Cliffjumper walks out of the Autobot's ship, which is now their HQ. He sees Optimus Prime and Ironhide, but then also sees a Decepticon! He starts firing, but the "Decepticon" is actually just a rock formation that happens to look like Starscream. Optimus and Ironhide move out of the way, as Cliffjumper stops and apologizes. Ironhide laughs it off, as they sent the Decepticons to the bottom of the sea months ago.

Ironhide thinks they're gone for good, but as Optimus looks out at the ocean, he says he wishes he could believe that. Under the waters, the Decepticon's crashed space cruiser has become their new base of operations. Megatron says the Autobots may think they've defeated them, yet they survive!

Something else that has survived is planet Cybertron. Shockwave, the Decepticon Megatron had left to guard the planet, is still at his post, but is losing power. He attempts to make contact with Megatron, and this time, much to Megatron's surprise, he gets through!

Megatron asks for a status report, and Shockwave tells him that their supply of energon cubes is dangerously low. But their new intergalactic transport system is almost complete. Megatron says they'll suck the Earth dry, and the Decepticons are soon out attacking a power station. They take over the generators are start using them to fill up energon cubes.

Meanwhile, Spike and Jazz are out on a drive, but suddenly hit a traffic jam. They see all the traffic lights are out, and the entire city seems to be experiencing a blackout. They decide to report back to base. At the base, Optimus Prime sees that the entire city is losing power, and wonders what could be causing it. He asks Teletraan I to survey the local power stations, and comes across the one that's causing the problem... and quickly finds out what the problem is: Megatron!

Prime gets what Autobots he has available together, but with so many of them out on patrol already, his team only consists of 6. They head to the power station and enter through the roof, which makes Starscream and Skywarp drop their energon cubes and run for cover. Megatron tells them to stand their ground!

Cliffjumper tells him not to worry, once he's taken care of him, he'll take care of them! He bravely charges into Megatron to no avail, and gets swatted out of the way. Megatron asks who will take care of him, and Prime says he will. Megatron says it's a pleasure to see him again, and blasts his gun out of his hand.

The two start to fight, but Megatron gains the upper hand. Outside, things don't go much better for the other Autobots, as they get blasted out of the way. The other Decepticons grab the energon cubes and withdraw. Back inside, Megatron transforms and instructs Soundwave that Prime is the target.

Soundwave fires, but Ironhide takes the hit. Ratchet, Prowl and Gears arrive to provide some backup, but Megatron says they have what they came for, and orders for the remaining Decepticons to go.

Gears wants to go after the Decepticons, but Prime says Ironhide has been hit bad, and they need to get him back to HQ fast. The Autobots head back home, and Sparkplug and Ratchet work on repairing Ironhide. Elsewhere, Jazz is filled in on what's happened, but Prowl says Megatron still needs to find a way to get the energon cubes back to Cybertron. Spike says they don't have a ship any more, but Prime appears and says whilst he doesn't know what they have, he suspects they have a plan. He asks Bumblebee to go and spy on the Decepticons, and Spike volunteers himself to also tag along.

Meanwhile, Megatron is sent co-ordinates for their new intergalactic transport system from Shockwave. The system will establish a "space bridge" between Earth and Cybertron. Shockwave explains that the space bridge will only be operable for a maximum off 11 minutes. Megatron says they'll be ready.

Bumblebee and Spike are out searching for the Decepticons, when Spike suggests looking down that riverbed, and funnily enough, that's where the Decepticons are. They decided to observe what they are doing, as Megatron contacts Shockwave and tells him to prepare for the test run, as the space bridge is going to open in 5 seconds.

The test vehicle is sent into the space bridge. The space bridge's doors close and the structure lights up, creating a portal in the sky that the vehicle moves through. But on Cybertron, Shockwave finds that nothing has been received.

Megatron thinks the vehicle needs guidance over the space bridge, and wants a volunteer. When nobody steps forward, he decides to select a volunteer himself. Bumblebee and Spike decide to leave, but some poor driving from Bumblebee result them falling down into the riverbed, where they are instantly seen. Starscream wants to destroy them.

Megatron stops him however, as he's got a better plan: they'll be his volunteers. The two are placed in a new test vehicle as Megatron and Starscream tell them they should feel proud, they'll go down in Cybertron history regardless of if they actually make it there or not. Bumblebee and Spike don't know how they're going to get out of this, but then they see the space bridge doors close -the space bridge's opening time has ran out for now.

Megatron asks when the bridge can be re-opened, and isn't pleased to find out it won't be for another 3,000 astro seconds, something he finds intolerable. Spike wishes their luck would change, and Bumblebee says that's it! He transforms and rams the canopy, shattering it and letting himself and Spike escape. The Decepticons are quickly onto them and Ravage gets between the two -Spike begs for Bumblebee to go.

