"Deep within the extinct Autobot volcano that is Autobot headquarters, a strange experiment is taking place. But this experiment is not the brainchild of Autobot scientist Wheeljack, but of their human friend Sparkplug..."

The Autobots gather round as Sparkplug says that he wanted to see what he could do with a big pile of spare Autobot parts, and a whole lot of human ingenuity. The result is Autobot X, a large robot who Spike thinks looks like some sort of robot Frankenstein monster.

As Sparkplug turns on the power, Ratchet tells Wheeljack that even if it works, who needs another Autobot? Wheeljack offers help to improve on Sparkplug's model, but Autobot X then awakens, and stumbles forward. But Autobot X doesn't seem to be able to talk, and just growls and screams, before going on a rampage and smashing up part of Autobot HQ. Sparkplug says it's not supposed to do that, but now he can't control it!

Optimus Prime says they'll have to stop it, so Prowl, Trailbreaker and Ironhide go up to him. But it turns out Autobot X has some weapons, and blasts them with finger lasers.

Trailbreaker uses his force field to repel the blasts, which bounce back the way they came and cause Autobot X to fall. Sparkplug tells Prime that Autobot X had better be put in storage, at least until he gets him perfected.

Wheeljack says he and Ratchet will help, although Ratchet's expression says he wants nothing to do with it. Wheeljack goes on to say he'd like to try to transfer mental impulses to Autobot X, that way if an Autobot is damaged, his mind can still function in Autobot X, whilst his body was being repaired. Prime says his idea may have merit, but then an alarm on Teletraan I goes off. Prime says Decepticons have been detected at the new Air Force rocket base.

He and a group of Autobots head out to the base, and Bumblebee and Spike decide to trail along after them, despite not being asked to go. At the base, a General is giving a speech, but he's interrupted by the arrival of the Decepticons. The journalists flee as the General says they can't let the Decepticons stop the launch. Megatron tells him it takes much energy to launch these rockets -and that energy now belongs to them!

The Autobots arrive and start fighting the Decepticons. Brawn kicks Soundwave so hard that he crashes into one of the rockets, causing it to fall over and explode. The other Transformers shoot at one another...

...which results in more rocket destruction. Bumblebee and Spike arrive, although Spike isn't convinced coming here was such a good idea.

Soundwave tells Megatron that the energy supply has inadvertently been destroyed. Megatron says there is nothing left for them to take, and tells the Decepticons to return to HQ. And to ensure the Autobots don't try to stop them, he decides to create a diversion. He transforms and has Soundwave fire a shot which hits Bumblebee, sending him crashing.

Ironhide gets Spike out, but he's been badly injured. Ratchet tells Bumblebee with a little time he should be able to fix him. Spike is taken to hospital, where Sparkplug is told by a doctor that if only there was a way of separating Spike's mind from his body whilst they work... Sparkplug thinks there may be a way, it's a one in a billion chance, but if it will save his on, they'll have to take it. Spike is taken back to Autobot HQ, and Wheeljack says his his cybernetic attachments, he'll transfer Spike's mind into Autobot X.

This way the human physicians will have the time to perform the operation on Spike's real body. The machine is turned on, and after several seconds, the transfer is completed.

Sparkplug goes up to Autobot Spike and asks if he knows him, but Prime holds him back. Autobot Spike realizes who he is, but suddenly screams out no and runs off. He starts trashing the HQ, and Sparkplug has a realization of what they have done to his son.

Sideswipe and Sunstreaker try to restrain Autobot Spike, but are thrown across the room. Prime says he must be stopped, but tells everyone to use low power. If Autobot Spike's body is destroyed, Spike might be lost forever. Prime shoots Autobot Spike, which causes him to fall. Sparkplug rushes over and Autobot Spike asks what's happening to him. Sparkplug asks for forgiveness, but this was the only thing they could do to save him. He'll only be in that body until the doctors at the hospital fix up his real one.

Autobot Spike seems to understand, but says it's hard to think, and it's like someone is telling him to do bad things. Wheeljack thinks this must be a side effect of the mind transfer. Prime says he and some of the other Autobots are going back to the rocket base, as they need to help out to repair the damage done by their battle with the Decepticons. In the meantime, Spike will be provided with every comfort here. As Prime leaves, nobody notices that Laserbeak has been observing them.

Laserbeak reports this to Megatron, who is interested in Spike's questionable state of mind. He thinks he can use this to his advantage, and use Autobot Spike to destroy the other Autobots. Starscream thinks he's made such boasts before, but the Autobots still exist. Megatron shoves him back and tells him to be careful with what he says, or he'll turn Autobot Spike's power again him.

Back at Autobot HQ, Ratchet is still repairing Bumblebee and is almost done, but needs to fix his radio transmitter. Meanwhile, Wheeljack has patched Teletraan I into a TV station, and Autobot Spike is watching a movie... Frankenstein.

