Megatron says that the Dinobots will trouble them no further -now nothing stands between them and the vast energies of this prehistoric island. He goes back to the Decepticons, and Starscream warns him that draining those energies might upset the chronological balance of the island, which already drifts precariously in the sea of time. Megatron tells him that's scientific gobbledygook, and to just do what he says.

The Decepticons resume filling up energon cubes. Ramjet and Thrust fill up some via using the steam from some geysers, but Thrust says he doesn't like this, something bad is happening. They move back when the ground cracks up in front of them. Meanwhile Starscream and Soundwave are collecting energy from a volcano, which suddenly erupts. Starscream says an unexplained reaction is occurring -perhaps Megatron has finally made the one error which will make him Decepticon leader!

Back at the Autobot HQ, Ratchet has finished fixing up the control room following the Dinobot's rampage through it. Prime says he's done an admiral job and Ratchet says he had a pretty good assistant: Sparkplug. Sparkplug says he still has a lot to learn but he wants to keep up with his son, and then wonders where he is. Ironhide says he went to the library with Bumblebee. Just then Teletraan I alerts the Autobots to something.

Wheeljack says Teletraan I is picking up a strange energy disturbance. It appears to be some kind of time warp, which is in the vicinity of the city -near the library. Ratchet and Prime think there could be a Decepticon connection to this, so Prime, Ironhide, Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, Huffer and Hound transform and roll out.

At the city, more barbarians and their wooly mammoths have appeared, and are trashing the place. The Autobots arrive and Hound says he's picking up an Autobot reading nearby. They find a collapsed building, so Sideswipe and Huffer start removing the debris.

They find that both Bumblebee and Spike are ok, but Hound says that the energy disturbance is directly ahead. The Autobots go and have a look and are surprised to see what they're up against. Hound thinks they're new Earth-like forms, but Prime thinks they must be old ones who've come to this era via that time warp. Even more barbarians and mammoths appear.

They immediately start wrecking things, and one barbarian smashes a window to steal some jewellery. Ironhide tells Optimus they need to do something, and he agrees, but be gentle -these creatures are flesh and blood, not unfeeling machines like the Decepticons.

The Autobots get to work. Huffer is able to life one mammoth over his head, whilst Ironhide stops some barbarians with a blast of glue.

Sunstreaker scares some barbarians away by creating a small electrical blast. Prime wants the animals put somewhere where they'll be safe and out of the way, so the Autobots load them into his trailer. Prime then notices that the time warp is closing -in a few moments, the barbarians and mammoths will be trapped in today's world forever!

Sunstreaker and Hound use their guns to create some kind of energy wave that expands the time warp. The Autobots then guide the barbarians and mammoths back through it, sending them back to their own time.

With them all gone, the Autobots watch as the warp shrinks and then closes. The Autobots head back to HQ, and Prime says there were no Decepticons around, but someone or something must have caused that time warp. Or it could have been a freak event. Spike thinks Chip and Teletraan I might be able to find out what happened, so the Autobots bring Chip to their HQ. He says Teletraan I should be able to solve the mystery -with the right input.

Beachcomber says if he needs geology type info, hey, just call on him. He digs projects that don't require conflict! And then Perceptor tells him that if he needs a true scientist to explain Beachcomber to him, don't hesitate to call on him! He transforms to his microscope mode and shrinks down. Chip thanks them for their help, as he could use lots of it.

Teletraan I then picks up another time warp, and as Chip finds out more details, it turns out there are two of them. One of them is out at sea, and a pirate ship emerges from it. The Captain spots a smaller boat nearby, and immediately has his ship head towards it. His crew latch a hook onto it and he tells the occupants to prepare to be boarded -they're going to confiscate their treasure!

Elsewhere, the other time warp opens up on a road, and a bunch of on-the-run cowboys emerge out of it. They come across a biker gang, who stop and stare at them. The lead cowboy says he doesn't know where this trail has taken them, but he knows they'll get away faster from the law if they russle up these new-fangled mechanical horses! Back at sea, the pirate Captain decides that in addition to the treasure, he wants the women as well.

But before they can board the other boat, their swords get shattered by laser blasts. Cliffjumper, Seaspray and Tracks have arrived. Tracks transforms and lands on the pirate ship, and says that whilst he'd rather stay in his stunning auto mode, he wouldn't be able to do this: use his black-beam guns.