The other Decepticons start firing at Bumblebee, who has no choice but to retreat. Starscream and Skywarp transform and stay on him, chasing him around until he takes cover in a cave.

Inside the cave, Bumblebee transforms and looks for another way out. He sees light above him and climbs up, only to find Starscream and Skywarp waiting for him. Starscream says his null ray will stop his squirming for a while, and shoots him with it. This deactivates Bumblebee, and Megatron decides to do something to him. Once he's altered Bumblebee's memory chips, he'll lead the Autobots to their doom!

Sometime later, Bumblebee returns to Autobot HQ and reports that Spike was captured by the Decepticons, and is going to be sent to Cybertron over the space bridge. Prime asks for the bridge's location, and Bumblebee unwittingly gives the wrong info, stating it's in a cave. Prime says they must go to the cave and destroy the space bridge immediately. As the Autobots roll out, they're unaware that Laserbeak has seen everything. A little later on, the Autobots arrive at the cave's entrance. Prime thinks it's strange there are no guards, and asks Bumblebee if he's certain this is the right cave. He says the space bridge is in there, so Prime has everyone transform and move in.

But once the Autobots enter the cave, they can't find any space bridge, and then the entrance gets blasted shut via Decepticon laser fire! Ironhide says it looks like they were expected after all, as Megatron and the other Decepticons appear and insist they stay forever. A firefight breaks out between the two sides.

Prime goes after Megatron. Megatron takes cover just as Shockwave tries to contact him. Megatron says not now, but Shockwave reveals that the space bridge is about to open! Megatron says they'll be there.

He has Starscream blast the cave entrance back open before ordering the Decepticons to follow him. But before they leave, he transforms and has Starscream shoot the cave entrance again, sealing it up once more. Thinking it's the end for Prime and the Autobots, he and Starscream head off with the other Decepticons.

Inside the cave, Ratchet starts doing some repairs and comes across an oddity with Bumblebee: a bank of his memory chips have been altered. He repairs him, and he reveals the real location of the space bridge. Now knowing where they really need to go, Prime and the other Autobots concentrate their fire...

...and blow apart the cave entrance. Meanwhile, Shockwave tells Megatron that the space bridge will be operable for a maximum of 4 minutes. Megatron says that will suffice, and has Spike placed into another test vehicle. He explains that Spike will be riding on a beam of light, and he must concentrate on the beam. If he doesn't, he'll fly off into the cold, dark void -and cease to exist.

Spike is sent on his way, just as the Autobots arrive. They transform and open fire, scattering the Decepticons. Bumblebee transforms and drives down to help Spike, as Optimus assists him...

...with some precision shooting, opening up the vehicle's canopy and breaking apart the belts. Bumblebee pulls alongside and Spike jumps, safely landing on him. The test vehicle ends up crashing into the side of the space bridge, sending its load of energon cubes everywhere.

Megatron sees this and runs across to get the energon cubes, wanting to send them over the space bridge before it closes. But as he goes to pick them up, the Autobots shoot at him, hitting the cubes and causing them to explode. Megatron is knocked back into the space bridge, which activates...

...sending Megatron through it! Starscream tells the Decepticons to return to base -Megatron is dead, so he's the leader now! They withdraw, leaving the Autobots to celebrate. Bumblebee says this is the happiest day of his life, as Megatron has fallen into his own space bridge -he's lost forever! But Prime tells him he wishes he could believe that.

On Cybertron, something has arrived via the space bridge: Megatron! Shockwave asks what happened, and Megatron says that the Autobots robbed him of his victory. But the Autobots haven't seen the last of him, and he shall be avenged!


SCRIPT DIFFERENCES: Click here for details.

-At the end of the previous episode, the Autobots were having their ship repaired and were going back to Cybertron. But suddenly that's not happening any more, and goes completely unmentioned in this episode and onwards. Some fans claim that they remember the first three episodes airing separately as a mini-series before the rest of the first season aired, which may explain why a happy ending was put in place in case The Transformers wasn't picked up for a full season. However other fans claim this isn't the case and they may be misremembering. Either way, the Autobots are staying on Earth for now.

-Cliffjumper's toy didn't come with a gun. So the gun he uses at the start of this episode is based on Jazz's instead.

-It seems that Shockwave has been trying to contact Megatron frequently for 4 million years. That's dedication! Maybe 4 million Earth years is like two months to Transformers. But then again, Megatron gets irritated when Shockwave tells him the space bridge won't be back for 3,000 "astro seconds" so who knows.

-Shockwave had two hands when he first appeared. But in this episode and onwards, he has his right hand still, but his left hand is now a laser cannon (which is accurate to his toy).

-During the cave battle scene, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker and Trailbreaker suddenly show up near the end. They don't have any dialogue and disappear again when the Autobots go to the space bridge.

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