In the movie, Dr. Frankenstein's assistant begs the doctor not to go through with this experiment, as it's a monster who will destroy them all. But Frankenstein says that's nonsense, and believes his creation will be grateful for the powerful body he has given him. Frankenstein activates the power, and his creation gets up... and immediately gets angry, breaking free from its restraints and roaring. Frankenstein has created a monster!

Autobot Spike watches in horror and yells out. He starts wrecking stuff whilst screaming that a monster is what he's been turned into... a robot monster! Ratchet hears the noise and tells Bumblebee he'll have to finish repairing him later.

He and Wheeljack go towards Autobot Spike, but he reveals he can fly thanks to his rocket boots. He passes right by them and crashes out of the Autobot HQ, which is seen by Reflector. The Autobots wonder where Autobot Spike will go and what will he do, so Bumblebee says someone had better find out. He transforms and races off, not hearing Ratchet's warning that his radio transmitter is still in need of repair.

Autobot Spike sits alone and wonders what he should do. He thinks he could use his new size and power to help the world like Optimus Prime does. But then he lashes out and says why should he, he's not like Prime, he's a monster! He has enough power to conquer mankind! Bumblebee appears and tries to explain that there was a side effect to the experiment, which is why it's hard for Autobot Spike to think right. But Autobot Spike thinks he's trying to trick him, and swipes at him with a tree.

Bumblebee falls but catches onto the side of a cliff. But to make thins worse, he then sees a group of Decepticons approaching. Megatron tells Reflector that he has done well, to which Reflector says doesn't he always?

Autobot Spike sees them and is glad, he sees them as more enemies for him to trash. He starts firing, but Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker fire back at him and make him fall. He gets back up and is about to continue fighting, when Megatron lands and asks him to wait. He thinks Spike has improved his appearance since their last encounter, but Autobot Spike thinks he's become a monster like him. Megatron tells him he's no monster.

Bumblebee climbs back up and is just in time to watch Megatron explain to Autobot Spike that they've become sentient machines, who've discovered their destiny in this vast universe. He asks Autobot Spike to join the Decepticons, and be second only to himself. Together, they'll punish the ones who did this to him. Autobot Spike says he doesn't know, as it's getting harder and harder for him to think. Megatron says he can do the thinking for him, so will he join them? Autobot Spike agrees, and says they'll make them all pay!

At the rocket base, the repairs have been completed and 3 rockets are successfully launched. Prime thinks they're impressive... for primitive rocket technology.

Bumblebee then appears, and tells Prime that Megatron is telling lies to Spike -and Spike is starting to believe them! The Autobots race back towards their HQ, and find Autobot Spike waiting for them. Prime says they're here to help, as soon Spike's real body will be repaired, and they can return his mind to where it belongs. Autobot Spike yells his mind belongs here in this mismatched Frankenstein's body they'd given him. He tells Prime he's beginning to like it in here, and opens fire.

Prime gets hit and is sent flying. He tries to reason with him, and that this isn't really his doing, it's the side effect of the mind transfer. Autobot Spike says he's partly right, it's not just him who is doing this, as he's got backup. He tells them to meet his pal, Megatron!

As Prime gets hit again, the other Autobots are about to fight, but then the other Decepticons appear and they have to fight them instead. Prime and Bumblebee continue to try and reason with Autobot Spike, and tell him the experiment did something to his mind. Megatron tells him not to let the Autobots confuse him -just destroy them!

Sparkplug arrives and runs up to his son, yelling what is he doing? Autobot Spike shoots at him, hitting the ground, but creating an explosion that sends him flying off the cliff. Autobot Spike realizes what he has done, and uses one of his extending arms to save Sparkplug just in time. Megatron asks him what he is waiting for, and tells him to use his power to destroy them.

Autobot Spike says he will destroy them, and fires... at the Decepticons. He shoots down Soundwave and Skywarp, as Megatron calls him a fool and transforms back to robot mode. He tells the Decepticons that they've been betrayed, and orders for them to retreat.

Autobot Spike asks his Dad for forgiveness, but is told there's nothing to forgive. Back at the hospital, the doctor tells Sparkplug they've given Spike's body the best possible treatment, so now the rest is up to him and the Autobots. Back at the Autobot HQ, Autobot Spike guesses this is the last time he'll get to see himself from the outside.

The mind transfer is started up again, and starts to overload, but after a few seconds...

Spike wakes up, his mind successfully transferred back into his own body. Ratchet tells Wheeljack he could repair that mess, but he thinks it's best he doesn't. Meanwhile Bumblebee wonders what it would be like for a robot mind to be transferred into a human?


-The second season has new intro and credits sequences. The intro for the second season is my favorite one for the series, and shows off several new characters that won't be seen for several episodes yet, such as Blitzwing, Omega Supreme and Astrotrain. The credits sequence also shows clips from episodes yet to come, again showing off new characters who've yet to be seen. However I've read that when season 2 originally aired, some of the earlier episodes still used the first season's intro.

-This episode marks the last time Reflector speaks. Due to issues with the Reflector toy, it was requested that Reflector wasn't used, but more on that later.

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