At an underground cavern, the Decepticons have setup a massive drill. The Constructicons are operating it when things go wrong: the rock has fractured. The drill is stopped and the Constructicons desperately try to seal up the crack. Hook yells at Scavenger for not listening to his warning that this site was unstable.

Mixmaster sprays a chemical all over the crack, and then he and the other Constructicons work together to seal it up. Megatron appears and tells Scavenger his sensors should have detected a potential fissure in the rock before they started drilling -they could have been blown to oblivion! He tells Mixmaster to take Scavenger to the surface and check out his geologic analyzer circuits.

Starscream says they were fortunate this time, but next time his wild scheme to tap the Earth's core could destroy them all! Megatron says if he succeeds -and he will -the Decepticons will posses an energy source richer than any in the galaxy: the molten might of the planet itself. Starscream says it's too dangerous, and takes a boulder to represent the Earth. He breaks it up with a drill and says the planet will shatter, eradicating everything, including them! Megatron says he underestimates him and tells him to come. The two head out of the cavern via a teleporter.

They head out and Megatron surprises Starscream when he walks straight through a wall. The wall is just a holographic image, and beyond it is a space bridge. Megatron says the space bridge can take them straight to Cybertron, and it's their emergency escape route.

Nearby, Gears, Jazz, Sunstreaker, Prowl and Mirage are racing around when they come across a place where a river is supposed to be. They have a look around and find out what's happened: someone has had the river diverted into a canyon. And as they look further down, they see Scavenger and Mixmaster nearby. Mixmaster finishes repairs on Scavenger, and the two head back down.

The Autobots move in but as they look down, they can't see the Constructicons, and wonder where they went. As they do this they fail to spot Laserbeak moving flying above them, who returns to Soundwave. Soundwave plays back his recording, and they finds out the Autobots are onto them. Megatron shouts at Mixmaster and Scavenger for being spotted.

He orders the Constructicons to go to the surface, and says the Autobots must be annihilated before they can transmit their location. He has the team transform and unite into Devastator, who then goes and takes the Autobots by surprise be appearing behind them...

...and throwing a large boulder at them. Jazz, Gears, Prowl and Sunstreaker get knocked off and land below. Devastator deals with Mirage by shooting at him with eye lasers, causing him to also fall.

He's able to grab onto a branch and turns invisible before dropping down. The other Autobots attempt to fight Devastator, but they can't put a dent in him, and get blasted.

Mirage goes behind the waterfall and finds the Decepticon's secret cavern base. He sees they're up to something bad and reports back to the other Autobots. Sunstreaker has Jazz do a little light show...

...that blinds Devastator. Sunstreaker and Mirage then transform and use a cable to trip him up.

With him down, the Autobots quickly head back to their HQ. Optimus Prime has Teletraan I look into it, and they find that the Decepticon's drilling operation will shatter the Earth. Prime says they've got to stop it, but Prowl thinks that Devastator tips the odds in Megatron's favor. Chip thinks he and Wheeljack have an answer for that: a dominator disk that will override Devastator's circuits.

Wheeljack says this should be able to bring Devastator under their control. If they secretly place one of these disks onto each of the Constructicons, they just need to wait for them to join together, and then the disks will make Devastator theirs. Prime decides to try it out and later on, he and a group of Autobots go back to the cavern.

Ironhide freezes up the waterfall with some kind of liquid. This causes the drill's water cooling system to stop, forcing the Constructicons to stop drilling.

They head up to the surface to find out what's going on, but the Autobots are waiting. The discreetly manage to attach...

...dominator disks to all six of the Constructicons. With their mission complete, Prime lowers a net elevator from his trailer to pick everyone up. Starscream sees the Autobots and takes aim at them with a sniper rifle.

However Megatron stops him and tells him to let them go. He says why destroy only six Autobots when they can eliminate them all forever? He's found out about the Autobot's plot to control Devastator, but he has other plans. He has the Decepticons follow him to a spot where they can cut the Autobots off. The Autobots are heading right towards them... Megatron gives the order to fire. The Autobots dodge around multiple explosions before transforming and firing back.

The Constructicons unite into Devastator, and the Autobots attempt to fight him. But again they're unable to faze him, and he ends up grabbing Optimus Prime. Chip and Wheeljack move in, and Chip presses a button on their control box.

Devastator gets zapped and when everything calms down, Prime orders him to put him down and attack the Decepticons. Devastator does his first request...

...and then performs the second, as he starts firing at Megatron. The Decepticons flee back to their cavern base, but Devastator seals up the entrance.

Ironhide tells Prime they should finish them off, but Prime says there is no need. The Decepticons are trapped and have no water, so they can't drill. They can head back for repairs and mop up later. The Autobots celebrate as Devastator comes to join them. Inside the cavern, Starscream mopes that they're now prisoners, and they've lost their most valuable asset.

