In 1995, Street Fighter The Movie was released in arcades. It was developed by Incredible Technologies, a company most known for their highly successful Golden Tee Golf series, although they had also made a couple of fighting games before -Time Killers and BloodStorm were games they made. This Street Fighter game was the first one to feature digitized graphics, much like in the Mortal Kombat games, and many of the actors and actresses featured in the film were used in the game. A few new characters from the movie were added to the game, such as Blade, one of Bison's troopers. This game also marked the first time that Akuma appeared as a non-hidden character.

The game was met with poor reviews and did not sell very well either. Gameplay was completely broken, with all kinds of infinite combos (Akuma had one which consisted of him trapping the opponent in the corner with his hurricane kick) and new, silly moves. Vega could throw his mask at his opponent, whilst Guile was capable of throwing handcuffs at his enemies (a reference to a glitch in the SFII games).

Street Fighter The Movie has, in recent years, been seen as being so bad, it's good, much like the film it was based on. I would recommend checking this thread out on the SRK forums -you can read notes and trivia from Alan Noon, who worked on the game and set out to make the greatest Street Fighter game ever, only to end up despising the final product. Whilst a game called Street Fighter The Movie was released for the Playstation and Saturn, it plays very differently to this arcade game. This game has never seen a true console port.