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A Sad Victim of Love! This Is The Origin of The Evil Kaioh!!
-From Rage Quitter 87's Fist of the North Star site

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The final battle between Kenshiro and Kaioh begins.
Original broadcast date: January 21st 1988

1) Synopsis
2) In the manga...


Kenshiro finds out from Kuroyasha where Kaioh and Lin are. Leia gives him Shachi's shoulder pad and he then leaves them, soon finding Kaioh. Kaioh explains that this place is the burial ground of his mother, and points out her tomb on a small island in the middle of a little lake. He says that the reason his mother died is Kenshiro and Hyo's fault. He explains that many years a go, his mother died protecting Kenshiro and Hyo in a fire, and Kaioh was angry, thinking she had died for no reason other than being a slave of Hokuto Soukei. Kaioh began to hate Hokuto Soukei and anyone who believed in it. He decided to that he would obliterate love from his life. He wanted revenge for her pointless death, and he was determined to not have love get in his way.

Ken says he will fight for love, and Kaioh starts to attack him. He says that Raoh was dragged down due to his emotion and that was why he lost. Kenshiro uses Musou Tensei to get to Lin, and then punches Kaioh in the face, saying that that fist was one of Raoh's. Kaioh sends in his horse, Hayabusamaru, to distract Kenshiro so he can blast him. Kaioh does this and Lin ends up falling back into his hands. He hits a pressure point on her known as "Shinkanhaku".

Lin loses consciousness and Kaioh says that when she wakes up, she will fall in love with the first man she sees, no matter how bad he maybe. He sends his horse off and Ken attempts to follow, but Kaioh kicks him to the ground. Kaioh asks if he understands now how useless and weak love is, and how evil is the only way to get past such emotions. Kenshiro can't get to Lin now and as he gets up, Kaioh tells him that he won't know when Lin will wake -it could be in a few minutes, or it could be a year from now. He just knows she will wake up very easily. Kenshiro tells him he will not be forgiven. Kaioh says that he wants to kill the successor to Hokuto Shinken here and now.

In the manga...

-The scenes with Kuroyasha in this episode were not in the manga -in the manga, Kenshiro already knows where Kaioh is due to the statue pointing it out for him (see the manga section for the previous episode), whilst in the anime, Kuroyasha finds out and reports Kaioh's location to Ken.

-Almost as soon as Kenshiro appears, Kaioh hits the pressure point on Lin in the manga. The anime changed it so they have a flashback first, and then a scene where Ken and Kaioh start to fight until Hayabusamaru is sent in to distract Kenshiro. Only then does Kaioh get Lin and hit her pressure point.

-The flashback scene with Kaioh's mother does not happen until later on in the manga.

-In said flashback scene, the manga version has Kaioh hug Ryu...then smash him into the ground headfirst to kill him. The anime changed it so the dog drowns off-screen.

-Ryu is a Dalmatian in the manga, and is a different breed I'm not sure the name of in the anime.

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