These blasts cover the pirates in darkness, making it as black as night. Tracks then blasts the line the pirates had thrown onto the over ship, breaking it and letting the boat get away. He, Cliffjumper and Seaspray then work together to push the pirate ship back through the time warp, just before it closes.

Back at the road, the cowboys and bikers start to fight each other, but as the cowboys try to steal the bikes, they don't have much success with riding them. Another group of Autobots -Prowl, Red Alert, Jazz and Inferno -then arrive to clean up this mess.

They transform, and the cowboys are surprised by what they think are talking horseless carriages. Prowl uses some acid pellets to melt the cowboy's guns. Jazz then plays some music very loudly...

...which the cowboys can't stand. They get back to their hoses and try to leave, but Red Alert cuts them off and tells them not to dare go in this direction. He fires his gun to scare them off, and then Inferno hits them with a water blast.

The cowboys all head back through the time warp, which then closes. Back at the Autobot HQ, Chip says the time disturbances can be traced to Dinobot Island. The whole HQ then begins to shake, it seems the disturbances have activated the volcano their HQ is in. Prime says they've got to repair the damage to the time flow at once, and has Warpath, Beachcomber, Perceptor, Ironhide, Smokescreen and Trailbreaker don their jetpacks and follow him to Dinobot Island.

At Dinobot Island, Megatron demands more energon cubes. Starscream says no, as they've violated this island with cataclysmic results. They see a volcano erupts, and Starscream says they should leave before the entire island explodes. Megatron says he doesn't care if the entire Earth explodes, they can always relocate!

Meanwhile, the Dinobots have survived -using their laser breath, they burn up the tar and free themselves. They then shoot the remaining tar off each other.

They transform and get out of the pit. They see the island is in danger, and Swoop wonders if the Decepticons did this bad stuff. Slag says they'll do more badder stuff to Decepticons, something Grimlock is happy to agree with. Elsewhere, Prime's group of Autobots land on the island, and see the Decepticons, along with their energon. They move in, but are immediately seen and Prime gets shot by Megatron.

The Autobots fire back and a battle between the two sides begins. Starscream orders an attack from the sky, as he, Thundercracker, Skywarp, Dirge, Thrust and Ramjet transform and take off. Warpath fires back at them, saying they don't call him Warpath because he's gentle. But then he and Perceptor get hit by Starscream's null rays.

Megatron transforms and Soundwave fires him, but his blast does more damage to the island -causing part of the ground to crack up. Meanwhile, Blitzwing transforms to his tank mode and starts firing at Beachcomber.

Beachcomber transforms and gets out of there as Warpath comes in to face Blitzwing in a tank-to-tank duel. The Dinobots arrive and land on a cliff, and Sludge asks if they should attack the Decepticons now. Grimlock says yes, but not alone. They head off to a group of the island's native dinosaurs, and Grimlock transforms. Using some kind of signal from his mouth, he is able to communicate with the dinosaurs...

...which "inspires" them to fight with the Dinobots. Back at the battle, the Autobots are losing, but before the Decepticons can finish them off, they see a massive herd of dinosaurs heading towards them.

The Decepticons start firing at them, but there are too many and soon they are getting overwhelmed. A triceratops charges into Megatron, whilst the other Decepticons are smacked around or trampled on.

Megatron says if only one Decepticon survives this assault, it'll be him. He runs off, but the Dinobots get in his way. He thinks this is impossible, as he saw them get buried beneath the tar pits, but they blast him. Grimlock says he's wrong -and he's ugly, too. Megatron orders for the Decepticons to retreat -this battle has been lost.

Prime says that should be able to restore the time flow to normal, by releasing the energies stolen from the island. He and the Dinobots open fire on the energon cubes, blowing them up.

This releases the energy all across the island, and soon things get back under control. Prime says that the Dinobots have not only proved that they can control their powers...

...they have also demonstrated they have great value to the Autobot's cause. They will remain at Autobot HQ from now on. The Autobots head back home.


-SCRIPT DIFFERENCES: Click here for details.

-More new characters are introduced in this episode. The Autobots get Perceptor and Seaspray, who actually do quite well since they both get lines of dialogue to say. The Decepticons get Dirge, who says nothing. Some of the new characters introduced in the previous episode get lines in this one and actually do things other than stand around, such as Tracks and Blitzwing. Of all the new Decepticons, only Thrust gets anything to say.

-As with Thrust and Ramjet, Dirge keeps his cone up on his head in robot mode, although for his toy you are supposed to pull the nosecone down.

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