoudin. Meanwhile, Tracks and Bumblebee are getting near the finish line. Tracks tries to contact the other Autobots, but Wheeljack doesn't respond, and neither does Sideswipe. Tracks thinks something must have happened to them, but Bumblebee spots something up ahead.

It's the Stunticons, so he and Tracks quickly pull off the road and hide as they drive past. Bluestreak then contacts them, and explains that the Decepticons are two miles beyond the finish line, digging up something called the Pearl of Bahoudin.

Teranova warns them that it could cause world-wide disaster if Megatron succeeds. Bluestreak says they must stop him, but Tracks isn't happy with the odds: there's only three of them left to do it! He and Bumblebee transform and roll out. At the dig site, Megatron finds out from Motormaster that four Autobots are down, with three to go. Megatron tells him to forget about them for a moment, and instead find Auggie Cahnay, and take his car. The Stunticons quickly catch up with Auggie, and surround him.

Dead End pulls him out of the car, and tells him they're taking it. Drag Strip loads the car into Motormaster.

Meanwhile, Scavenger says he's picking up high energy readings, and says there is something glowing down here. Megatron tells him to dig it up, and bring it out. If a few moments, the Pearl of Bahoudin, and mastery over this entire planet, will be his! As Bluestreak continues towards the Decepticons, he comes across Auggie.

Auggie tells him to open up, as he's going to be driving. Bluestreak asks if he still wants to win the race, but Auggie tells him he just wants his car back, and that means helping them stop the Decepticons. They quickly catch up with Tracks and Bumblebee, and they all head right through the finish line of the Europa 2000. But they don't stop and keep on going, much to the confusion of the race commentator.

Scavenger passes Megatron the Pearl of Bahoudin, just as the Autobots arrive. Megatron tells them they are just in time, as Tracks asks what it is he has in his hand. Megatron explains that the pearl is actually the power core of a weather controlling machine from Cybertron.

When the Decepticon ship crashed on Earth millions of years ago, the core was released and buried. But in the 14th century, it was dug up. When the core was exposed to the Earth's atmosphere... went berserk, causing cities to be destroyed. A Persian seer built a pure gold protective casing for it, creating what is now known as the Pearl of Bahoudin. In order to build a machine to control its power, Megatron says he needed an energy-resistant metal, a problem that Symultech solved for him when they created that incredible alloy. Auggie realizes that Megatron is referring to what his car's engine was built out of.

Megatron says that the super-powered engine of Auggie's car is made of the metal he needs. He's going to melt it down, and use it as a new controller for the Pearl of Bahoudin, to make him a master of the elements. As Scrapper starts working on the car, Auggie tells him to stay out of it, and runs forward. Bluestreak and Tracks open fire on Scrapper, knocking him back... Auggie pulls out a blowtorch to keep Scrapper at bay. Megatron sends the Stunticons in to attack, and Motormaster goes after Bumblebee. He manages to drive up and around a cliff, giving Motormaster the slip. He tells Tracks that they need to hit the Stunticons in their weak spots...

...but Tracks tells him they don't have a weak spot! Bumblebee says they do, and quickly steals the pearl from Megatron. Megatron orders everyone else to attack the Autobots.

The Stunticons start to circle the Autobots, as the Constructicons and the rest of the Decepticons begin firing. Bluestreak thinks this is hopeless, but Bumblebee says they've got the pearl. Megatron had said the pearl was powerful, but Bluestreak reminds him that he also said it was dangerous. Thinking it couldn't be worse than the situation they are in now, Bumblebee cracks open the peal a little.

This creates a very powerful storm, that causes the Stunticons to crash and some of the other Decepticons to be blown away. Bumblebee tells Megatron that he needs to clear out of here now, or he'll open the pearl all the way!

Megatron has the Stunticons unite into Menasor, and says he'll get the pearl back. Menasor moves in and stomps the ground, making the Autobots scatter. He then punches the ground with enough force to cause a quake, making Bumblebee stumble...

...and drop the pearl. It cracks open and the core falls out, which is then sucked up into a tornado. Megatron says the pearl is lost, and the storm will go on forever. He tells the Decepticons to follow him, as Menasor will destroy the Autobots, whilst they'll wait in their undersea HQ -as the storm wipes humanity off the face of the Earth!

Menasor moves in, approaching a large crater. Bluestreak opens fire at the edge of the crater, which crumbles away and causes Menasor to fall.

The Autobots all fire, burying Menasor under lots of rock, but Menasor quickly gets back up and sends them all flying. He then resumes attacking the Autobots, starting with Bluestreak.

Auggie seems to have had enough, and gets into his car. As he drives off, Tracks says he knew Auggie would run out on them once he had the chance. However, as Menasor closes in on the Autobots, Auggie returns, having driven up a cliff. He speeds off the cliff and drops out as the car proceeds to smash into Menasor's head, defeating him.

As Bluestreak and Tracks thank Auggie, Bumblebee remains behind, saying he's got to put the pearl out of commission. He enters the tornado and after a few seconds of searching, sees it flying around. He takes aim and fires...

...and his blast hits the pearl, destroying it. This ends the storm, and Bumblebee falls into a forest. As Bluestreak and Tracks check on him, he says he's fine -but he feels like a lost kite! As the Autobots return to Auggie, Tracks wonders about the race -Megatron must have arranged it just to get Auggie's car. Which means no money for charity.

Auggie says he should keep the pearl's case for all the trouble he's been through, but instead tosses it to Bumblebee and tells him to see that he gets a good price for it. Tracks thinks with any luck they'll get more than twenty million for it, but as Bumblebee tells Auggie way to go, Auggie just walks away. He tells them he'll see them around... maybe. Back at the finish line, the commentator is still there, still hoping to have that interview with the winners, sometime soon. In the meantime, could someone go out and grab him some dinner?


-Menasor was voiced by Roger C. Carmel in his previous appearance, but from this episode and onwards, Regis Cordic took over the role.

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