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Shachi's Battle Of Love! Kaioh Will Ridicule With Laughter!!
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For ruining his plan, Kaioh hunts down Shachi.
Original broadcast date: January 7th 1988

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Hyo is still injured but he says it doesn't matter about him, he just needs to tell Kenshiro something important. He has remembered where the secret style of Hokuto Soukei is. Taiseiden is the place where Hokuto Soukei originated, and where both he and Kenshiro were born. Within this place is some kind of key which unlocks the Hokuto seal, which Kaioh had mentioned to Kenshiro during their fight. Shachi decides to go and find it, and look for any kind of clue about how to unlock the seal. He and Leia find Taiseiden, but then Kaioh finds them -he is furious that he ruined his plan, as Kenshiro and Hyo are both still alive. Shachi tells Leia to run and tries to distract Kaioh, but is easily defeated and given horrendous injuries.

Leia and Lin grab onto Kaioh's arms, screaming for him to stop, but as they do this, something happens. The whole of Taiseiden suddenly glows with a blue light, and Shachi sees a ring on the floor. He pulls at it and it makes the floor collapse, sending them all down below.

Kaioh gets up and sees that there is a glowing statue in front of him. It emits a terrible light he cannot stand and he heads towards it, wondering what the purpose of it is and also what is the spiritual feeling he has in this place. He touches the statue but his gauntlets explode and he feels that he is losing his power. He snaps out of it and blasts the statue, destroying one of the arms in the process. He feels normal again and so goes back to his task at hand: killing Shachi. Kaioh wonders how a man who learnt Hokuto Ryuuken could possibly throw his life away for a woman, and then punches him again. He lands in front of the statue. He isn't going to live for much longer and is sorry for not being able to protect Leia. Suddenly the statue starts to glow again and Kaioh can't stand it. The statue has started crying! As Kaioh looks at it, he sees that Shachi has somehow gotten back up! What is going on?

In the manga...

-The scene where some Shura search for Shachi was not in the manga.

-The Shura who reports to Kaioh says that other Shura have been sent to stop Ken, Hyo and Shachi, but they are being defeated. This isn't mentioned in the anime.

-In the manga, Leia gets to Shachi without him having to find her.

-Kuroyasha is the one who reports to Ken and Hyo about how Kaioh is going after Shachi. In the anime, Tao is the one who tells them instead.

-Kaioh does not wear a helmet when he finds Shachi in the manga. He does in the anime.

-Shachi gets much more serious injuries in the manga -when Kaioh's horse stomps on him, he tries to roll away...and his arm tears off. And then when Kaioh stomps on him, his leg tears off. The anime has the stomping in it, but not the limb tearing.

-In the manga, as Ken runs on to find Shachi, three guys with flamethrowers attack him, but are easily defeated. The anime changed this so Kenshiro has to fight a much larger army instead (although you barely get to see any of the fighting).


-There was a two week gap between this episode and the previous one airing during the original broadcast. Usually, new episodes were once per week.


-Kaioh's gauntlets are back on in one of the shots of him punching Shachi.

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