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Let the New Age Awaken! The Wolf's Howl Moves the Heavens!!
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Kenshiro arrives at Ryuga's castle, and has to face him in battle.
Original broadcast date: June 12th 1986

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2) In the manga...
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Kenshiro enters Ryuga's castle, killing many of his troops. He comes face to face with Ryuga, who starts to fight with him. Ryuga says that Toki is dead, and reveals he has his bandanna, which is covered in blood.

Kenshiro fights Ryuga, and despite being hit by his Tenrou Toga Ken (Celestial Wolf Freezing Fang Fist) he soon dominates the fight and is about to kill his opponent. However, before he can land the last strike, he notices that Ryuga has a picture of Yuria on him. Toki then appears and tells Kenshiro to stop. Ken finds out that Ryuga had already critically injured himself before the fight, as he had realised the error of his ways and chose to end his title of being the monstrous wolf. Ryuuga tells Ken that when he saw the chaos the world was now in after the nuclear war, he searched for the one who would be able to restore order. He thought that Ken-Oh, with his plans of conquest, was what the world would need.

But then he met Kenshiro, and thought he was stronger that Raoh, and that he will be the one who will rule in the new era. With his last words, Ryuga tells Kenshiro that Yuria made the right choice when she fell in love with him. As Ryuga dies, Toki tells Kenshiro to live by changing his grief into fury. He then picks up Ryuga's body and heads outside, and can see how bright the star of death is now. The star suddenly vanishes, and Toki knows his time has come. He says he, Ryuuga and the others who lived by destiny will watch Kenshiro from above, before bidding Ken farewell. Toki then dies and fades away with Ryuga. Chapter Three: Military Rule in Troubled Times - The End.

In the manga...

-When Raoh thinks about Toki at the start, he pulls out his brother's small training outfit he had as a child, which he retrieved just after defeating him in their battle. This is not in the anime. Which is strange, as the anime went to the trouble of showing Raoh getting the outfit after he beat Toki.

-There aren't as many fight scenes between Ken and Ryuga's troops in the manga.

-In the manga, Ken and Ryuga only start to fight after Ryuga reveals he has Toki's bandanna. In the anime, the two start before this happens.

-The only reason Ken stops hitting Ryuga in the manga is because Toki appears. In the anime, they changed it so Ken notices Ryuga's picture of Yuria first.

-When Toki takes Ryuga's body outside, images of Rei, Shuu, Shin, Souther and Yuda all appear in the manga. This doesn't happen in the anime.


-The scene near the start of the episode with Toki and Ryuga happened in the previous one, but has different animation.

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