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Cassandra Collapses! The Legend of Hokuto is Reimagined!!
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Kenshiro finally meets Toki.
Original broadcast date: September 12th 1985

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Two guards are about to kill Toki, but he stops their swords just as Kenshiro breaks down the wall. Toki uses a move called Hokuto Ujou Hagan Ken (North Star Human Face Breaking Fist) to kill the guards. He and the others then work their way out of the prison, which has started to collapse. As they reach the exit, they find...

...that Raiga and Fuuga have sacrificed themselves to let them escape, as they are holding up a large concrete block which would have sealed off the exit. The large tower then collapses, and Ken sees some blood on part of the wreckage. Toki explains that Ken-Oh killed many martial artists here, and it is their blood on the walls. Kenshiro correctly guesses that this Ken-Oh must be Raoh, another man who trained with him in Hokuto Shinken. Just then, another one of Ken-Oh's troops called Burg appears with a small unit of men.

Burg was the one who killed Raiga and Fuuga, but he doesn't last long against Kenshiro and all of his men are killed. Cassandra is completely destroyed, and Toki says that Kenshiro is the only one who can stop Raoh now. Elsewhere, Ken-Oh finds out that Kenshiro has saved Toki and that they will obviously try and stop his plans of world domination.

In the manga...

-The scene with Uighur happens earlier in the manga. If happens before Ken fights the soldier who tries to fight him with his spinning sword technique. For the anime, they put it in just after Ken finds the real Toki.

-Toki calls says just "Hokuto Ujou Ken" (North Star Humane Fist) when he kills the two soldiers in the manga. Ken then tells Rei and Mamiya the technique Toki just used was Hokuto Ujou Hagan Ken (North Star Human Face Breaking Fist). For the anime, Toki says "Hokuto Ujou Hagan Ken" and Ken never says anything about it. For those in doubt, Toki's style of Hokuto Shinken is a self taught one which lets him kill enemies without them feeling any pain.

-Cassandra is not destroyed in the manga, that only happens in the anime.

-Burg was not in the manga. Raiga and Fuuga were killed by those two large guards in the manga, rather than him. (See the previous episode for more details on that.)

-When the group leaves with Toki, he takes them through a corridor where the walls are stained with blood. He explains that Ken-Oh fought and killed many martial artists here, just to make himself more powerful. He says about a man who gave the secrets of his style away, but was still separated from his family. This scene is kind of in this episode, but everyone just happens to see some wreckage with blood on it. The scene with the martial artist being separated was used, with a different outcome, back in this episode.


-When Raoh/Ken-Oh first spoke -which was back in this episode -he was voiced by Norio Wakamoto. But in this episode, he is voiced by Kenji Utsumi. Kenji voices him for all of his appearances in the rest of the series. Norio Wakamoto would later return to the series to voice Shuren.


-When Rei gets his first kill of the episode, his arm bands are gray instead of green.

-When Ken-Oh listens to the soldier's report, the horns on his helmet keeps flashing on and off.

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