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Shin of Nanto Seiken! You Gave Your Life for an Unrequited Love!!
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Kenshiro remembers Shin, the master of Nanto Seiken.
Original broadcast date: June 26th 1986

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2) In the manga...
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Kenshiro, Bat and Lin stand outside Ryuga's castle, having started to cremate the bodies of Toki and Ryuga. Kenshiro thinks about what Toki told him, and hopes he is watching over him from heaven. He also thinks about the men representing other stars, such as Ryuga and the Nanto Roku Seiken. He thinks how the Nanto Roku Seiken split up, and remembers Shin, the man who set him on the journey of his destiny. After thinking about fighting Shin and his army, Kenshiro wonders if Shin has been reunited with Yuria in heaven.

In the manga...

-This episode is mostly filler -the only part that happens at the manga is near the start, where Lin thinks that whenever Ken experiences sadness, he becomes stronger. The next few episodes are all clip shows about that members of the Nanto Roku Seiken, most likely to prevent the anime from catching up with the manga, although I don't know how far ahead the manga was at the time. The reason these clip shows were made could have been to fill newcomers to the series in on what happened to the Nanto guys, as the sixth Nanto General arc was about to start.


-There was a two week gap between this episode and the previous one during the original broadcast, usually new episodes aired once per week.

-The first few minutes of this episode are the same as the last few of the previous one.

-This is as good a time to mention it as any: Shin is meant to be the master of Nanto Seiken, yet there are 108 different styles of it, such as Nanto Suicho Ken and Nanto Ho'oh Ken. Does this mean Shin has mastered them all? No, it does not. So in the book Hokuto no Ken Special: All About the Man (released in 1986), on Shin's profile page, his fighting style was listed as Nanto Koshu Ken (South Star Lone Eagle Fist). This was never mentioned by name in any animated media until 2007, in the Legend of Yuria movie.

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