Megatron says they've lost nothing -he allowed the Autobots to believe Devastator was within their power. But with this electronic disrupter, he can nullify their control and bring Devastator back under his command -and when they least expect it! Starscream realizes Devastator will turn on the Autobots and destroy them all, but why didn't Megatron tell him that was his plan? Megatron tells him it was because he wanted him to think the battle was real, as he's such a rotten actor. And the drilling can continue -he had enough water stored up to cool the drill for its final thrust into the Earth's core.

Back at the Autobot HQ, Hook finishes some repairs to Jazz with flawless precision. But then the whole base shakes, as part of the floor cracks open. Prime realizes that somehow, the Decepticons have resumed drilling. He tells the Autobots to move out, as they've got to stop that drill.

The Decepticons are able to see through Devastator's eyes, and find out that the Autobots are on their way. The Autobots arrive, and Devastator blasts open the cavern entrance, allowing him and the Autobots to head inside.

They find the drill and Wheeljack orders for Devastator to destroy it. But before he can, Megatron appears and tells him to destroy the Autobots instead. He activates his electronic disrupter, which zaps Devastator and makes him fall down.

Chip says the dominator disks aren't working -Devastator is free of their control! Devastator gets back up and sends a few Autobots flying by shooting at them with his eye lasers. This causes part of the cavern to break up, forcing Chip to move back.

Megatron orders Devastator to exterminate the Autobots, but before he can, everything starts shaking. Prime says the drill is nearing the Earth's core, which causes more of the cavern to break apart. Sunstreaker rescues Chip just in time... the falling rocks cause both the Autobots and Decepticons trouble. Wheeljack tries to use their control box again, but Chip warns him to be careful -it could overload Devastator's circuits and fry his logic chips. And unfortunately this is exactly what happens, as Devastator starts to go out of control, smashing things up near the drill.

He also can't tell the difference between Autobot and Decepticon any more, as Starscream finds out when Devastator throws him into the drill's control panel. This causes the drill to go berserk, and the control panel has been broken. Megatron orders for all Decepticons to go to the space bridge.

Devastator notices the Decepticons are suddenly running away, and follows them by smashing out of the cavern. As the Decepticons arrive at the space bridge, so does Devastator -who smashes right through it!

The space bridge is completely wrecked, and Starscream thinks they're doomed, just like the whole worthless planet. Megatron says that's not the case, if they can stop the drill before it penetrates the Earth's core. Wheeljack pops up and says they've just come to the same conclusion. Megatron stops Starscream from shooting him, and says they're all in this together now. He asks Prime what his plan is.

Prime presents the dominator disk control box, and says for him to give Chip and Wheeljack his nullifier, so they can try combining frequencies to bring Devastator back under control. Megatron agrees with the plan, and says they can then use Devastator to stop the drill. Starscream tells him not to do it, believing it to be a trick. He runs up to Devastator asking for help, only to get blasted by him.

Megatron passes Wheeljack his electronic disrupter, but makes it clear he's only doing this for the benefit of the Decepticons -it grieves him that he will also profit. Wheeljack says nothing to that, and quickly gets to work.

He activates the new combined device, which causes Devastator to fall down and split back to the six individual Constructicons. Megatron orders them to follow him, as they've got work to do. They find out there is only two minutes left until the drill hits the core.

Megatron orders the Constructicons to transform into Devastator, and stop that drill. The team get together and Scavenger says if they don't make it, its been great being part of the team. Bonecrusher tells him they aren't scrap iron yet, so don't get drippy. The Constructicons transform into Devastator, who heads down to the core. With such little time left, Megatron decides to get out of there.

Devastator gets to the bottom of the drill, and is able to break it, causing the entire thing to explode. Meanwhile Megatron leads the Decepticons away.

Devastator heads back up, and demands to know what the Autobots have done with noble Megatron. Chip explains that Megatron is busy saving his own neck, but Devastator doesn't believe him, and instead says Megatron withdrew to fight the Autobots another day -they haven't heard the last of him. Devastator then also withdraws by smashing through the cavern. Chip was hoping Devastator would join the Autobots for good, but that was probably a dumb old dream. Prime tells him to hang onto his dreams -the future is built on them.


-SCRIPT DIFFERENCES: Click here for details.

-This was AKOM's third and thankfully final episode they animated for the second season of Transformers. But they'll be back big time for the third season.

-This is the first appearance of a space bridge in the second season, and they seem to work slightly differently than they did before. In the first season, the Decepticons had to get data about what time the space bridge would appear and when it could be used, but in this episode it's implied that they can use it whenever they need to.

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