In South America, two archeologist are digging at a site. One of them, Merrick, finds something and tells his wife, Joan that she owes him ten bucks. She thinks he's just found a souvenir, but he says no way, this pot is at least 1,300 years old. Joan thinks sooner or later she'll find something...

...and suddenly her shovel hits something. She gets rid of part of the dirt to reveal that there is something metal buried here. They continue digging, and she thinks this is some sort of spacecraft. Merrick says the Mayans didn't have spacecraft, but Joan says she knows that and to look -this thing has been here longer than the hill. It could be millions of years old.

The spaceship's discovery gets broadcast on the news, and at the Decepticon HQ, Soundwave calls Megatron over. The news reader says the spaceship crashed here 4 million years ago, but Megatron says it's a Decepticon ship -and tells Soundwave he knows what's inside it. He must have it!

At the Autobot HQ, Perceptor is repairing one of Ironhide's memory chips. As he wonders what's wrong with it, Ironhide tells him to hurry it up, whilst Brawn tells him there's real work to be done around here. Perceptor tells Brawn this is real work, but Brawn thinks real work is crushing Decepticons, not fussing with chips. Perceptor places the chip inside a chamber, and uses the transmat reduction beam to enlarge it. He tells Brawn that if he didn't fuss with chips, they couldn't crush Decepticons.

Perceptor fixes the chip and Brawn continues to grumble, but Bumblebee enters the room and tells him to lay off him. He thinks Perceptor is as important as any of them, so Brawn asks where is he when they're fighting? Perceptor says it takes more than muscle to fight, prompting Brawn to reply that it takes courage -or is that word not in his fancy vocabulary?

Bumblebee tells Brawn to leave Perceptor alone, or he'll have to tangle with him. Brawn isn't bothered by that, but Optimus Prime then walks in and tells them that's enough. He says they're rolling out, and tells Perceptor to finish repairing Ironhide before they both join the others. But Perceptor says he can't go, as he has too much to do here.

Brawn thinks that's a good one, but Prime tells Perceptor to stay here. The Autobots roll out and Prime fills them in: something has been discovered in South America, and it's something Megatron wants. And if he wants it, they don't want him to get it. Meanwhile, the Decepticons have arrived in a jungle, and are tearing it down.

Rumble thinks this place has nice scenery and Scavenger agrees, so they should waste it, as he hates nice things. However the local wildlife isn't too happy, as Starscream finds out when a giant snake wraps itself around him. Ravage comes under attack by a jaguar...

...but he eventually scares it off by shooting a rocket at it and then slapping it. Starscream gets the snake off and throws it before asking why they don't just fly, but Megatron says no -they need to remain on the ground to avoid satellite detection.

The Autobots arrive, but the jungle is too thick for them to drive through, so they have to transform and walk through it. Brawn says they should just blast their way through these weeds, but Prime says that's not their style. But Ratchet says they don't have to, and points up a clearing up ahead. The Autobots realize the Decepticons have created a trail for them, so they transform and drive on.

Not far away, Scavenger says he's picking up traces of a Cybertron alloy -the star drive is nearby. At the spacecraft, Joan says there is no radiation and wants to open it, but Megatron yells out not to touch it. He tells the Decepticons to introduce themselves...

...which they do by firing lasers at everyone, forcing them to get into their jeeps and drive off. The Decepticons head down, and Megatron orders for the ship to be cut open.

Hook blasts a hole into it, revealing what Megatron has come for: the Heart of Cybertron. He removes it from the ship and says that this tiny energy maximizer powered their ship from Cybertron to this miserable planet. Hook asks what he's going to do with it now, and Megatron tells him to implant it into him.

Hook does the deed and says it is done, to which Megatron says he knows -as already the power courses through his circuits. Prime shouts out he'll need every bit of it -the Autobots have arrived, and he says to attack.

But Megatron shows off his incredible new power, sending several laser blasts from his fingers that send Prime flying. Megatron beckons the other Autobots to follow their leader's orders.

Ratchet says he'll blow them away if they attack, but Cliffjumper says he'll blow them away if they just stand here. The Autobots charge, but against Megatron's lasers, they all go down easily.

Smokescreen drags Prime to safety, but he says he'll be ok. He also sees how badly things are going for the Autobots, and that Megatron must have the Heart of Cybertron. He tells Smokescreen to buy them some time, so he transforms and quickly circles Megatron, sending smoke everywhere. Megatron fires at random, and manages to hit Smokescreen as he retreats.

Prime orders the Autobots to hit him with everything they've got, but they can't hurt him. Instead, Prime tells them to blast the hill. They do so and they cause an avalanche, that buries the Decepticons.

Prime says that should hold them for a while, but finds out from Brawn that only five Autobots are still functional. Prime tells Hoist, Grapple and Ratchet to get the wounded out of here, so they all go back to HQ. Sparkplug and Perceptor see how battered they all are, and that it will take days to put them all back together, but Prime tells them to start with Wheeljack, as he needs him. Brawn says it's funny how Perceptor doesn't have a scratch on him, but Prime tells to lay off him, otherwise he'll have to answer to him.

Prime inputs some data about a force field into Teletraan I, but is told by the computer that it won't stop Megatron for long. Back in South America, the Decepticons get themselves out of the avalanche, with a little help from the Constructicons. Megatron says it was clever of Prime to collapse the hill on them, but he only succeeded in postponing the inevitable.

Back at the Autobot HQ, Perceptor uses the transmat reduction beam to shrink back down one of Powerglide's chips, and then places it back inside of him. The lights them dim and Perceptor wonders what's going on, but Prime tells him they've had to divert all power to the force field generator. Perceptor thinks that's absurd, so Brawn asks him if he has any better ideas -or is his intelligence as fleeting as his courage?

