Here's as much music from the Final Fight series and related games as I can get. Everything is in MP3 format.

= MIKE HAGGAR AWESOME. I really like this track.

[Capcom Vs. SNK] [Final Fight] [Final Fight Amiga] [Final Fight CD] [Final Fight Double Impact] [Final Fight One] [Final Fight SNES] [Final Fight 2] [Final Fight 3] [Final Fight Revenge]

[Final Fight Streetwise] [Marvel Vs. Capcom 3] [Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite] [Mighty Final Fight] [Namco X Capcom] [Ring of Destruction] [Street Fighter III 2nd Impact] [Street Fighter III 3rd Strike]

[Street Fighter Alpha] [Street Fighter Alpha 2] [Street Fighter Alpha 3] [Street Fighter X Tekken] [Street Fighter V] [Super Street Fighter IV] [Ultra Street Fighter IV]

I really don't think the composers for this knew what they were doing for this. Some of it is great for chilling out to, but it doesn't sound like a fighting game soundtrack at all.

Andore Stage
Character Select theme
Cody Stage
Damnd Stage
Edi. E & Poison Stage
El Gado Stage
Ending theme
Game Over theme
Guy Stage
Haggar Stage
Rolento Stage
Sodom Stage
Zombie Belger Stage

I'll just have the Final Fight remixes used in this game up.

Boil 'em up remix
Double Andore remix
Slum Alleyway remix
Street of Luxury remix


The music for Haggar's theme is also used in the updated version of the game, Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.

Haggar's theme


Haggar's theme


I don't know what the track names are for the music in this game so I've had to go with the names of where they are played instead.

Bonus Round
Character Select
Final Boss
Game Over
Last Level Complete
Level 1 (Slum)
Level 2 (Riverside)
Level 3 (Old Town)
Level 4 (Factory)
Level 5 (Bay Area)
Level Complete
Title Screen