I've added a bunch of new magazine scans for Earnest Evans and Annet Futatabi. Most of them are from Japanese gaming mags, showing prototype versions of each game.


One last batch of rage quitters added, including the first person to rage quit on me who's gamer tag begins with a Z! Exciting stuff.


Another batch of rage quitters added. Most are from 3rd Strike, but there is one Alpha 3 rage quit!


A new batch of rage quitters have been added.


Welcome to rage quit month! Having played a lot of the latest Street Fighter collection online, I've got a bunch of rage quitters to add. The first batch is up now, and there's a lot more to come.


A prototype version of Pinocchio for the 32X was dumped recently, so I've updated the unreleased 32X games page appropriately.


Here's a great way to start the year: a complete English translation of the El Viento manga! There are some new magazine scans available as well, including one showing the earliest known build of the game. Finally, the odds and ends section has got English translations of the wacky Aneko Land comics.

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