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Rekka Gyakuryuken! There Are Too Many Who Must Die!!
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Kenshiro enters the castle of Dragon, and has to fight both him and Patra together.
Original broadcast date: December 13th 1984

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With the lake drained, Ken ventures towards a place called Mt. Ryujin, despite the villagers warning him of a monster being there. Ken encounters a ninja who tries to kill him, but Ken destroys the muscles in his arms and forces him to take him to his master. The ninja leads Ken towards a castle, but after rounding a corner, is set on fire by someone and killed. Ken runs around the corner, but nobody is there. He instead finds a large castle.

Ken enters the castle and sees a picture of Yuria. A man called Dragon then appears and tells Ken that Yuria and Shin stayed here recently, but have now gone to the capital city of Southern Cross. Dragon then attempts to kill Ken by trapping him in a room with spikes lowering down from the ceiling, but Ken escapes. He catches up with Dragon and Patra, who are selling slaves and other goods to the highest bidders. Ken kills the guards and tells the slaves, including Mike and Sam, to get out of the castle. As they do, Patra and Dragon start their attack.

Ken defeats Patra by forcing some necklace beads into her eyes, and she is accidentally set on fire and killed by one of Dragon's projectiles. Kenshiro hits Dragon with a technique called Rekka Gyakuryuken (Raging Flame Reverse Flow Punch) which stops Dragon from being able to breathe out, causing Dragon's flames to consume himself. With the two main bad guys dead, Ken gets the water back on and the villagers start to enjoy a new life of peace.

In the manga...

-This is a filler episode and was not in the manga originally. However, one scene in this episode -where Ken saves Sam and Mika from Dragon -was based on a scene from Hokuto no Ken II, the second part of the pilot manga (Click here for more info on the prototype manga).


-This is the first episode of the series to feature some nudity in it.

-In what can only be called ultra lazy, some of the fight scenes in this episode had their animation plucked straight from the intro. Some animations of Ken attacking are also from the intro.


-The picture of Yuria has yellow hair right at the end of the episode, whilst it had the correct purple color earlier.

-When Yuria thinks of Ken at the end of the episode, an image of him appears in his green outfit, but only one shoulder pad. That outfit should have two shoulder pads on it, as seen in episode 5.

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