Street Fighter The Movie was released on the Sony Playstation and SEGA Saturn in 1995. Despite having the same title as the arcade game, it is not a port of it. The graphics are mostly different, with new backgrounds and animations, the music was all re-recorded with new tunes and the gameplay was heavily altered so the game played more like Super Street Fighter II Turbo -the new moves featured in the arcade version, such as Vega throwing his mask as a projectile or Bison's electric shocks, were cut out.

The console version does have most of the characters featured in the arcade game, but there are a few differences. Blade and his clones were taken out, whilst Blanka and Dee Jay were added to the roster. Akuma is now a hidden character you can select via a cheat code at the select screen. A new gameplay feature were EX attacks -this was the first Street Fighter game to feature these, which would feature in later titles such as Street Fighter IV. EX attacks let you do more powerful special moves by pressing two buttons together instead of one, after doing the motion, but they would cost you a portion of the super combo gauge. Although bizarrely, if you filled the super combo gauge, you could do an infinite amount of EX attacks without the gauge decreasing.

Most people don't like this game. Some see it as being better and much more playable than the arcade version, but even then it is still awful due to the ugly graphics. And then other people actually prefer the arcade game just for the hilarious gameplay it has and don't think this version is anywhere near as fun.