Here's as much music from the Final Fight series and related games as I can get. Everything is in MP3 format.

= MIKE HAGGAR AWESOME. I really like this track.

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As far as I know this single remix is the only Final Fight related music track in the game.

Something Putrid by the Bay Remix

Ring of Destruction has a really good soundtrack. Haggar's theme isn't the best one in the game by a long shot, but his victory theme is decent.

Used in:
New York
Haggar's Stage
Haggar Victory
Winner/Loser screen

Decent music for Hugo which certainly fits his stage.

Used in:
Bottoms Up
Hugo's Stage (Munich)

The way the music works in this game is that it changes between rounds. The arranged version can also be heard in the PS2 and Xbox versions of the game.

Used in:
Hugo's Stage (Home Sweet Home, Arcade version)
Hugo's Stage (Home Sweet Home, Dreamcast version)