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Villains! Say Your Prayers Before You Die!!
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Kenshiro tries to help a village under the control of Madame Patra.
Original broadcast date: December 6th 1984

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Kenshiro, Bat and Lin have left Asis City and come across a biker gang chasing down a man and woman. Kenshiro intervenes and the bikers flee, only for some villagers to then arrive and demand that the woman, Mika, goes back with them. Her father is there and says she must come back otherwise he cannot live in the city, saying something about asking "Madame Patra again" and takes her by force, splitting her up with her boyfriend, Sam. The next morning Ken meets a boy called Jiro who wants him to save his sister, who has been taken away by Madame Patra.

Patra finds out about Kenshiro being in the village near her castle, and arranges for some of her men to try and kill him. The small house Ken is staying in is set on fire, but he survives and saves Bat and Lin. He fights off several punks, including two fighters who use a style of Nanto Seiken known as the Bat Fist. After defeating them, Ken heads to the castle and finds Patra waiting for him.

She reveals that she has Jiro held captive and has a wolf unleashed on him, but Kenshiro saves him just in time. Ken then kills several other men as Patra makes a quick exit through a hidden passage. Ken follows her outside, but when he exits the passage, Patra has gone -and the lake next to her castle has been completely drained!

In the manga...

-This is a filler episode and was not in the manga.


-The animation in this episode is better than any previous episode, especially the part where Ken fights the two bat guys.

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