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A Century’s End with No Tomorrow! Ken, I’ve Been Waiting For You!!
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Raiga and Fuuga fight their master, as Kenshiro gets closer to where Toki is being held.
Original broadcast date: September 5th 1985

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Ken-Oh's forces arrive at Cassandra and want to bring order back to the place. However, Kenshiro, Raiga and Fuuga convince the prisoners and ex-guards to fight against Ken-Oh rather than fearing him, and there is soon another large battle between them and Ken-Oh's troops. Two of Ken-Oh's soldiers run off to find Toki. Raiga and Fuuga give chase, but they encounter their master, Sojin, waiting for them. He attacks them with his Furai Jukyoku Ken (Wind Thunder Ten Extremities Fist), but they defeat and kill him.

Tired from the battle, they tell Kenshiro to go on ahead without them -Toki is being held on the highest floor of Cassandra. He goes with Rei and Mamiya, and encounters the two guards who ran off earlier. One of them tries to attack Ken with a sword, but it doesn't work and he is killed. The other guard runs off to Toki's cell and threatens to kill Toki.

However, he hasn't got the real Toki at all, and Ken finds out he was just a distraction whilst the real one was taken out of the prison. Ken hits a pressure point on him which makes him point out where the real Toki is (he dies shortly after revealing this information). Ken starts to break down a wall, but it may be too late -two other guards have already entered the real Toki's cell and are about to kill him!

In the manga...

-The battle at the start of the episode was never in the manga.

-Sojin was never in the manga either. (A lot of this episode is just filler.)

-When Raiga and Fuuga catch up with the two guards in the manga, they activate a trap where a massive block of concrete drops down, threatening to seal off the only entrance to the building with Toki in it. Raiga and Fuuga catch the block and hold it up, but the guards start to hit them with spiked clubs and eventually kill them both. This scene will be in the next episode of the anime, although the reason Raiga and Fuuga hold the block is so there is still an exit rather than entrance, and they are killed by a different, and anime exclusive, character.

-Rei rips the curtain down in the manga, in the anime, it falls down by itself.

-In the manga, Ken kicks the guard with the sword once to knock him down. In the anime, he punches him a lot before kicking him.

-Rei does not say Kenshiro's catchphrase to the second guard (You are already dead) in the manga. Ken says it instead.


-There was a two week gap between this episode and the previous one during the original broadcast run, usually new episodes of Hokuto no Ken aired once per week.


-When the guards are about to renew their attack, one of the long shots has Rei mainly colored like Kenshiro.

-When the guard first starts to spin his sword around, the blade is transparent.

-When Kenshiro points at the guard, his bandages are missing.

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