Perceptor says he does -get inside Megatron and disconnect the Heart of Cybertron. They can use the transmat reduction beam to shrink down to microscopic size, then they crawl into Megatron and rip the heart out. Prime asks Brawn what he thinks of his intelligence now, but Brawn reserves judgment. Prime tells him and Bumblebee to go with Perceptor. The three are shrunk down by the beam.

They are placed in a box, which Sparkplug loads onto Powerglide. Sparkplug says everything is all set, so Powerglide takes off.

Not far away, the Decepticons are having a toast to the imminent destruction of the accursed Autobots. They drink up and think that they won't need to conserve energy after tomorrow, as they can bleed the planet dry. Rumble thinks these drinkable energon cubes are good, and he needed to refuel. Everyone yells out about energy, and Thundercracker thinks this stuff is the greatest... before falling over backwards.

The Decepticons get a bit drunk, and Megatron rambles about the good old days on Cybertron, where they didn't have to sneak around with these ugly Earth disguises. Powerglide is nearby and cuts his jets to glide in silently, but notices that the Decepticons all seem to have passed out. He fires the box containing Perceptor, Brawn and Bumblebee at Megatron, which lands on his chest.

They get out of the box and quickly enter Megatron, seconds before he gets up and sees the box. He throws it off, and then sees Powerglide flying away. He fires lasers at him, but misses.

He tells the Decepticons to attack, only to find that most of his forces are currently unable to stand, and Laserbeak can't even fly straight. He can't believe it, but decides it's no matter, as he can finish the Autobots himself.

Inside Megatron, the Autobots move on. Perceptor says the Heart of Cybertron must be in Megatron's chest, and they've got less than two hours to get to it, as the reductor beam will wear off by then and return them to normal size. They come across objects which travel over wires, shooting out lasers. Perceptor says they're electro-sanitizers, which protect Megatron's body from microscopic impurities -and they're the impurities! The Autobots take cover, but Brawn quickly gets sick of hiding and tells them to stand clear and watch how a real Autobot handles those things.

He jumps up and rips one apart, before quickly destroying another two. They proceed and get to Megatron's shoulder joint. They start to climb up and Perceptor hopes Megatron doesn't make any sudden moves, but Megatron happens to move his arm, causing everyone to fall.

Brawn manages to save Perceptor and tells him he's some hero -next time stay home. They continue and get to Megatron's neck, but Perceptor says it's hard to tell which way they are moving, as Megatron is horizontal. He believes that Megatron must currently be flying, and Brawn says that's bad news for the Autobots. They arrive at a glowing sphere which has several cables attached to it, and Perceptor says this is Megatron's brain. Brawn wonders why it's so quiet, and Perceptor says it's because Megatron isn't engaging any of his main brain functions.

Brawn says they should bash brain, but the others stop him -Perceptor says it's too dangerous. Meanwhile, at the Autobot HQ, Wheeljack has the force field generator set up and ready, but it'll only hold up for five minutes against Megatron. They then see Megatron in the distance, so Prime tells Ratchet to have all available Autobots ready to move out.

Perceptor warns that if Megatron's brain is destroyed, he'll fall, and the impact could detonate the Heart of Cybertron. Brawn says it's their only chance, but then something shoots out of Megatron's brain. Perceptor says these are brain impulses -evil brain impulses!

The reason for this is because Megatron has landed, and has started his attack. The Autobots try to fight him, but he's too powerful for any of them.

Perceptor says that's Megatron's database conveying orders to the Heart of Cybertron. If they can hitch a ride, it'll lead them straight to the heart. They manage to grab one and get a ride, and soon come across the heart. They jump off the impulse just before it heads into the heart.

Brawn wants to rip the wires and get out of here, but Perceptor stops him, saying the heart is like a hyper-bomb -one wrong move and the whole planet is rubble. Meanwhile Megatron asks if the Autobots think a mere force field can stop him, and takes aim at it. Back inside Megatron, Perceptor grabs the first wire and rips it apart.

Megatron opens fire on the force field, just as Perceptor rips the second wire. But the brain impulses to the heart start to heavily increase.

Perceptor goes to reach for the last wire as the brain impulses fly all around it, just as Megatron destroys the force field. He tells Prime it's all over...

...but then he realizes he can't use the Heart of Cybertron's powers any more! Ratchet says Perceptor has done it. Inside Megatron, the Autobots have taken the heart, and are on their way out.

But they are getting larger -the reductor beam is wearing off! Prime shoots Megatron, causing him to fall down. Before he gets back up, Perceptor, Brawn and Bumblebee leave via his shoulder joint.

Bumblebee asks for him to excuse them, as Megatron calls them filthy retro rats before flying away. Wheeljack wants to stop him, but Perceptor says to wait, as they've got the Heart of Cybertron. Brawn says it's destabilizing, and could explode at any second.

He throws the heart high into the air, and Perceptor tracks it in his microscope mode.

Once it reaches 2,000 miles, Perceptor blasts it, causing it to explode high in the air. Ratchet asks if they realize they've just saved Megatron's life.

Brawn says somebody saved all their lives -when Prime asks who, he says to ask his buddy Perceptor here about it. And ask him politely, because anyone who doesn't think he's a hero will have to answer to him!


-SCRIPT DIFFERENCES: Click here for details.

-This is another episode animated by Toei, but it seems they had a higher budget than usual. The episode is general looks good, but there are several short sequences with very smooth and detailed animation.

-This episode shows where the Decepticon's ship from the first episode ended up. However the ship in this episode has a different design.

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